I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 4 Comprehension skills

The three-bedroom, two-story house is about 130 square meters, which is not large. The search was quick. It took only ten minutes, and Song Jian searched all the places where he could store materials.

Bian Songjian brought all the items he found to the living room, which was the room where the pistol was first searched.

"Three bottles of mineral water, two packs of compressed dry food, a pistol expansion magazine, nine rounds of ammunition, a bottle of white pot of Erguotou, a drink can speed up the energy recovery by 5% ..." Song Jian looked at the pile of things on the coffee table , In meditation, what exactly is this game?

"Congratulations, you have all the initial resources, and the mission is complete!" The sound of machinery sounded in Song Jian's ear.

"The last part of the newcomer mission, kill the mutant spider and complete the entire novice guidance mission!"

"Sure enough, you still want to kill that spider, right, I know that this routine is really nothing new!" Song Jian groaned while putting all the collected materials into the parcel box.

The pistol expansion magazine is first installed in a slot of the P18C pistol. This pistol can be installed with a total of three additional devices. In addition to the expansion magazine, it should also be able to install a sight, a muffler, but now Song Jian only found Expand the magazine and load all the nine rounds of bullets found. Song Jian took a deep breath and clenched the only weapon.

"If players have confidence in their own strength, they can increase the difficulty of the game. Now the difficulty of the game is simple, is it normal to increase the difficulty of the game?" The mechanical sound suddenly sounded.

"The difficulty of the game, increase the difficulty of the game?" Song Jian froze, then said to himself: "Do you think I'm an idiot, find yourself awkward?"

He clenched the heavy iron golem with both hands, and Song Jian stepped towards the bedroom.

Just stepped into the bedroom, Song Jian's ear suddenly heard the sound of the system: "The player did not make a choice within the specified time, the system defaults the option, and the difficulty of this copy of the game is increased to normal."

Song Jian trembled and Chen Chen immediately said, "I was wrong, really, I was really wrong. The game design is awesome, the picture is first-rate, the story is first-rate, and even the system prompts make people feel so kind. , I really like this game, this difficulty is increasing, can you ... "

"The game will be more difficult and will be played in ten seconds, ten, nine, eight ..."

"Friendly reminder, it is recommended that players complete the novice guidance task before upgrading, otherwise the probability of player death will increase by 35%, five, four, ..."

After listening to the cold mechanical sound of the system, Song Jian walked steadily into the bedroom, raised his gun with both hands, and pulled the trigger towards the basin-sized mutant spider.

Bang ~

There was a sudden pain in Song Jian ’s wrist, the pistol bounced too much, and the recoil was not only a strength attribute of 4. He could fully control it. Fortunately, Song Jian was less than three meters away from the mutant spider at this time, although the strength attribute It has a great impact on accuracy, but there is no possibility of off-target at such a short distance. The bullet penetrates into the mutant spider's body fiercely, and bursts of light green body fluid.

The mutant spider seemed to have just woke up from a sleep, and the yellow note on the top of the head turned into a blood red for a moment, and it glowed a little light.

Creak ~

With a sharp tweet, the mutant spider came towards Song Jian, a pair of compound eyes flashed with strange rays, and opened his mouth to spit out a stinky liquid towards Song Jian.

"I'm sorry, shouldn't the spider spit silk? How could it spit?" Song Jian was startled, and he hurried to hide beside him. The stinky liquid shot on the wall after Song's exercise, and immediately gave out "嗤嗤" The sound of corrosion.

I turned my head and saw that the wall sprayed with pus was black and dark, and the wall that was corroded and crispy fell down. After a while, a fist-sized pit was corroded.

"It's so poisonous!" Song Jian's heart was full of shock. This is just a first-level monster that is so perverted. Wouldn't those higher-level monsters hang themselves out in person?

"The difficulty of the game has been raised. Now the difficulty is normal. All non-active attack monsters become active attack monsters. The probability of players getting treasures is slightly improved. The difficulty will be restored after the players complete the novice missions! I wish the players a happy game!" The sound of the system sounded, and suddenly there was a roar of ghosts and wailings outside the window. It seemed that all the monsters had gone into a state of madness in an instant.

Bian Songjian was bitter in his mouth, but now he can't take care of them. He must kill the mutant spider in front of him.

Bang, bang, bang ~

There were thirteen bullets left in the pistol. Song Jian pulled the trigger again and again, and "four bangs" four bullets flew out of the barrel almost in sequence.

Entrusting the blessing at a short distance, none of the four bullets flew into the body of the mutant spider.

After the four bullets were hit, Song Jian felt his right arm as if it was about to break, the hand holding the gun trembled violently, and his heart beat so hard that it seemed to fly out of his chest in the next moment.

The mutated spider uttered a wailing sound, like a rock, and fell from the spider web. After a few twitches, the body disappeared.

Tong Songjian sat on the floor with his buttocks, his hands trembling slightly, and the pistol was thrown aside, a little can't believe what just happened.

"I, I actually fired!" Dialect said to himself, UU reading www.uukanshu.com Before that, Song Jian only saw guns on computers and televisions. Do n’t say shooting, even see it in person never seen it.

Just then, a flickering red dot appeared in front of Song Jian's eyes. When Song Jian focused on that red dot, a translucent screen suddenly appeared in front of him, like a waterfall, listing the battle just now. information.

"Play back battle information"

"Your ordinary shooting caused 19 points of physical damage to the mutant spider, gaining 100% hatred, and the mutant spider's target is locked on you!"

"Mutant Spider casts its skills on you [Venom Splash], and you dodge sensitively without causing any damage!"

"Your ordinary shooting caused 16 points of physical damage to the mutant spider, gaining 100% hatred, and the mutant spider attacks the target and locks on you!"

"Your normal shooting has caused 11 physical damage to the mutant spider, gaining 100% hatred, and the mutant spider attacks the target and locks on you!"

"Your ordinary shooting caused 13 points of physical damage to the mutant spider, triggering the weak effect, gaining 100% hatred, and the mutant spider's attack target is locked on you!

"Your normal shooting has caused 45 physical damage to the mutant spider (caused a critical strike in the state of weakness), and the mutant spider has zero health!"

"Mutant Spider Dead!"

System: You kill mutant spiders, gain 100 experience points, and level up to normal level 1

System: You have dealt more than three effective damages to mutant spiders. Comprehend skills: [Powder Weapon (Pistol) (Basic)]

System: You complete the novice guidance task, you can leave the safe house and enter the city to explore! I wish you a happy game!

Uh ...

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