I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 3 Search for initial supplies

"Cheeky, is this the pre-skills of the golden bell hood and iron cloth shirt? I have a MMP in my heart, I don't know when to talk properly!" Song Jian whispered, closing the skill bar by hand, watching "Thick The word "skin" was a little panicky;

"Below, please open the parcel bar to check!" The system sounded unhurriedly;

Meditating in his heart, a sixteen-box parcel bar appeared in front of him, and the first one contained a small blue parcel;

"Oh, it ’s strange, why is this grid with a gold border?" Song Jian did not look at the small blue package at first glance, but looked at the last grid;

Of the sixteen grids in the parcel column, the other fifteen grids are all gray borders. The last grid is a golden border, which is very special.

"The initial parcel box has a total of sixteen boxes. Each box can hold one item, and the same item of the same quality can be stacked. Items stored in the parcel box, regardless of volume and weight!" The system voice explained, it sounded like Seems to be a recording;

"I'm asking, what is this golden grid for?" Song Jian continued to ask;

"The rest of the game content, please explore it by yourself in the game!" The system responded;

Tong Songjian: "..., you hang so much, do your designers know?"

Song Jian, helpless, can only lock his eyes on the small blue package of the first grid;

Soon, a small red line appeared in front of Song Jian;

"This novice gift package can only be used when the player level reaches level 1!"

"What the **** is this, isn't the novice gift package usable as soon as you enter the game, I play less games, don't lie to me!" Song Jian shouted, unbelievable;

"Complete the novice guide, your level will reach level 1, then you can open the novice package and get random gifts!" The system voice explained;

"Okay, go on, go on!" Song Jian was helpless, quite a feeling that the master was forced to return to Xinshou Village;

"Next, you need to explore the entire room and get initial resources!" The system voice said;

搜索 "Search, I like it!" Song Jian nodded and looked around the room;

This is a three-room and two-room room. Song Jian just came out of one of the bedrooms. At this moment, he was standing in the living room and looked around the living room. Like the ordinary family living room, simple decoration, a set of fabric sofa, TV cabinet, A fifty-inch curved LCD TV hung on the wall, with a chandelier overhead;

The furniture in the living room knows the value of the workmanship at first glance, but it is worn out. The LCD screen on the lake has a big hole. The cloth sofa doesn't know what has been scratched. The scratches are all on the inside. The fillings are exposed;

表面 All the furniture surfaces are covered with a layer of dust. It seems that for at least a few years, this house has no one to live in;

"Are you asking me to search for some tattered rooms in this tattered and tattered room?" Song Jian looked around and couldn't help voicing;

房间 This room is too worn out, it ’s like being robbed by someone. No, it ’s been abandoned for decades after being robbed. I really do n’t know what else can be searched out in such a place;

However, Song Jian slaps him fiercely, only to open the drawer under the TV cabinet at will, there is an item with white light flashing in Song Jian's eyes;

I waited for Song Jian to look carefully, her face changed, she even took two steps back, a look of horror;

"Why is there a pistol here?" Song Jian called out;

There was no sound at all, and Song Jian was meditating on his personal attributes in his heart. A translucent window appeared in front of him. After seeing this window, Song Jian finally patted his chest, a look of fear, and whispered: "Game, game , This is just a game! "

游戏 This game is too real. Song Jian always forgot to be in the game. When he saw the cold killer in the drawer, Song Jian's first reaction was not a surprise, but a fear;

孩子 Children who grew up in peace years, when they first encountered firearms, always felt a throbbing feeling in this kind of thing that could easily take away human life;

他 In his impression, except for the police, only those bad people will have such things.

Song Jian took a deep breath, reached out and clasped the flashing metal pistol in the drawer, and took it out;

"So heavy!" Song Jian frowned slightly. This was his first impression of holding a pistol. Looking at a small iron golem, he was struggling to hold it with one hand and had to hold it with the other. To lift it up flat;

宋 As soon as Song Jian touched the pistol, the personal attribute window that originally appeared suddenly disappeared, replaced by an item attribute window;

的 The 3D model of the pistol is wonderfully in the center of the screen. At the same time, there are empty slots in the front, top, and bottom of the model.

Equipment name: P18C automatic pistol

Equipment Rarity: White

Attack: Ranged damage 6-13,

附加 Attachable devices: Scope attachment, Pistol front attachment, Pistol magazine attachment

Best range (range of 13 points for maximum attack power): 18 meters

Effective range (range that can cause at least damage to the enemy): 65 meters

Weight: 5.8 kg

Full gun length: 186 mm

夹 Magazine capacity: 7 rounds (currently 5 rounds)

Equipment use conditions: the power must reach 5 points or more. uukanshu.com must reach 4 points or more

Can you bring out the game: No

This equipment combat power score: 5

Equipment description: The equipment is small in size and powerful in firepower. It can freely adjust the firing and automatic firing. Special reminder is that the equipment has a high rate of fire. When automatic firing is selected, it can bounce an ordinary full-clip clip within one second. Shine all

"It actually needs more than 5 points of strength. No wonder I can't lift one hand up." Song Jian secretly said; it seems that in this game, it can be picked up even if the equipment conditions are not met, but what effect is it to use Then only God knows.

Under the introduction of item attributes, there is also a red system prompt;

System: This item requires more than 5 points of strength to use it freely. When the strength is not up to the requirements, there is a great chance that it will cause difficulty in using it. When the physical strength is not up to use, using the item will likely cause damage to itself;

Song Jian's face was a bit ugly, and his strength attributes were too useless. Even a pistol could not be used freely. One hand could not be lifted, and two hands were required to use it.

According to the system prompt, if the equipment requirements cannot be met and the strength attribute is 5 points, it is difficult to aim, it is difficult to hit objects that are too far away, and the accuracy cannot be guaranteed at all.

I opened the magazine and there were five rounds of bullets. Song Jian didn't know what the five bullets could do. He inserted the magazines back, put the pistol in the package, and began to search for other supplies.

Uh ...

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