I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 42 collection

"Fried meat (blue): food, effect: increase hunger by 70 points after consumption. If you consume more than 20 seconds, you can increase blood value by 15 points."

"This is almost equivalent to a weakened version of blood tonic!" Song Jian was surprised;

I looked at Li Ke'er, who was holding a big bowl, drinking and drinking snake soup. Song Jian suddenly felt that the other party was a game girl;

"Keer, your fried meat has such good attributes. You can understand such a powerful recipe, it is so great!" Song Jian thought for a long time, but finally he was not willing to eat, and put the fried meat in the parcel box.

"Really? Giggles, you must!" But Ke Er's eyes were bent into crescents, and he was happier holding the big bowl.

Uh ...

I realized that after cooking, Li Ke'er bought a fine iron cross pick, followed Song Jian, and walked towards the grove outside the highway;

The light golden pine tree has never appeared since Song Jian collected it. Unlike other trees, it will grow again within a few hours after the collection.

When Song Jian and Li Ke'er came to the grove, there were already several people cutting down trees with stone axe. One of them, the two of them also knew that it was Wang Qiang, the gang leader of the Blue Wolf Gang.

But Wang Qiang looked very embarrassed at this time. Not only did he not have a younger brother, but he also blinded one eye, leaving only one arm, covered with blood, as if he had just crawled back from the battlefield.

Seeing Song Jian and Li Ke'er, Wang Qiang's eyes showed a little fear, and his body couldn't help shaking.

Wu Songjian only glanced at Wang Qiang indifferently, and did not take him to his heart. He took Li Keer to a huge rock and said, "Keer, you collect this rock, and I will collect wood."

It seemed that Wang Qiang was a bit miserable now. His little brother had run out, and he had also become a leverage commander, and was seriously injured.

"Okay, brother Xiao!" Li Ke'er nodded smartly, took out a small fine iron pickaxe from the parcel box, and stabbed it hard at the rock; "Hey, hey" Encourage yourself.

Song Jian smiled slightly, chose a willow tree, and smashed it with a severe punch;

After a few days of growth, these willows are now embracing the thickness. The others who come here are collecting with a stone axe, and only Song Jian is using his fist alone;

Song Jian's maverick quickly attracted the attention of others. Wang Qiang glanced at Song Jian smashing the tree with his fist, and seemed to think of something. He couldn't help but shivered, and wanted to leave here, but was unwilling. Gritted his teeth and walked to the edge of the woods alone, and started collecting farthest from Song Jian;

"Hey, are you saying that person is stupid?" Someone said Song Jian smashed the tree for a long time and couldn't help but whisper;

"Isn't it painful? Can this game adjust the pain value?" Someone asked curiously, and even brought up the system interface and studied it carefully.

"Is he practicing boxing, or is he collecting wood?" Some people were puzzled;

But soon, people saw pieces of wood collapsing from the trees, turning into white light and entering Song Jian's parcel, and the wood collapsed quickly, much faster than they used tools to collect;

After five or six minutes, a willow tree was collected by Song Jian. The skill of felling and [hands-free boxing (fist palms) (basic)] both gained some improvement, but at this time, two skills of level four , Need too much skill proficiency, can't see the effect yet;

"Mistweed, really fake, fists can be collected, wouldn't it save a lot of money?" Many people saw Song Jian collecting from start to finish, all stunned.

For a while, many people began to learn what Song Jian was like and started to hit trees with their fists.

"Mistweed, it hurts so much!"

"My hand is broken and bleeding, this tree is harder than a stone!"

People who smashed two trees with their fists, grinned with painful fangs, hesitated for a long time, these people eventually chose stone axe collection; after all, this is just a game, many people have not realized what this game really means.

The tool cut down the trees, and the durability dropped very quickly. After more than two hours, only Song Jian and Li Ke'er were left in this small forest.

"Hey, hey ~"

Although it is physical work, Li Ke'er is very energetic. The huge rock has been excavated by a third. Li Ke'er is like a hard-working little squirrel, constantly eating a huge nut;

Each willow tree can bring 30 to 50 units of wood to Song Jian. In just over two hours, Song Jian collected nearly 500 units of wood. The amount of wood in the package has exceeded two. Thousands of standard units are only five or six hundred units away from three thousand units of wood. Even if you add more than two hundred units of wood from Li Ke'er, up to three hours, Song Jian can collect all the wood;

After more than two hours, Li Kerer finally collected all the huge rock, wiped the sweat from his head, and laughed;

"Little brother, I have collected 50 units of stone, and the mining technique has also been upgraded to level 2." Li Ke'er shouted loudly, exaggerating my appearance;

"Yes, yes, Kerr is great!" Song Jian praised Li Keer with a thumbs up;

"Hey." Li Ke'er looked proud.

Seeing Song Jian hit the tree with his fist, Li Ke'er said with some distress: "Little brother, don't your hands hurt?"

"Keer, you don't know that." Song Jian said with a slight smile. "I can not only save a lot of money by collecting wood with my fist, but also improve my skill level. I am now felling and [bare hand fist (fist palm) (Class) (Basic)], all of them are at level 4, and it won't be long before they can all be upgraded to level 5. "

"Little brother, you are so amazing!" Li Ke'er said with admiration;

Tong Songjian looked up at the sky and said to Li Ker, "Ker, it's getting dark, UU reading www.uukanshu.com or we will go back first, and come here tomorrow to collect it."

Li Ke'er nodded and glanced towards the edge of the woods.

Ten meters away from the edge of the cypress forest is a piece of grass, and further out, there is a black fog, you can't see anything clearly;

"Brother Xiaojian, what do you mean in that black mist?" Li Ker asked suddenly, pointing at the other black mist in the book.

"I don't know, otherwise we should take a look?" Song Jian glanced back and said;

"Okay, maybe you can leave this city and go somewhere else." Li Ke'er's eyes were bent and he smiled and said, "It's all like this in the game. The place where we were born was just Xinshou Village. When the level is high, just Can go elsewhere. "

Tong Songjian took Li Ke'er towards the edge of the woods;

The closer I walked to the black mist, the more heartfelt Song Jian felt, as if walking towards the mouth of the Honghuang Beast step by step;

The pace of two people is getting slower and slower. When they are five or six meters away from the black mist, the two people stop at the same time;

"Little, brother, I'm a little scared ..." Li Ke'er looked panic-stricken.

Qi Song Jian stared at the black mist, the slowly flowing black mist. As the two approached, they started to roll violently, as if something was waking up from their deep sleep;

"Little brother, let's go back." Li Ke'er pulled Song Jian's hand and said;

"Okay, okay." Song Jian wiped the sweat on his forehead. Unconsciously, he was soaked with sweat all over his body, and it was very uncomfortable to put his clothes on his body;

As the two turned and left, a huge eye suddenly appeared in the rolling black mist, exuding a pale golden light, staring at the back of the two, motionless;

Uh ...

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