If We Cannot Grow Old Together

Chapter 43 If you can't share the first (the finale)

Because at the moment the car exploded, the moment when the fire rushed to them, it was Xia Yanyan’s sudden rushing to stop it!

Therefore, Li Qiaosheng, who kept Muzi Yumuzi under his body, did not hurt so badly, and his back was burnt, but he was not life-threatening. Starting www.zhuishubang.com

Xia Yanyan was swallowed up by the fire, and she left the world with the last disappointment of Qiao Sheng’s brother.

In this regard, Li Qiaosheng only when Xia Yanyan is a conscience discovery, or in order to escape the guilt of entering the prison, this is the choice to die. But in the eyes of Muziyou, as the twin sister of Xia Yanyan, she deeply felt that this sister is clearly the last glimmer of strength for Joe’s brother.

Otherwise, the firecracker was thrown over by her, and why did she temporarily change her mind when she saw that a man was in danger?

If there is no such attraction for her, Li Qiaosheng will never survive!

"Yue, Dad really wants to introduce you to everyone. You are now the only daughter of our summer family. Even this Xia Group will come to your name. You should consider it again, okay?" Xia Zhiguo came to urge this daughter again.

Tomorrow is the birthday of Muziyou, of course, it is also Xia Yanyan, but she can no longer live such a lively birthday party.

However, Muziyou has already thought very clearly. She does not recognize this biological father, but she does not want to be bound by the identity of Xiajia Qianjin. After all, a million-year-old president's wife has already made her big enough.

"Dad, you can rest assured that I will come home often to see you, but the birthday party will be fine. My person is very light on birthday and does not need this kind of ritual to render. Well, if you have to help me celebrate once Then come over to me, let's have a meal with our family, okay?"

"Well, that's OK, it's up to you." Xia Zhiguo once again became the pet female madman.

Although Muziyou finally let Xia Zhiguo no longer cling to the birthday party, but Li Qiaosheng, there is not so good to talk.

After all, today is also the banquet for the little pudding.

The son can be the same birthday as his mother, which is probably the best fate!

Because of this, the feelings of the little pudding and Muziyou are particularly good.

The little pudding is also more and more like Li Qiaosheng's childhood, except in front of his mother, even in front of his father, is a cold face.

Even, every time Li Qiaosheng wants to be intimate with Muzi, this little guy will cry when he sees it, attracting his mother to come over, and then being picked up by his mother, he immediately stopped the sound, especially ghostly!

In this regard, Li Qiaosheng described his son and rivals more than once, this guy must be the number one rival sent by him to grab his wife!

At the end of the banquet, Zhou must be arrested. For this reason, Muziyou and Li Qiaosheng also carefully prepared a lot of objects. Such as writing brushes, books, calculators, tape measure, and red grandfather...

"Right, what did you catch when you were a kid?" Muzi asked the man around him.

Wen Yan, Li Qiaosheng touched his chin and fell into meditation. "I remember... I caught a book about management."

"No wonder the Shengshi Group has been treated so well!" She snorted.

After a while, Muziyou couldn't help but ask, "Guess, what will our sons choose?"

"As long as it is not a cosmetic, nothing can be done!" Li Qiaosheng couldn't figure out why, Muzi had to put the women's cosmetics together, and his son was obviously a straight man. How could he be interested in that kind of thing? Still occupying the place...

However, Muziyou doesn't think so. "Maybe he wants to be a makeup artist in the future!"

"No, he must inherit the mountains I have made in the future!" The man is domineering.

Muziyou is too lazy to argue with him, anyway, he will know it.

Because she did not like to socialize with others, Li Qiaosheng did not arrange any big arrangements, only invited the close relatives of both sides, including Qin Yang.

Probably only a man from Qinyang was born from birth, and the pudding is better for him than his relatives. Therefore, Li Qiaosheng is quite delicious about this. He can think of himself not beside Muziyou. It is the man who takes care of his own woman and gradually relieves it.

Grasping the week officially began, the people present involuntarily held their breath, wondering what this cold-faced Mengbao would choose.

The pudding has already walked, looking at the dazzling objects in front of him, and fell into the meditation of a small adult.

"Pudding, what do you like, choose which one, don't think too much!"

Muzi’s gentle voice floated, and the pudding’s eyes followed. He finally took the first step, and everyone's line of sight also closely followed his small figure.

Finally, the pudding circumvented all the objects on the ground, but plunged into the mother's arms. No, more accurately, it was the small hand that grabbed the clothes on the mother's body, looked up and giggled: "Mom, clothes."

Just as everyone was still in a state of confusion, Muziyou felt the gaze of his husband, and immediately stopped in front of the pudding. "Well, Pudding wants to be a designer, specializing in making beautiful clothes for her mother. Ok!"

At the same time, the pudding also found a small head to squint at his father, with the words "Mom is mine" in his eyes.

"Bad boy!" Li Qiaosheng came over to beat him, and Pudding was cleverly hiding behind Qin Yang.

Muziyou stood still in the same place, laughing and watching their father and son chasing and playing, and feeling a quiet feeling in his heart.

If this life can't be with you, I would rather never meet you.

If I have never met you, what is the meaning of my life?

Thank you, Joe, thank you for saving me from the earthquake. From then on, there is only one you left.

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