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I Obtain An Immortal Heavenly Technique At The Start
Alternative names:开局获得不死天功
Genre: Fantasy, Xuanhuan

I Obtain An Immortal Heavenly Technique At The Start

Luo Tiange traveled through and became the god child of the ancient unicorn family, but because of stripping off the bones of the tribe, he was abolished and imprisoned in the Demon Suppression Prison, where he could never turn over.

The source of all things refining system is turned on, and the beginning of the game will be immortal.

Ding, refining phoenix, source +1, immortal power +1

Ding, refining Zhu Yan, Origin +5, Fa Xiangtiandi +1

Ding, Refining Golden Crow, Origin +10, Destruction Calamity +1

Demon Suppression Divine Prison is full of fierce beasts, all of which can be extracted.

Luo Tiange grew up silently in the Demon Suppression Prison with the idea of ​​leaving after refining all the beasts.

Until one day, a crisis swept the entire Luo family, and Luo Tiange knew that he couldn’t stand it anymore.

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