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I Took the Male Lead Script After Disguising As a Man
Author: Don't be cold
Alternative names:女扮男装后我拿了男主剧本

I Took the Male Lead Script After Disguising As a Man

Tang Li got into a book and became the cannon fodder male supporting role of women disguised as men in the book.​​
Although the male protagonist of the original book was a powerful business genius in City A, but now he is still a poor and unloved little pity.
Because of the lack of love in the early years and the cold eyes, he developed a cold and paranoid character in the future, which almost turned black.

In order to change the ending of the cannon fodder, Tangli had to bind a [tool person] system.
While silently improving the male protagonist’s happiness, he kept the villain’s design from collapsing.

The male protagonist was sick and had a fever, she ignored it, and delivered medicine in the rain immediately after school √
The male protagonist was humiliated, she sneered and attacked behind her back √
The male protagonist was framed by others and was helpless. She added fuel to it and collected evidence afterwards. The truth came out √
The “man” behind the male protagonist √

Tangli always thought she did a good job.
Until one day, a sound from the system came to my mind.
【Drop – The protagonist’s happiness level is full.】
[The tool person goal is achieved, open the love copy √]
? ! Gan!
Shouldn’t the cannon fodder be a copy of Good Brothers? !
To ask who Qi Ye hates the most in this world.
One is the biological father who abandoned him.
The second is Tangli from the same school.

One day after school, he stopped at the entrance of the alley to repair his bicycle.
Hearing the sound, he saw Tangli in the alley, whom he hated so much.
She grabbed the collar of the boy from the sports school next door and smashed it against the wall behind her.

Tangli’s masseter muscles moved slightly, her brows and eyes were cold.
“You’re too daring, you son of a bitch, who dares to touch me!”
“Your people? But I only beat Qi Ye recently…”
“He’s mine.”

ps: ①The male protagonist is really petite, soft and delicate, arrogant and inferior. Very possessive √
②The female protagonist is straight and has a high force value. It is a true campus script for male protagonists.

Content tags: Women’s supporting sweet text Wearing books Women disguised as men
Search keywords: protagonist: heroine ┃ supporting role: the ending article of the same type “I am decathlon after dressing as a villain female supporting her sister” ┃ other: sweet text, fantasy space, cool text
One sentence introduction: However, the male lead took the female lead script qwq
Purpose: work hard, work hard to change the current life


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