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I was Invincible for a Billion Years
Author: A Little Drunk
Alternative names:我无敌了十亿年

I was Invincible for a Billion Years

“What are you talking about, you are the rebirth? You from the last life, martial arts, I, are not qualified to kill you?” Chu Lingxiao’s eyes were full of contempt, his big hand gently waved.

The rebirth of the so-called sword fairy disappeared into a bubble.

“King of the killers? Wealth equals one country? There is also a master in the top of the list? The woman you like, keep me away?”

Next second.

This killer king is dead!

“You were a waste, got the system of repairing immortals, and became the master of the martial arts royal family? I can’t afford it?”

Chu Lingxiao smiled coldly: “I’m sorry, you are like this, I killed no less than 500.”

The waste that thought he could rise, died in horror.

“You traveled to the realm of comprehension, and it took only a thousand years to become the supreme power, the emperor?”

Chu Lingxiao said lightly:

“Sorry, 300,000 years ago, there was a peerless emperor who covered the universe. His head is still buried on the moon.”

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