I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 26 Dagger fighting

"I don't know if you are here to teach cold weaponry skills?" Song Jian asked suddenly.

"Cold weapon?" The girl froze with a strange look on her face and asked: "You mean ..."

"Cold weapons like knives, swords, daggers," Song Jian explained.

"This, yes, but there are not many people who like cold weapons now ... don't know what weapon you like?" The girl asked.

Bian Songjian thought that in the game, there was a tiger tooth dagger in his parcel box. After learning the passive skill "[Cold Weapon (Dagger) (Basic)], he never used it again.

"Can a dagger be?" Song Jian asked.

After the girl groaned for a moment, she nodded slightly and said, "Yes, but to practice cold weapons, you need to appoint a teacher, and the price will be slightly more expensive. In addition, there is no way to experience the teaching of a designated teacher in this experience paper, you must run a membership In order to experience the teaching of a designated teacher before deciding whether to choose that teacher's course. "

"How much does it cost to apply for membership?" Song Jian asked.

"Twelve thousand a year."

Song Jian is so expensive!

"Can it be cheaper?" Song Jian hesitated a little.

"Sorry, this is a flat price!" The girl said with a reserved smile on her face.

Ordinary gyms, the annual membership fee is only one or two thousand dollars. The price here is ten times that of other gyms.

Song Jian hesitated for a moment and nodded. Although it hurts a bit, now money is not very difficult for him. He asked directly: "Where to apply for a membership card?"

"Come with me." There was a hint of surprise on the girl's face, and judging by her eyes, Song Jian was not someone who was willing to be a member here.

However, her professionalism did not reveal anything on her face. She smiled and directed Song Jian to the service desk next to the glass door on the second floor.

After completing the membership card, Sun Qian handed over a course schedule and said, "This is the information of all the coaches in the club and the price of their courses. You can choose the package combination at will."

"Muscle and Bodybuilding Training Course, 30 lessons, two lessons per week, 400 yuan per lesson, 2 hours"

"Basics of Free Fighting, 10 lessons, one lesson per week, 800 yuan per lesson, 2 hours"

"Advanced Free Fighting Course, 15 lessons, one lesson per week, 1,000 yuan per lesson ..."

"Coach information ..."

The following is a row of courses introducing coaches. Song Jian was surprised to find that this fitness club looks like there are only a dozen people, but the coach information in it actually exceeds 20 people. Obviously many coaches have not been staying in the fitness club in.

"If you want to use a dagger, I personally recommend that you choose Coach Wang Dan, who is a special soldier and is good at combat ..." Sun Qian said softly.

"Members can try the class first, right?" Song Jian nodded and asked.

Sun Qian smiled and said, "Of course you can. There are seven or eight coaches who are good at cold weapons here, and there is even a master of national arts. The sword skill is superb ..."

In the game, Song Jian only has a dagger, and now he can only choose the use method of the dagger.

The firearms are very powerful, and they are long-range attacks, but the consumption is too large. Song Jian can't afford it. It is still more cost-effective to use cold weapons.

After completing the card, Sun Qian took Song Jian around the platform and walked to a separate room at the back;

There are five or six separate classrooms behind the ring. These are only open to members. In some classrooms, soothing music is faintly heard, and in some classrooms, there is a burst of shouting and drinking.

Sun Qian led Song Jian to a free classroom and said, "You wait here for a while, and I will inform the coach. It will take about ten minutes."

Song Jian nodded slightly, Sun Qian turned to leave, and brought the classroom door in hand;

Although Song Jian has not been to a similar fitness club before, he also knows that there are very few people who want to learn cold weapons. Nowadays, boxing, free kick, karate and other boxing techniques are popular, but more is to lose weight. For the main purpose of fitness.

After a while, the classroom door was pushed open, and a girl with a ponytail came in.

"Is that you want to learn dagger fighting?" The girl looked at Song Jian and looked up and asked.

Song Jian looked back. The girl ’s face was very beautiful, but her skin was slightly black. There was a fierce breath in her eyebrows and she could not help showing outwards. Looking at Song Jian ’s eyes, she looked like she was staring at the prey. Somewhat uncomfortable.

"Yes, that's me, you are Wang Ying, coach Wang?" Song Jian nodded and said, there are pictures and names of each coach in the brochure, so Song Jian already knew her in advance;

"Um." Wang Ying nodded and asked, "First time learning?"

"Yeah, I haven't learned anything at all, and I haven't touched it before." Song Jian nodded.

"How do you want to learn dagger fighting?" Wang Ying pulled out two daggers from her waist, and handed one of them to Song Jian.

Song Jian reached out to take over and felt the weight of this dagger. After leaving the game, there is no bonus of the power ring. Song Jian's power is only four points, which is lower than that of an ordinary adult, but he still holds a dagger. no problem.

虽然 Although this dagger is a real guy, it hasn't edged. This is also to prevent Song Jian's first contact and hurt himself.

Song Jian stabbed his dagger and replied casually: "Personally interested."

"Oh." Wang Ying's mouth slightly tilted, apparently did not believe Song Jian's answer, but he didn't say anything: "Well, since you have no foundation at all, I will start with the most basic."

Wang Ying held the dagger with one hand and brought it to her chest. UU read the book www.uukanshu.com The blade was slanted downward.

"I'll tell you how to hold the dagger first. There are four types of grips. The blades are washed down and the 'ice cone' of the handle is reversed. The blades are washed up and the hammer is held. Similar, but with the thumb and forefinger gently against the blade of the 'saber-style'; there are 'hidden' styles with the palms facing backwards and hiding the blade behind the wrist. Each grip type has a corresponding body stand Attitude, you have to keep this in mind ... "

"Okay, I see." Song Jian stared intently at Wang Ying's dagger.

"Each of these grips has a corresponding basic move. Below I will teach you a few basic moves, how much you can remember, it depends on you, optimistic, this is the first move ..." in the hands of Wang Ying With a sharp dagger forward, Song Jian only felt a white line across his eyes, and a cold sensation came from the back of his neck. When he reacted, Wang Ying's posture had returned to his previous appearance.

"You can try it for yourself." Wang Ying stepped back two steps, motioned Song Jian to learn the previous move;

Ji Songjian tried to do it by himself, but felt terribly awkward;

"Your two legs are standing too far away, take it in, and remember, don't just use the strength of your arms, you should be good at using the strength of your legs and waist ..." Wang Ying demonstrated on the side.

The trial class is only thirty minutes long, and it will be here soon.

Song Jian barely learned a basic stab move.

"You are quick to get started. It seems that you are still talented in using a dagger. If you want to continue studying, you can apply for my course package. For the entire basic course, you only need 3,600 yuan." Wang Yingchao Song Jian nodded. After speaking, he retracted the dagger directly, inserted it into his waist, and turned to leave the classroom.

Uh ...

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