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I Raised the Richest Man in the World
Author: Absolutely
Alternative names:我养大了世界首富
Genre: Drama, Romance

I Raised the Richest Man in the World

Cheng Hao died in a car accident and traveled to the United States in the 1980s to become a Chinese American. At this time, not long after Microsoft and Apple were founded, the Internet had not yet become widespread, and mobile phones did not exist yet … the whole world was full of business opportunities.

But it has nothing to do with him, after all, he can only punch.

Cheng Hao worked hard to support his family and endlessly struggled. He finally became the world boxing champion and won the golden belt. He suddenly found out that his salary card was the subject of the rich list.

I want to support you. You have become the richest man in the world? !!


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