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I Have an Invincible Demon System in Me
Alternative names:我体内有个无敌恶魔系统
Genre: Fantasy, Xuanhuan

I Have an Invincible Demon System in Me

Tang Fei, who accidentally crossed the earth, accidentally turned on the Invincible Demon System.

“It’s hard to live up to it, pretend to be stupid, just to survive?”

“Sorry, it doesn’t exist.”

“Are you a genius and have the Supreme Upgrade System?”

“Sorry, it’s mine.”

“You are the god of planes, can you shuttle planes and rule all realms?”

“Sorry, from now on, you are under my control!”

“Don’t agree?”


As the strongest host in the history of the system, Tang Fei began the journey of rolling across the realm of the world with the attributes of the sky-bursting table.

“I go down with this sword, you will no longer exist!” – Tang Fei.

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