I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 2 What a cheeky ghost?

"who am I?"

"Where am I?"

"In the end what happened?"

Tong Songjian opened his eyes and looked at the shabby and crumbling room in front of him, feeling a bit confused;

At this time, he was lying on a single Simmons sofa bed, and the air was filled with a musty smell. The furniture and the floor next to it were covered with a thick layer of floating ash, and the surrounding walls were mottled. The white-grey walls are now pale yellow, and there are black and red marks on them, which look like dried blood marks;

The light passing through the window was extremely dim, as it was when the dark clouds peaked before the rainstorm;

At the corner of the ceiling, there is a huge spider web. The center of the web is a spider the size of a basin, motionless. When he looked at it for the first time, Song Jian jumped, his body instinctively bounced back, and he still Never seen such a big spider;

The head was aching, like the feeling of waking up after a hangover and shaking his head. Song Jian really felt that there was something wrong with his head. When he saw the spider on the ceiling, he found that the spider was on the top of his head. There is a line of light yellow font;

"LV1 Variation Spider Blood: 78/78"

"My God, can anyone tell me what is going on?" Song Jianmeng stood up and wanted to leave this room. This is not his rental house. Looking out the window, he should be in a high-rise residential building. ;

之后 As soon as he left the sofa bed, a cold mechanical sound sounded in his ear;

"Welcome to the game Doom City!"

谁 "Who?" Song Jian was startled, his body suddenly trembled, looked around, but found nothing;

"I am a novice instructor of the game and will assist you in a wonderful game journey!" Said the mechanical voice;

"What the **** are you? I don't want to play any games. I'm just a salesperson. I don't have any money." What legends, wonders, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Jedi Survival, I have never even heard of the names of these games! "


"You can't leave here and return to the original world without completing the novice game teaching." The mechanical voice was silent for a while, said;

"..., can you go back? What are you waiting for? Let's get started. What should I do in the first step to kill the spider?" Song Jian asked, pointing at the big spider in the corner of the ceiling;

Spider: "..."

Is the speed of entering the state fast, brother butterfly!

A spider that big is hanging on its head all the time, and it feels a little hairy. What if it bites while it is asleep?

Damn, is this a game or a walkthrough, how does everything look so real?

The system seems to be a little delayed and has not spoken;

Song Jian gently stroked along the edge of the bed with his hand, leaving a clear mark in the floating ash. The touch of the bed edge to Song Jian was just too real, and it was exactly the same as reality, if it was not the coldness of the ears System prompts sound, Song Jian doesn't believe what doomsday city game he is in;

"First step, please open the personal property interface first, I will explain in detail the role of personal properties in the game and the points to pay attention to in the future upgrade;" the system sound finally sounded again;

"This is simple, open the personal properties interface!" Song Jian shouted, as a person who has never played an online game, isn't this a very simple operation? Alas, it seems that something is wrong.


Nothing happened;


"Personal attributes?"

"Open the interface?"

Uh ...

"Well, tell me how to open the personal property interface!" Song Jianlue asked a little awkwardly;

"No need to shout, you just need to think in your heart, or just meditate in your heart. All transmission in the game is relying on brain waves, which is 10,000 times more advanced than sound wave control!" Said the system voice;

Song Jian meditated on his personal attributes in his heart;

Sure enough, a translucent light blue screen soon appeared, and a 3D model of a person appeared in the screen. This 3D model was completely formed according to Song Jian's body proportions. Below is Song Jian's various attribute data;

Name: Song Jian

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 22 years old

Biological level: Normal level 0

Attribute: (The average value of a normal adult male attribute is 5)

Strength: 4 points. Strength determines the power of some melee attacks, and at the same time it can increase your load-bearing ability. It has a partial bonus to the power of empty-handed martial arts;

Agile: 3 points. Dexterity determines the speed of movement and the speed of the shot, at the same time affects your own dodge rate, and has a partial bonus to long-range physical attacks;

Constitution: 4 points. Physical strength determines your qi, blood and endurance, and affects your resistance to attack and resistance to various abnormal states and spell attacks. It also plays a role in qi and blood recovery speed and endurance recovery speed;

Wisdom: 3 points. Wisdom determines the damage power of your spell attacks, and affects your ability to learn and comprehend; but wisdom is not equal to IQ and EQ, please do not confuse the three;

Spirit: 5 o'clock. The spirit determines your upper limit of energy value, and at the same time slightly affects the skill power. It has a significant bonus effect on various state skills;

Charm: 7 o'clock. Charm is a concentrated expression of appearance, temperament, and affinity. UU reading www.uukanshu.com determines the first intuitive feeling of others for you. People with high charm can quickly mingle with strangers and pass various The method affects the decisions of others, and has a significant bonus effect on charm and summon skills;

Below the data value, there are two horizontal bars. Above is a red bar, which is commonly known as blood bar, which represents Song Jian's blood. Below is a blue bar, which is also commonly known as the blue bar. With his energy value;

Song Jian turned a blind eye to the other attributes, instead staring at "Charisma: 7 o'clock" and nodding seriously, saying, "This data is more objective and fair, which shows that my face value has exceeded most people, even handsome guys China is also outstanding, well, it is in line with my actual situation! This will have a great bonus for me to become the king of sales in the future. "


"After the introduction of the personal property interface, please open the skill bar interface!" Mechanical voice continued;

Song Jian nodded slightly and opened the skill bar in the same way;

After glancing at the skill bar, Song Jian's face changed, and he cursed: "Why are you breaking the data? Is there any fairness and fairness at all, are they all blind? What a cheek?"

I saw that in the light blue light curtain, there is only one skill in the skill bar interface, and it is hung barely in the first bar;

"Cheeky (Passive), Level 1, Skill Effect: Increase defensive by 5%, increase resistance by 3%, increase resistance to taunt, charm, venom, paralysis, vertigo and other adverse effects. Skill Description: As a Salesperson, you can already have a certain immunity to those humiliations, rejections, and taunts, and at the same time, the ability to fight against attacks has been further improved, and the resistance to adverse effects has been enhanced; "

Uh ...

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