I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 33 Supermarket disappears

At night in the game, the danger has increased several times. Many players who have just entered the game do n’t know that the body of ordinary people does not take any advantage in the battle against mutant zombies. I heard several screams and calls for help from time to time.

"Song, Brother Song, can you say that I can build a safe house next to your villa?" Wang Qi listened to a scream from outside, and couldn't help but tremble and looked at Song Jian with a calm face, Whispered.

"Yes, we can also take care of each other at that time." Song Jian turned back and nodded.

Speaking of constructing a safe house, Song Jian suddenly felt a pain in his brain. Originally, watching the doors and windows could not cost more stone and wood, but now he finds that if he wants to transform the entire villa into a system-recognized safe house, he will be upgraded to a safe house The degree of defense, the wood and stone needed, far exceeded Song Jian's expectations. It actually required 3,000 units of wood and 3500 units of stone, which has not been included in the area outside the villa.

"Look again, it's really impossible, you can only change places as a safe house." Song Jian looked at the moonlight outside the window, a little embarrassed.

一 大 Early the next morning, Song Jian got up early and walked towards the grove outside the ring road;

嘭, 嘭, 嘭 ~

Tong Songjian's fist was severely hit on the trunk of a willow tree. The willow tree trembled slightly, and a piece of wood chipping from the trunk sprang from time to time, flying into the air and turning into white light into Song Jian's parcel box.

Where Song Jian ’s fist had scarred, a red bloodstream bloomed again. If this is in the real world, if he does something like Song Jian, these hands will be abolished sooner or later, but now it is in the game, and the player's own recovery speed must be Several times faster than the real world, Song Jian dared to do so.

As long as the qi and blood value do not fall to a certain degree, the injury recovery speed is very fast.

"But it really hurts!" After collecting a few willows with his fists, Song Jian sat on the stump and took a rest. With a shaking **** hand, he took out a piece of fried meat and a bottle of mineral water to eat. stand up.

Today's efficiency is obviously much faster than yesterday. It took only half a day for Song Jian to collect nearly 100 units of wood, but the quantity of stone was still zero.

After Xu had enough rest, Song Jian stood up again, glanced at the pale gold in the deep woods, suppressed the impulse in his heart, and continued to walk towards the next willow tree.

Just like this one day passed quickly, Song Jian had backache and back pain, his hands involuntarily continued to shake slightly, and brown blood stains remained on the back of his hands;

After a hard day, the total number of wood has exceeded 300 units. Although it is still far from renovating the villa, Song Jian is gratified that in a day, he was able to make his own skills [bare hand fist (fist palm) (basic) 】 And "Felling" at the same time to increase the level.

The skills after reaching level 2 are the same as other basic skills. The power of fist attack is increased by 10%, and the efficiency of felling trees is increased by 10%.

As night fell, Song Jian looked out of the window. Today he does not plan to go to the Doomsday supermarket. Although there are many good things in it, Song Jian can't afford anything.

Uh ...

When I returned to the villa, Song Jian saw Wang Qi's busy figure.

"Song Brother, come and taste the fried meat I made." Wang Qi brought two plates of fried meat out of the kitchen.

Qi Wangqi ’s injury has completely healed, and it used to take months in the real world to fully recover. In the game, it only took a dozen hours to recover automatically.

When Wang Jian went to collect materials, Wang Qi tried to hunt out several mutant zombies during the day, and raised the level to level 2.

At the same time, some zombies had fallen, and Wang Qi had collected them all, trying to understand the life skill of "cooking".

哪 Even if you have the skill of cooking instant noodles in the real world, you can learn about cooking in this game. Cooking is easy to understand, but the recipe is not so simple to understand.

The recipe of "fried meat" is the best to understand, but it is slightly different from Song Jian's "fried meat". Wang Qi's "fried meat" attribute is to increase the blood value by 10 points after eating;

"Your fried meat is good, it is equivalent to a small blood bottle." Song Jian praised.

"It's okay, okay, if Brother Song needs it, I'll give you a few pieces." Then, Wang Qi found three more pieces of fried meat from the parcel box and handed them to Song Jian.

Qi Song Jian was also polite and put it away.

In the early stage, the fried meat that directly restores the blood value of 10 points is much better than the 10% increase in blood and blood recovery speed.

"Song Brother, are you going to the Doomsday supermarket today?" Wang Qi asked.

Song Jian shook his head and said, "Without the doomsday, it's useless to go."

King Wang Qi hesitated and said, "Song Brother, I want to get a membership card."

Song Jian knew that Wang Qi wanted to apply for a membership card, mainly for the one-thousand points that he gave away, and he did not stop. He nodded and said, "Be careful, now there are more and more players. conflict."

This is a game that can affect the real world. There are no laws in the game ~ www. ~ everything is the law of the jungle, weak and strong, but everyone is just entering the game, not strong, Song Jian believes that it will not be long , The ugliness of human nature will be vividly reflected in the game.

"Okay, I see." Wang Qi stood nervously next to Song Jian and looked towards Camel Square.

In the dark surrounding, there are many players waiting for the Doomsday Supermarket to appear. Some of them are new players to the game, some are players who have completed the membership card task and are waiting to hand in the task, but for a long time, no camel camel square appears. Colorful rays.

"What's going on, why hasn't the Doomsday supermarket appeared yet?" Wang Qi was a little nervous.

"At this time yesterday, colorful lights had already appeared. Could it be said that ..." Song Jian had some bad feelings in his heart.

Until two or three o'clock in the evening, the doomsday supermarket still didn't show up, and camel voices were heard from Camel Plaza, especially those who had completed the task but had not yet handed it in.

"Song Brother, do you say Doomsday Plaza will never appear again?" Wang Qi asked with some disappointment.

"I don't know." Song Jian shook his head, knowing that the Doomsday Square would disappear, he would definitely exchange all the things he didn't use in exchange for Doomsday coins, and then buy a cheat book from it.

"It's a pity!" Song Jian whispered.

There was no words all night, and the night passed quickly. In the early morning of the next day, Song Jian was going to collect wood early in the morning;

"Song Brother, let me collect the wood with you," Wang Qi said suddenly.

Like Wang Jian's main line mission, Jian Jian needs to build a system-recognized safe house, as well as a large amount of wood and stone.

Song Jian thought for a while, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, nodded slightly, and they walked towards the woods together;

Uh ...

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