I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 29 Sword of Corruption

The absence of ammunition and the burning of firearms are no different. This is also an important reason why Song Jian started to learn cold weapons. During the battle, the enemy will not wait for you to slowly refill the ammunition of empty guns;

Pulled out the tiger tooth dagger inserted in his waist, Song Jian took a deep breath and rushed towards the zombies who had lost the hammer;

Xun rushed forward a few steps and came to the Hammer Zombie. Song Jian clenched his dagger in his right hand, clenched his teeth and rushed forward two steps away from the Hammer Zombie.


Suddenly, the dagger stabbed forward fiercely. This is the basic move he practiced for one day during the day, and his movements are standardized.

Uh ~

There was a squeak, and the dagger stabbed the hammer in the chest of the zombie. The blade penetrated halfway, and he could no longer penetrate. Song Jian felt a shock in his right hand, and a little pain came. The dagger seemed to pierce into a tough leather. The shock force made Song Jian almost unable to hold the dagger and almost came out;

Gritting his teeth, Song Jian held the dagger in both hands, and his right leg slammed against the wall next to him, squeezing almost all his strength.

Uh ~

A stinky blood spewed from the chest of the Hammer Zombie. Song Jian used his strength to make a fierce stroke towards the bottom, yanked the dagger, and rolled from under the rib of the Hammer Zombie to the back of it. ;

The Hammer Zombie moved slowly, grabbing Song Jian with open hands, but grabbed an empty space. Before he could react, Song Jian had rolled to the back of it. His body looked like a spring, bouncing high and holding with both hands. Tighten the dagger and pierce the neck of the zombie with the hammer;

At this moment, the dagger easily pierced the back of the neck until it was stalkless. The purple-black stained blood, like a splash of ink, splashed wildly like a faucet that couldn't be shut. After a while, it was on the alley floor. , Spray a large smudge;

Uh ~

The Hammer Zombie stumbled forward a few steps, his body crooked, his neck was like a fountain, purple and black blood was everywhere around him, his knees were soft, and he fell to the ground, his body began to twitch. After a while, the transparent flame burned on the surface of its body, and soon the hammer zombies turned into a black ash;

During the battle, Song Jian's mind was blank, but he followed his body's instincts to attack. After the battle, Song Jian relaxed and became soaked and sweaty.

Except for using the Geodontic Skill to consume ten points of blood, Song Jian was not injured, but this time was the closest to death. If the hammer zombies threw the hammer at that time, Song Jian did not follow his instincts, just hesitate Suddenly, he will be killed immediately. Now, in retrospect, I am still afraid;

Tong Songjian trembled unconsciously in his right hand, holding the dagger tightly, just like a part of his body. It took him a long time to break away from the aftermath of the battle just now and look towards the place where the hammer zombies had fallen;

Next to a pile of black ash, two items emitting green light lay there quietly;

"Two items of excellent quality are not bad. Sure enough, when encountering new breeds of monsters, they will have a good explosion rate, but this danger is also multiplied." Song Jian secretly said.

Two items of excellent quality, one is a reddish fruit, and the other is a long sword;

The crimson fruit is a kind of attribute fruit, called "strength fruit", which can increase a bit of attribute after swallowing. For current Song Jian, this is a treasure that can directly increase physical fitness.

A warm current spread from the stomach to the whole body, and the dagger in his hand also felt a lot lighter. Song Jian's foundation was too poor. Even if he added a little attribute, he could clearly feel the gap.

After eating the fruit of strength, Song Jian now has a strength attribute of 5 even without relying on equipment, which is equivalent to a strong adult strength;

Another long sword has an arm length, three fingers wide, and the blade's blade exudes a silver metal light. The blood grooves on both sides are dark red, and the cold is pressing. There is a black guard at the hilt, and near the blade, there is a mark similar to a vertical pupil;

"Sword of Corruption (Green): One-handed weapon, attack, 11-19, strength +1, special effects, armor-breaker level 1. Equipment requirements: level 3 level."

"It's obviously a hammer zombie, why did you drop a long sword?" Song Jian picked up the long sword, glanced at it, inserted the tiger tooth dagger in his waist, and held the long sword in his right hand.

In fact, he can hold a sword and a dagger in one hand, but this way of attack is not used to him. Fighting will reduce efficiency and may even endanger his life.

"In reality, the training of the long sword seems to be on the agenda." Song Jian secretly said.

I got a new weapon. Song Jian wanted to find an ordinary mutant zombie, and first learned the basic skills of the sword.

Leaving the alley, Song Jian heard a roar of mutated zombies in a residential building. The number of sounds should be about three or four. Song Jian held a sword and carefully walked towards this residential building;

门 The unit door of this residential building is open. On the first floor, in the dark place of the stairs, three mutant zombies are squatting around and a body is constantly biting;

Song Jian was sinking in his heart and could attract mutant zombies to bite, only fresh corpses ~ www. ~ It looks like a new player appeared in this game, but was killed by zombies attack.

At a short step, Song Jian wields a long sword towards the nearest mutant zombie. The long sword is severely chopped on the head of the zombie. Suddenly, a number of more than thirty points of crit floated from his head.

挥 Waving his sword continuously, and before three zombies reacted, a series of crit damage was floating on the head of the zombie nearest Song Jian;

After a short while, the zombie didn't even stand up, but turned into a pile of black ash;

For now, for the first time in the game, Song Jian's progress is very obvious. As long as the number of ordinary mutant zombies is small, he can no longer threaten him;

After killing this zombie, the system really showed a prompt;

System: You used ‘Sword of Corruption’ to deal three effective damages to the LV1 mutant zombie, and learned the skills [Cold Weapon (Sword) (Basic)]

[Cold Weapon (Sword) (Basic)]: Passive, Level 1, Increase sword power by 5%

After comprehending [Cold Weapons (Swords) (Basic)], Song Jian stowed the long sword, still took out the dagger and rushed towards the remaining two zombies; although he only mastered one basic dagger move, but used it , The smoothness of the dagger is obviously more than one grade higher than that of the long sword.

Soon, two zombies were stabbed by successive daggers and eventually turned into two piles of black ash. The first-level mutant zombies have given little experience and the explosion rate has been reduced a lot. Three zombies only burst out. Two zombie fangs.

After picking up the zombie fangs, Song Jian accidentally received a system message;

System: After a long period of training, your skill [Cold Weapon (Dagger) (Basic)] level has been improved;

Uh ...

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