I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 36 Radio station

Uh ~

Song Jian smashed into the trunk of the pale golden pine tree, the tough outer skin was like steel, and the lines remained motionless; the shock from the shock made Song Jian's wrist sore, and the whole arm was sore;

Tong Song Jian's look remained unchanged, and he continued to throw his fist and smashed at the trunk;

Ten minutes have passed, ordinary trees have been collected at this time, but this pine tree remains motionless;

When Song Jian thought that the pine tree could not be collected, finally, a palm-sized piece of sawdust flew from the pine tree, turned into a white light, and flew into Song Jian's parcel box.

System: You have collected 10 units of wood;

"Is it so powerful?" Song Jian was pleasantly surprised, usually collecting willows, which is a maximum of two or three units at a time, but this pine tree collected ten units of wood at a time, several times that of ordinary trees.

For a while, Song Jian became excited, and the frequency of hitting the trunk became faster.

Pale golden pine is extremely tough. When collected, the difficulty is several times that of other ordinary trees, but the wood given by this pine is also very rich.

System: You have collected 11 units of wood;

System: You have collected 9 units of wood;

Uh ...

System: You have collected 2 units of hardwood pine (third grade wood);

System: You have collected 12 units of wood;

Uh ...

Each successful collection can bring about 10 units of wood to Song Jian;

The system prompts too much, Song Jian simply no longer pays attention to it, and throws his fist into the pine tree;

However, what Song Jian didn't expect was that after looking at the parcel box accidentally, he found that there were already 6 units of hardwood pine in his parcel box.

"Hardwood pine (third-grade wood), material, can be used to make furniture, equipment; cannot bring out games;"

家具 "Furniture? Isn't the furniture in the safe house all ready-made, do you still need to make it yourself?" Song Jian secretly said.

Although I don't know how this furniture is made and what it is useful for, but the word of the third grade wood still let Song Jian know that "hardwood pine" is much higher quality than ordinary wood;

As Song Jian continued to collect, this pine tree with a pale golden light began to get smaller and smaller. The original five or six meter high trunk now has less than two meters. At this time, one day has passed. More than half, at three or four in the afternoon;

I added some food and water, and Song Jian stood up and continued to collect pine trees. There were not many opportunities for this. The whole forest was only this special pine tree.

After another hour, Song Jian heard a system prompt;

System: After hard training, your skills [hands-free boxing (fist palms) (basic)] are upgraded to level 4;

System: After hard training, your skill "Felling" has been upgraded to level 4;

"Raised to the fourth level so soon?" Song Jian was somewhat surprised.

Obviously, collecting high-quality wood has a certain bonus for improving proficiency. Otherwise, it is impossible to upgrade one level in such a short period of time because of the two basic skills of the third level;

No matter what skills, the higher the level, the more proficiency you need, and the harder it is to improve, unless you are willing to use skill points;

カ 嚓 ~

There was a crisp crackling sound. There was originally about a meter of pine trees, which shattered fiercely, turned into white light, and flew into Song Jian's parcel box.

松 This pine tree directly gave Song Jian nearly three hundred units of wood and 10 units of hardwood pine, and at the same time raised Song Jian's two passive skills to a level;

"It won't be long before I can collect the stones." Song Jian rubbed his palms, feeling the tenacity from the finger joints, and secretly said in his heart.

The pale golden pine tree became a stump, and its surface lost its original luster;

On the stump, however, another object appeared, which looked like a small box;

表面 The surface of this small box is military green, with several obvious buttons and knobs, and an antenna with a length of arm;

"Civil radio (special items), effect: channel information can be accepted and sent; conditions of use: must be placed in a safe house for use."

"What the **** is this?" Song Jian touched the metal surface of the radio station and examined it carefully;

No matter how fierce Song Jian is, this station seems to be broken, without any response.

"It seems that the safe house must be built before it can be used." Taking a look at the conditions of use, Song Jian gave up here to continue playing with it and put it in the parcel box.

Uh ...

Time passed quickly. Before dark, Song Jian returned to the villa. After collecting the pine trees, Song Jian collected more than one hundred units of other timber. At this time, Song Jian had already collected the timber needed to transform the entire villa. Nearly two-thirds, and at most two more days, all three thousand units of wood can be collected;

At night, Song Jian touched the newly obtained "Fangs of Fangs" and listened to the roar of mutant zombies from outside the villa, looking thoughtful.

Song Jian is now 5th level, plus the newly acquired dagger, even the mutated zombie with full attributes is not his opponent, even if facing several at the same time, Song Jian is confident to kill all of them;

"It is such a waste of night time. It is a pity to go out and hunt mutant zombies to get some materials and improve skills." Song Jian secretly said.

All active skills must be used frequently. After the proficiency of UU Kanshu www.uukanshu.com is reached, you can use skill points to improve. Passive skills have no bottlenecks. As long as you are not afraid of slowness and do not need skill points, you can also improve.

Although the mutation zombie explosion rate has been reduced a lot, Song Jian can use them to hone his skills;

Thinking of this, Song Jian immediately got up and walked towards the street outside;

The shadows and shadows on the streets are all mutated zombies. As long as they don't make too much noise during the day, they will not alarm these monsters. Therefore, during the day, they always have a little feeling of monsters, but at night, Song Jian found that his original surroundings , There are so many monsters;

"The main line task is to clear up all the monsters around one kilometer around the safe house. Now it seems that this task is more difficult than building a safe house." Song Jian secretly said.

As soon as Xun Gang left the villa, three mutant zombies noticed Song Jian's existence, and yelled in his mouth, and fluttered towards Song Jian;

The speed of mutant zombies is similar to that of ordinary people, but it is not very fast, but it is extremely persistent and physically strong. It can chase people for several kilometers.

Song Jian did not use the skill "Earth Tooth", but wielded a dagger and rushed towards the nearest zombie. A straight piercing straight into the skull of the mutant zombie, the figure turned, and the dagger was pulled out. , Made a fierce stroke on the side of the neck, and before the zombie reacted, Song Jian drew another dagger into his back;

A series of actions, like flowing clouds, are like practicing hundreds of times in my heart without any mistakes;

Three consecutive attacks, so that the mutant zombie with only a hundred points of blood and blood, immediately turned into a pile of black ash;

Song Jian did not look at the items it dropped, and continued to pounce towards the next zombie;

Uh ...

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