I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 6 This is your relative

After Song Jian picked up all four items, he found that the dropped items were not as good as expected;

"Zombie leather, zombie fangs, zombies, what are they meowing?" Song Jian looked disgusted, looked at the three gray-lighted items in his hands, and almost threw them out.

Zombie leather (gray), material, can be used to make equipment, use requirements: have leather armor making skills;

Zombie fangs (gray), materials, can be used to configure potions, use requirements: possess potion making skills;

Zombie meat (gray), material, can be used for cooking, use requirements: have cooking skills;

Uh ...

After thinking about it for a long time, forbearing nausea, he put these three items into the parcel box, and Song Jian's eyes fell on the last item emitting white light.

"傀儡 Card (Zombie): You can summon a LV1 Zombie as a 傀儡, this 傀儡 cannot be upgraded, died after clearing his health, and cannot be summoned again after death!"

"傀儡? Zombies? Disposable props? What kind of **** is this?" Song Jian slid his card between the fingers with two fingers;

Xun is really too scum-like for the zombies that Song Jian just looked at;

I now think of it. I was a little nervous just now. As soon as I met a monster, I shot all the brains of a pistol bullet. Although I killed this zombie, I am afraid that at least three bullets were wasted.

Such a zombie, in fact, only needs three to five bullets to kill it, but Song Jian shot all nine rounds out. If there were no bullets in the pistol, I am afraid it would be more wasteful.

Of course, this is extenuating. The game is so real that it is easy to forget that you are in the game.

Tong Songjian held this card for a moment and thought that such a prop has no value at all and might as well be summoned as a meat shield. Song Jian fixed his gaze on this card, and soon two options "use" and "destroy" appeared on the card.

After staring at "Use" for a moment, the card in his hand began to heat up and became hot. Song Jian immediately threw the card out. At the moment of landing, the card disappeared, and a zombie with a stench all over him appeared. In front of Xu Feng, looking at it, it looked a bit like the zombies that had just been killed.

"Spit ~"

At the moment when Zombie appeared, Song Jian's face was all green, which was too stinky to meow, and he almost spit out his bitter gall.

The zombie monster that was at least three or four meters away from him just now has a smelly smell, but it can still be tolerated, but now this zombie zombie summoned appeared directly next to Song Jian. Whose smell is it Who knows, it's sour.

"You and him meow a bit further away!" Song Jian raised his foot and wanted to kick the zombies a little farther away from him. He just lifted it up and hesitated for a moment before releasing it.

He remembered the pus that had been sprayed into the body of the zombie just now. If this kick is solid, it would be no different from kicking into the dunghill.

When Song Jian hesitated, Zeng Zombie climbed directly on the ground and rolled forward a few times;

"Oh, really obedient!" Song Jian's eyes brightened;

"Stand up and take a few more steps!" Song Jian commanded.

Sure enough, 傀儡 Zombie stood up and walked a few steps forward. Song Jian seemed to have acquired a new toy, and was very happy to play.

"Lift your feet ~"

"Let's go down ~"

"Left hand six, right hand six ~"

"Draw a circle on the left leg, circle on the right leg, jump, jump, jump ~"

唧 唧 傀儡, 傀儡 zombies fell a dog shit, and a -2 injury figure floated above his head.

As soon as Song Jian was surprised, he couldn't help looking at the properties of this zombie corpse.

Song Jian's Zombie (weak during the day), Attack: 3-6 (halved), Defense: 1-2 (halved), HP: 54/112 (halved), Movement Speed: 3 (halved); Skills: Bite, bite attack on the target, reduce the target's health by 5 points, and then cause 3 points of damage per second for 5 seconds. There is a certain chance for the target to obtain the "corpse poison" effect; corpse poison: reduced per second 2 points of blood, after the blood is cleared to death, it becomes a zombie;

"What kind of rubbish, too weak." Song Jian glanced at the properties of the zombies and said with a lip. How could this guy act as a meat shield when he fell and fell?

However, after thinking about it, now this zombie is in a weak state during the day, and may return to normal by night. If all the attributes are doubled, the attributes under normal conditions will be slightly stronger than the big spider in the room.

"Go forward, find a way ahead!" Song Jian ordered.

傀儡 Zombie walked slowly forward, Song Jian covered his nose across the distance, followed behind it, and walked towards the other rooms on this floor.

This building is high-rise and has 31 floors. The room where Song Jian appears is on the 26th floor. Down the stairs, Song Jian searches for each floor, but only goes down to the first floor. On the ninth floor, there was no room that could open the door.

However, during the search, Song Jian found strange noises and growls in several rooms, and it seemed that zombies were also kept in these rooms.

Song Jian's pistol originally could only hold seven rounds of bullets. When replaced with an expanded magazine, it could hold a total of fourteen rounds. If you are careful, you can deal with at least two to three zombies at the same time, plus a puppet zombies acts as a front Meat Shield, at present, as long as Song Jian does not die, drilling into the monster pile is temporarily safe.

Coming out of the stairwell, UU read the book www.uukanshu.com and turned to the next floor. Song Jian's eyes brightened. There are four residents on this floor. Three of them have security doors closed and one has the security door half hidden. Under the half-covered security door, a corpse lay, which appeared to be a female corpse.

"Go ahead and go to that room!" Song Jian ordered.

Zou zombies walked slowly towards the half-covered security door. As soon as they approached, the female corpse that had been lying on the ground suddenly bounced, struggling to stand up, with a sullen expression, sending it towards Zou zombies. Growled

"Don't do it!" Song Jian shouted, raising his pistol and aiming at the female zombies.

"Roar ~"

"Roar ~"

The two zombies stood facing each other, first yelling at each other with their mouths wide open;

干 "Don't do it, hoe, this is a relative of your family? Are you two still talking?" Shouted Song Jian.

噗, 噗, 噗 ~

The two zombies began to attack each other, using their hands and mouths. After a while, the hallway filled with a smell of boiled feces.

"Spit, spit ~ this smell is also no one!" Song Jian almost spit out, forbearing nausea, and aimed at the female zombies and shot;

Uh ~

With a gunshot, the head of the female zombies was tilted back directly, a thick green liquid shot out from the back of the head, and a 48-point blood-red injury figure floated from the top of the female zombies.

许 When Xu Feng was about to fire a second shot, 傀儡 zombies slammed into the female zombies' neck and screamed, the female zombies softly fell down, their bodies turned black and gray;

"Is that ... a crit?" Song Jian said with some hindsight, staring at the dark gray heart on the ground.

Uh ...

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