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I Really Like That Guy!
Author: year old
Alternative names:我真的喜欢那个男配!(快穿)
Genre: Josei

I Really Like That Guy!

A Luo is the embodiment of the reader’s will. Her mission is to travel through the world, save the male supporting characters who have amazed the readers, and bring them happiness.

Kuaichuan emotional sweet text, full text about love cookies, female and male supporting he

[For the male partner I loved in those years]

Front row reminder: The second story is abusive and not well written, so be careful!

【Wen Run Blind Prince】x【Dignified and Elegant Crown Princess】√
[Lonely HD Leng Shizun] x [Soft and cute little apprentice] √
【Cute Zhengtai milk dog】x【Enchanting and glamorous big movie queen】√
【White Cut Black Pastry Chef】x【Reserved and Quiet High School Student】√
【Double Personality Bamboo Horse】x【The Essence of Drama, Xiao Qingmei】√
【Compassionate and compassionate to the Buddha】x【Spirit and Monster Girl】√
【Crimson Jagged Guard】x【Charming Willful Little Princess】√
【Gloomy Paranoid Zombie】x【Warm Healing Little Sun】√
【Inferiority and Forbearance Slave】x【Domineering Queen Empress】√
【African Emirates Online Game God】x【Life Gamer Little Red Hand】√
【Rapid Bloodthirsty Ghost King】x【Calm Salted Fish Little Celestial Master】√
【Evil Crazed Fallen Angel】x【Pure Holy Angel】ing
【Loyal Dog Robot】x【Cold Ascetic Scientist】

The actual order is based on the text
1. The male protagonist of each world is different. If you don’t slice it, the ending will be he
2. All are overhead overhead, do not textual research

Content Labels: Female Supporting Sweet Text Quickly Wearing Books
Search keywords: Protagonist: A Luo
One sentence introduction: male supporting yyds
Purpose: Even if fate is destined to be a supporting role for life, you must live out the style of the protagonist.


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