I Will Make an Effort to Change the Genre

Chapter 21

“What do you think about this? It looks like it fits the contours of your body not too badly.”

“Eh, not really. Wouldn’t it be better if the backside of the dress was fuller?”

Both men conversed in a serious tone.

It was so serious that it looked as if they were discussing some deep, profound topic.

But the reality was…

After he browsed around for dresses in the tailor’s shop, Rüdiger clicked his tongue in dissatisfaction.

“I’m sure you expected a lot, Lady Maybaum, but standards are not quite up to par, as we are not in the capital.”

No. I wasn’t forward to this.

I was hoping that I could Luca to be dressed up like a doll, I didn’t want to be dressed up as the doll!

Of course, it wasn’t bad buying my clothes. It’s actually for the better.

Boutique stores from this world had a different vibe from the shopping malls, so this was a refreshing change… It was also intriguing to see new dresses and clothing alike.

I was eager at first. When would I ever have the opportunity to wear such expensive and beautiful dresses?

Even more so, since Rüdiger was paying for them, I couldn’t pass up this chance.

But it shouldn’t take this long if there wasn’t an issue?

Already, Rüdiger and Luca scanned through 20 dresses. It was tiring just to stand there and have them put clothes on me.

I had to even try on dresses that caught the two men’s eyes occasionally…!

This wasn’t just a one-piece dress where you slip your arms and legs through and it’s done, this was the kind of dress where people had to help me wear, so my energy just plummeted.

About now, it seemed like we looked through most of the dresses at this shop.

Can we not just slowly check for Luca’s clothes about now.

I awkwardly let out a laugh and spoke to the men still seriously debating,

“I think these are enough dresses for me, can we look for Luca’s clothes now…”

“This lavender one seems rather adequate.”

“My aunt looks better in darker colors. She looks more elegant that way.”

Excuse me, can you please listen to what I’m saying?

On top of that, Luca didn’t you still have your guard up against Rüdiger even before coming into this tailor shop…?

Why are you suddenly acting as if nothing’s wrong?

Putting their heads together like that while they conversed, they appeared rather close.

Rüdiger viewed the clothes on display and clicked his tongue discontentedly.

“It is unfortunate that we have to purchase made-to-measure dresses as we are running out of time. No matter how much these dresses are adjusted, it will nowhere be close to bespoke dresses…”

Particularly because of Rüdiger’s extremely sharp, discerning eye, he passed by countless dresses.

Even these splendid dresses that I saw for the first time in my life Rüdiger continued to disapprove of.

The ones he OK’d off on, they still weren’t up to his standard.

These didn’t resonate with him; compromise after compromise, he finally gave up and reluctantly selected a few dresses that were at best mediocre.

Then again, after being born as a member of a wealthy aristocratic family, Rüdiger must’ve seen many lavish goods in his life.

But what about you, Luca?

You’ve never seen such dresses in your life, yet you already know what you like and dislike so naturally…?

On top of that, women’s dresses…?

Flipping through catalogs, as if well-versed, he asked Rüdiger,

“What about this dress?”

“Shopkeeper, bring over this dress,”

With a content look, Rüdiger asked the tailor shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper swiftly brought over the dress to the fitting maids.

It was a white marten-fur-lined deep forest green velvet overcoat.

On the velvety fabric, delicate diamond-shaped latticework was embroidered with spun gold.

Dainty pearl buttons decorated the inner portions of the latticework.

It was a rare occasion that the owner themselves personally helped out customers.

Rüdiger was such a magnate, there was no other option but to help out though.

That’s right. When would I ever get such treatment?

A small sigh escaped me, sheepishly laughing as I asked,

“Is this alright?”

“Mhm. It suits you well.”

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