I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 47 Anti-strange

Detoxification drug system stores are available. In fact, there are still a lot of system stores in this game, depending on whether you can dig out;

的 The bar counter that Li Kerer found was actually a system store. People from the so-called White Tiger Gang of Li Dong also found a system store. At the end of an alley, this system store is a vending machine. Through this vending machine, you can buy some items allowed by the system, of which Includes antidote that can remove zombies;

However, a detoxifying agent requires three hundred doomsday coins. The man who was infected with the zombie virus cannot afford to buy it, and can only pin his hope on the gang leader, Li Dong;

"Xiao Mao, you know, the Doomsday coin I have now is all that Bai Hu helped all of my brothers with me, not my Li Dong. If it is my Li Dong, I will just say nothing and just take it out Now, but ... "Li Dong said with a distressed expression.

Now Li Dong has more than five hundred doomsday coins. This is because Li Dong asked everyone to concentrate all his money on him to accumulate so much.

Li Dong was unwilling to take out this money. After playing for so long, Li Dong also found that the Doomsday currency was too difficult to make, and the items in the store were ridiculously expensive, and he gave him 300 Doomsday currency. Buying antidote, in Li Dong's view, is just like cutting his meat.

"Boss, I'm dying, I'm dying ~" Xiao Mao cried with tears in his heart;

"Xiao Mao, I know, but the money on my body is everyone's money, and I am not qualified to use it!" Li Dong said in a right face: "But I call, White Tiger to help all brothers, from now on, hunt monsters, will All the items dropped by the monster are sold, and I will buy money for Xiaomao to treat him! Xiaomao, isn't there 30 minutes? I believe that as long as we help all the brothers to unite, we will be able to gather all three within 30 minutes. Hundred yen, detoxify you! "

"Help the Lord, benevolence!" The 16-year-old teenager next to him looked at Li Dong with a look of admiration and shouted, "I am calling for the Lord accordingly. From now on, all the items dropped are sold to Brother Mao buys antidote! "

Xiao Xiaomao's face was ugly, and he could feel that there was a strange energy in his body, and the threads spread toward the whole body, and his body began to feel a stiff feeling;

"Yes, Xiao Mao, since you have been infected with the virus, you do n’t care about the mutant zombies attacking you. You go ahead and carry it. We will try again. This time, we must kill the injured BOSS, and we will have money by then. I bought you an antidote. "Li Dong was still a little unwilling. He just saw the injured BOSS just now, and his blood was only half of his usual blood, and he was still bleeding.

"As long as it can kill all its guards and guard its mutant zombies, with these few of us, we can definitely kill that BOSS." Li Dong secretly bit his teeth;

"What, let me fight against the monsters in front?" Xiao Mao shuddered, thinking of the scene just now. Each of the mutant zombies around the boss was very strong. They attacked, they were crazy, and they met in peace. Mutant Zombies are simply two kinds of monsters;

"No, no, I can't help it, my upper limit of blood value is only 90 points, and now it's only more than 60 points, I can't fight it, I can't fight it!" Xiao Mao said with a sad face;

"Since you don't want to fight against blame, how can we help you?" Li Dong said with a face on his face. "You know, we are helping you now. You need antidote, and naturally you have to pay more. Otherwise, I will also I ca n’t tell other brothers! "

"Help the Lord, benevolence, benevolence, treat every brother kindly and consider for all of us!" Shouted the expression of a sixteen-year-old teenager with a face full of worship.

东 Li Dong just started to think that this guy is very comfortable with his flattering, but now there is a little doubt in his heart: "This kid shouldn't be satirizing me!"

"Your boy rushed to the front with Xiao Mao to fight against the monsters!" Li Dong patted the back of the boy and said;

Uh ...

"The people of Wuhe!" Song Jian looked at this scene in the back and couldn't help sneering;

However, as a pathfinder stone, these people are quite suitable. Song Jian followed closely behind these people and slowly touched the building;

高 This high-rise building is an office building, the glass door has been shattered, and the lobby on the first floor is dark, exuding a strong stench, surrounded by corpses and lying side by side.

的 The flesh and blood of these corpses has been almost eroded, revealing the sensational bones inside. They are all waste products that cannot be transformed into mutated zombies, and are piled around the hall like garbage;

Deep in the hall, there is a large pit with a diameter of five or six meters. The large pit is full of blood. It looks like a pool of blood. The mutant zombie leader is in the center of the pool and only one head is exposed. Continue to absorb the power of death in the blood pool and restore physical injuries;

There were originally three bad states on top of the head of the zombie leader. At this time, the bad state of "continuous bleeding" has disappeared ~ www. ~ Only two bad states of "weak defense" and "inconvenient mobility" remain;

Wu Songjian sank in his heart, but he did not expect that this zombie leader would have such a way to recover his injury. If the time is too long, I am afraid that his injury will be completely recovered.

"Xiao Mao, hold on, this is just ordinary mutant zombies. They are all first-level blame. You have hit the virus anyway. It doesn't matter if you bite two more, resist!" Li Dong in the distance, holding a small pistol , Constantly attacking the swarming mutant zombies.

Song Jian has already discovered that although these mutant zombies are also first-level, there is a thin layer of gray mist on the surface of the body, which makes these zombies seem to be wearing a protective suit and it is more difficult to kill. .

Li Dong's killing of the four is also extremely difficult. While killing, he keeps retreating to prevent being surrounded by these zombies and breaking the road;

After killing two mutant zombies, they did not care about picking up the fallen materials. The four hurriedly exited the office building. These mutant zombies were also strange. It seemed to only guard the lobby on the first floor. Once the enemy withdrew, they would not continue to chase. , Just surrounded the blood pool again, which is one of the reasons why Li Dong has the courage to enter again;

"Huh, yes, yes, everyone did well this time. Last time, they were too aggressive, otherwise they would not die so many brothers!" Li Dong glanced and found that in addition to Xiao Mao, there were several injuries. The others were intact and suddenly became excited;

"Xiao Mao, go on, pick up the white-quality material first, and then draw two more!" Li Dong shouted with anger;

Xiao Xiaomao's face was gloomy, and there was a hint of brutality in his eyes, and he lowered his head and muttered, "Yes, boss!"

Uh ...

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