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I Have Alien Games on my Phone
Alternative names:我的手机有外星游戏
Genre: Urban Life

I Have Alien Games on my Phone

Shixuan student Shi Xuan, the mobile phone automatically updated a fighter mobile game, which is actually played by aliens. What is even more amazing is that in the game, you can extract items into reality, and you can also get them from aliens. Get scientific and technological information beyond the earth’s N eras..

Since then, Shi Xuan has embarked on a kangzhuang avenue where she fought against Bai Fumei, picking up girls in the city, pretending to be a face, making money, and becoming the world’s richest man in economy and a leading figure in academics. Established a fantastic country of intelligent technology in the overseas uninhabited island, attracting global elites to come, and the world is coming..

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