I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 34 Mutant Snake

Tong Songjian took Wang Qi to the place where several poplar trees grew outside, and pointed to the side by side poplar trees: "This is where the wood is collected."

After speaking, Song Jian stepped forward and slammed his fist at a poplar;

The poplars are just ordinary trees. Even after the collection, after five or six hours, they will reappear, and only the precious trees will disappear permanently after the collection;

嘭, 嘭, 嘭 ~

Watching Song Jian smash into the hard trunk, the whole poplar tree trembles constantly, and Wang Qi is stunned;

"Song, Brother Song, this is how the wood was collected?" Wang Qi's lips trembled: "I don't read much, don't lie to me!"

"Yeah, you can practice your skills just as you collect." Song Jian said while smashing the tree. After two days of adaptation, he now hits his fist on the trunk. The pain is much lighter than the previous two days, and his fist seems to have become more Hard.

"Can't you use tools to collect?" Wang Qi asked.

当然 "Of course you can ..." Song Jian explained: "It's just too expensive to use tools. A stone axe can only collect seventeen or eight trees, and the durability is exhausted. It is not refreshing with fists."

At the beginning, Song Jian used his fist to collect wood. He could only collect seven or eight trees a day, but now it can be more than twenty minutes. Song Jian can collect a poplar tree, and the efficiency is improved very quickly.

"This is the wood, that stone ..." Wang Qi sank in his heart, suddenly thinking that stone was needed to build a safe house.

估计 "It's probably the same."

The reason why Jian Song Jian did not collect stones now is precisely this reason. After all, rocks are much harder than trees.

"I ... I'll choose a smaller house as a safe house." Wang Qi muttered to himself and shook his head;

Looking at Song Jian's collection, Wang Qi also wanted to give it a try, only to see him take a deep breath and throw his fist at a poplar tree;

"Woohoo ~" Wang Qi screamed with his fist, struck with all his strength, the fist joint directly broke the skin, blood flowed, and Wang Qi's painful tears were falling.

"Persist!" Song Jian encouraged;

After Song Jian collected the wood of a tree, Wang Qi finally collected 2 units of wood;

"Song, Brother Song, I'm going to fight monsters and make some money to buy some tools and collect them again." Wang Qi looked at his **** hands and said with a sad face.

"Okay, then you should be more careful." Song Jian said indifferently. At this time, his fists had turned red, and needle-like pain surged up, but compared with the pain during the bleeding two days ago, it was already It's a lot lighter.

King Wang Qi glanced back at Song Jian who was smashing a tree. He was still uncomfortable, but it was really difficult for ordinary people to stick with his fists to collect wood.

"It's just a game. Is it so hard?" Wang Qi secretly said.

Looking at Wang Qi's back, a smile appeared on the corner of Song Jian's mouth, and a disappointed look appeared in his eyes. The reason why he did not bring Wang Qi directly to the grove was to see if Wang Qi could eat and live like this If he can, then he will treat Wang Qi as his companion, and share with him the secret of mutant snakes in the woods, but unfortunately ...

For this game, Song Jian has long realized that if he wants to get ahead, he must work harder, even harder than in the real world. Unfortunately, many people who enter this game do not realize this, just Think of it as a game;

For a few days, I went out to collect wood during the day and returned to the villa at night. Soon, the number of wood in Song Jian had collected more than 1,000 units, and Wang Qi never returned after leaving that day, but Song Jian When I returned to the villa, I saw Wang Qi choosing a shop on the first floor as a safe house one street away from his villa.

"The snake beast swallowed one pine nut every day. Now there are less than ten pine nuts left. It can't be eaten like this anymore ..." Song Jian secretly looked at the city under the night outside the window.

After a few days of use, the felling and boxing mastery have improved to the first level. Similar basic skills can be upgraded from the first level to the second level by training for a day or two, from the second level to the third level. It only took about four days in Song Jian's game.

This makes Song Jian a little regretful. I knew that I would save three skill points. The skill points I got from previous upgrades are a little rash.

一 大 Early the next morning, Song Jian left the villa and walked towards the grove outside the highway.

Yesterday, the stumps left after collecting the wood have disappeared and replaced by a tall tree. Song Jian found that the trees in the game can not only recover quickly after being cut down, but also grow very fast. In a few days, these Originally there were only trees with the thickness of a bowl, and the trunk was already fat.

Song Jian walked straight into the deep woods and stopped at a distance of ten meters from the pale golden pine tree. The warning range of the "mutated snake" was ten meters. Once it entered the ten meter range, it would Staring at the person close to him, once he approaches three meters, he will take the initiative to attack;

This is the information obtained after several trials by Song Jian;

Now more and more people are gathering wood, the longer the time is delayed, the greater the probability that this forest will come, and the probability of light golden pine tree exposure will increase. Song Jian is unwilling to wait any longer;

The mutant snake and beast stayed on the tree all the time. Song Jian's "Earth Tooth" couldn't attack it, so he had to start with a pistol first.

Bang bang bang ~

Aiming at the mutant snake beast, Song Jian quickly pulled the trigger, and the bullet penetrated into the mutant snake beast's body, so that the mutant snake beast wrapped around the tree branch awakened suddenly, his body inflated like a balloon.

Uh ~

The snake and the beast entangled a few times in the same place, and looked like a spring, and rushed towards Song Jian;

Ten rounds of bullets have been hit, each shot hits the snake and beast, kills more than one hundred blood, and the fourth-level [gunpowder weapon (pistol) (basic)], the hit rate and power are greatly improved;

Dozens of bullets took only two or three seconds. The snake and beast were fast, and they were close to Song Jian's three or four meters. Song Jian retracted the pistol, grabbed the double-barreled shotgun, and bounced off the snake For a moment, pull the trigger;

Alas, UU reads www.uukanshu. com 嘭 ~

The double-barreled shotgun was powerful and strong. The snake and the beast that hit the air were taken two shots in the front, and it was lifted off directly, flying three or four meters backward and hitting a willow tree;

This blow turned out to have a stun effect, and a stun symbol appeared on the top of the mutant snake and beast.

"good chance!"

Tong Songjian pulled out his dagger and rushed towards the mutant snake and stabbed it seven inches below his neck;

Tiger tooth dagger easily tore the scale skin under the neck of the mutant snake and inserted it until it became handleless;

The viper shrieked a heartbreaking sorrow and woke up from the dizzy state. The body of an adult's thin arms, like a leather whip, pumped fiercely towards Song Jian.

With a beep, Song Jian felt a sharp pain in the place where his back was drawn, his throat was a little itchy, and a sweet smell came from his mouth;

He pulled out his dagger, Song Jian flew forward, rolled over the ground two times, and grabbed his right hand firmly toward the ground;

"Earth teeth!"

A tussle-shaped air mass flew towards the snake at a speed comparable to a bullet, and even hit the snake beast that had just sobered up from the stunned state, hitting a willow tree behind him severely;

The viper beast just hit Song Jian more than 30 points of blood. After using the ground tooth process, Song Jian's blood was reduced to half of the position;

Looking at the snakes and beasts that are constantly struggling, and the blood value is still close to three hundred points, Song Jian frowned slightly and continued to fight like this. He apparently couldn't fight the snake and hesitated for a moment, and finally got his teeth out of the package. A scroll

"It looks like you must use this hole card!"

Song Jian's eyes narrowed, he tore the reel fiercely, and threw it at the fifth-level mutant snake and beast;

Uh ...

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