I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 24 landlord

After hesitating for a long time, Song Jian finally sighed and put away the mobile phone. For him who has difficulty choosing, as long as it is not necessary to make a choice, he will often drag on.

Today is Sunday. You do n’t have to go to work. After getting up and washing, Song Jian is ready to go out with a gold bracelet. There are only tens of dollars left in his wallet, and there are only three-digit deposits in the bank card. The thing is to find a pawnshop and sell this bracelet for some money;

As soon as he locked the door of the rental room, Song Jian heard the sound of "Gada Gada" high heels stepping on the stairs. Turning around, it turned out that it was the landlord, Ge Xiaojia.

This is a woman in her thirties. She looks very beautiful. Sometimes, it ’s difficult to describe her with the words “beautiful”. It should be said that she is very delicate.

Maybe it was just after taking a bath. Her whole body exuded a faint fragrance, her hair was still wet, her face was as white as white jade, she could not see any tiny pores, especially her body was very good Your skin is elastic, and under the sun, it has a charming luster like ivory;

Such a beautiful woman is worth a lot, but she is still single. When she first moved in, Song Jian even wanted to be pretty, but she has been in contact with her for a long time, and she learned what her mean tongue is about. No more ideas. Faintly still a little afraid.

I saw that Song Jian was locking the door, and Ge Xiaojia gave a smirk, and said with a smile, "Xiao Xiao, today is Sunday. I will go out this early in the morning, not hiding from me."

Song Jian was slightly embarrassed: "Aunt landlord, why are you here and have something to do with me?"

呵 "Oh, pretend to be stupid, what can I do for you? Collect rent!" Ge Xiaojia didn't know where to pull out a calculator, and flipped it, very skilled.

"This month's rent, plus water, electricity and gas, I'll calculate it for you, a total of 2,376, give you a fraction, it's good for you 2338. Little cheap, Sister looks at you as a college student and has just graduated. It has been very good for you. Look at others. Which one is not a one-for-three payment. I ask you to pay for one month without paying a deposit. How much discount does this give you? Don't make my sister embarrassed! "Ge Xiaojia said, poking the calculator at Song Jian's face.

Tong Songjian smiled bitterly: "Aunt landlord, isn't tomorrow the day to pay the rent?"

明天 "Tomorrow?" Ge Xiaojia froze, his eyes turned, and immediately interfaced: "Are you still going to work tomorrow, I'm afraid that it will delay you to work, what's the difference between being a day and a half? Are you not rich?

After speaking, Ge Xiaojia gave Song Jian a suspicious look up and down, and his eyes fell on the gold bracelet he was holding in his right hand.

"Well, your bracelet has a good style. Where did you get it? Show me!" Ge Xiaojia stretched out her hand and said politely.

"Aunt landlord, this is me ..." Before Song Jian's words were finished, Ge Xiaojia's face suddenly changed, and she seemed to think of something. She said to Song Jian graciously, "Song Jian, no money is no money, but you can Don't take a crooked way, talk to your sister, did you steal your bracelet? "

Song Jian was startled, but his face was aggrieved and said: "Aunt landlord, look at us here. Except for you, who has the money to buy such an expensive gold bracelet, look at the workmanship, the weight ... "

After speaking, Song Jian handlessly handed this pair of gold bracelets to Ge Xiaojia.

"This is a family biography. My mother said it was for my daughter-in-law, but recently I'm too tight. I want to take a mortgage and change some money to pay for the rent, right?" Song Jian said.

"Mortgage?" Ge Xiaojia frowned slightly, looked at the bracelet carefully, and then weighed the weight in her hand, and her fingers groped on the surface of the bracelet.

From her perspective, I can naturally see that this pair of bracelets is a brand new, no wear and tear, a new bracelet, coupled with the styling and style, have never seen in the market, Ge Xiaojia fell in love at first sight.

"Okay, you don't have to go out to mortgage, just mortgage it directly to me. This bracelet is about 60 grams in total. I give you 20,000. I usually wear it when I'm fine. Wait until you have enough money. How about redeeming from me? "Ge Xiaojia said.

"Twenty thousand?" Song Jian asked in surprise.

"Yeah, 20,000! Why, too few?" Ge Xiaojia asked, staring at Song Jian.

"No, no, landlord aunt, then I'll mortgage it here with you first." Song Jian quickly said.

In fact, Song Jian is going to take this gold bracelet to the **** shop to die, but do n’t think about it, the price in the **** shop will be very hard. Even if the bracelet is dead, it can give Song Jian eight thousand , Are regarded as kind people pawnbrokers.

Ge Xiaojia wrote a mortgage contract and took 20,000 cash to Song Jian's house. He wore a gold bracelet on his wrist.

"If you have money, please redeem me! By the way, pay the rent for this month first." Ge Xiaojia greeted her, a charming smile bloomed on her beautiful face, and UU reading www.uukanshu.com again from the two sums of money Counted out more than twenty, folded the rest together, gave it to Song Jian, turned around and went out.

Looking at the thick new banknotes in his hand, Song Jian suddenly had an unrealistic feeling. After playing the game overnight, he made 20,000 yuan. In his package, there were five or six pairs of similar gold. Bracelets, and the gold shop, although the gold jewelry inside is miscellaneous and has no use in the game, but most of the gold jewelry can bring out the attribute of the game.

"Get rich!" Song Jian's face looked excited.

在 At this moment, Song Jian's phone rang suddenly.

"Hey, Xiaojian, haven't you got up? Hurry up to the east gate of Dongting supermarket. Today, my brother will take you to a good place!" Zhao Yu's excited voice came from the phone.

Dongting Supermarket is located in the center of Linhai's largest business circle, which is the most prosperous area in Linhai. Xinghui Primary School, which Li Keer said, is also near this business circle, but Xinghui Primary School is a nationwide chain of aristocratic primary schools. Song Jian is not sure if Li Keer is in the same city as him.

I was swollen in my purse, walking on the street and feeling full of energy, with my head raised and my chest raised, I went out and hit, and soon Song Jian came to the east exit of Dongting Supermarket;

Zhao Yu stood at the east exit of the supermarket and kept raising his wrist, exposing the Vacheron Constantin on his wrist. It seems to be watching the time, but every time he watches the time, when there is a beautiful girl passing by.

Song Jian smiled a little, Zhao Yu ’s family is very expensive, and it ’s just boring to come to work. He is more playful and has a more casual attitude. Most of the colleagues in the company usually look uncomfortable, but I do n’t know how. , But became friends with Song Jian.

"Zhao Yu, here!" Song Jian shouted slightly, raising his hand slightly.

Uh ...

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