I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 48 Can't even run one

Xiao Xiaomao was sad and angry, holding a long sword in both hands, roaring, and rushed towards the glass door again;

At the moment of stepping into the glass door, it seemed that the start switch was pressed. Except for the zombie leader immersed in the blood pool, all the mutated zombies in the lobby on the first floor all gave a roar, swarming towards the door like a tide. Come;

"Come on, he can't keep it alone!" Li Dong kicked the **** of the blue-haired boy and whispered;

"Yes, Boss, Boss's righteousness!" The blue-haired boy was crying, looking at the swarming mutant zombies with some fear, but had to hold a small shield to charge up;

东 Li Dong took the opportunity to pack the items dropped from the last zombie, and then Shi Shiran and another man set fire to a mutant zombie.

These ordinary first-level zombies are covered with a light gray mist on the surface of the body. This mist is like making them wear a thick leather armor. Originally, they could deal thirty or forty points of damage with one blow. Now, It can only cause more than 20 points of damage. Just this layer of mist makes the little hair on top of it upset.

There is a lot of debris in the hall. Dilapidated sofas, counters, coffee tables and the like are mixed with this corpse that has become white bones. The hall is full, and small hair is also blocked by these debris, barely blocking it. The impact of zombies;

Each time, Xiao Mao only needs to face the attack of three or four mutant zombies. Other zombies want to attack him and must detour. Therefore, in one place, Xiao Mao can only stay for a dozen or twenty seconds. , It is necessary to shift positions, otherwise once they are surrounded, they ca n’t even run if they want to run;

I was instead Li Dong. He stood far away and could retreat at any time. It was safe.

"No, boss, I can't carry it, only 26 points of blood value are left!" Xiao Mao shouted loudly, while shouting, backing away;

东 Li Dong frowned, glanced at the leader in the blood pool, and sighed in a low voice. If he knew this way of slowly advancing, he would not have lost so many lives for the first time;

"Withdraw, let's give up this boss!" Shouted Li Dong;

At this moment, the zombie leader who had not been moved in the blood pool, slowly opened his eyes, grabbed a handful of rolling blood in his right hand, and raised it high;

Boom ~

With a loud noise, the blood in the hand of the zombie leader is like a high explosive, and the whole explosion burst apart, destroying the entire arm of the zombie leader;

The Zombie Commander issued a painful roar, followed by a **** rain like a meteor, covering the entire hall on the first floor;

The zombie leader who had recovered to about 60% of the blood and blood value, this time the blood and blood value fell directly below 40%;

The **** rain is spraying everywhere, and the **** rain contaminates any object, and it begins to corrode. A small pit will soon appear, acrid white smoke will emit, and a burning scorch will be emitted. The corrosiveness of rainwater is even stronger than concentrated sulfuric acid. Soon, the lobby on the first floor was full of potholes and became more broken;

团 A ball of blood the size of a basin, constantly twisting and deforming in the air, as if having a sense of autonomy;

After a short while of work, the blood was like a big worm, stretching back and forth, one bounce and one bounce, towards the glass door of the hall;

Uh ~

This mass of blood is very sticky, sticking to the wall above the glass door, and it slowly dangles. The bloodthickness of the thickness of each finger is quickly squirming outward. Spread across, looking far away, like a huge blood network, completely covering the entire door;

小心 "Be careful, this blood rain is poisonous, 艹, very corrosive, my leather armor has been penetrated!"

"Boss, help the Lord, save me, save me ~"

"Helper, helper, the back road is cut off, we can't get out ~"

The four people who were still in the hall suddenly panicked, Xiao Mao's blood was only a dozen points left, and now he was dizzy, and his body was exuding an ice-like energy, which made him have a kind of frozen frost. feel;

"Why not buy me an antidote, why not buy me an antidote ..." Xiao Mao muttered to himself, his eyes glowed scarletly;

A mutant zombie rushed towards Xiaomao, who was groggy and had given up all resistance. The long sword in his hand fell to the ground with a bang, and his body was shaking, as if he was about to fall down next time. On the ground

The mutant zombies rushed to Xiaomao, and suddenly stopped moving. He snarled at Xiaomao and watched Xiaomao sway. The mutant zombie turned his head and rushed towards the blue-haired boy next to him. ;

"Misty grass, what's going on ~" The teenager was stunned. He originally carried two zombies. Now Xiao Mao gave up his resistance, and all the pressure was immediately on his body, and the scene just now scared him. So why did n’t that zombie attack Xiao Mao?

"Help the Lord, I ca n’t carry it, I ca n’t carry it anymore ~" The blue-haired boy shouted and stepped back. This retreat caused more mutant zombies to rush over, and Li Dong's face changed greatly;

"Resist, resist, we can all die!" Li Dong looked pale, looking at the thirty or forty mutant zombies that were swarming, looking helpless.

"Help the master, run away, run away!" A person next to him shouted, rushed towards the glass door, raised a spear in his hand, and stabbed towards the blood net covering the entrance;

After just two stabs, the man's face showed a look of despair. Each bloodshot, although only the thickness of the fingers, was extremely tough. The spear in his hand was chopped on it, and a stronger one came. Rebound force, can not cut any bloodshot at all;

"Help me, help UU read the book www.uukanshu.com help me, save me, save me ~" The blue-haired boy was thrown by two mutant zombies before he ran two steps. Then, more zombies surrounded him, and soon he He drowned

"Why didn't you buy me an antidote? Why didn't you buy me an antidote ..." Xiao Mao's skin glowed with an iron cyan metallic luster, his eyes were scarlet as blood, turned around, and staggered toward Li Dong, It looks no different from a mutant zombie;

"Don't come, don't come!" Li Dong shouted loudly, took out a white-quality rifle from the parcel box, and aimed at the first mutant zombie;

Uh ~

There was a huge gunshot, and the huge impact easily tore open the layer of fog on the surface of the zombie, and the bullet directly hit the mutant zombie's head;

With a beep, the head of the zombie just shattered like a watermelon;

カ 嘣 ~

东 Li Dong launched a cartridge case, refilled a rifle bullet, and continued to aim;

Uh ~

Another shot, but this shot did not hit the head of the zombie, hit the opponent's chest directly, and punched a fist-sized penetrating wound directly at the opponent's chest. This blow made the zombie into residual blood. The bullet passed through its body, and fiercely penetrated into a zombie behind it;

カ 嘣 ~

Another shell retreated, and Li Dong's bullets were fast, just like a skilled veteran who had practiced for more than ten years;

Uh ~

Another zombie was hit in the head and killed immediately;

As he attacked, he slowly backed away. The zombies were getting closer and closer to Li Dong ...

7 meters ...

Twenty-six meters ...

25 meters ...

Uh ...

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