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I’m Admiring the Zerg
Author: Yue Shuyao
Alternative names:我在虫族撩上将[星际]
Genre: Sci-fi, Yaoi

I’m Admiring the Zerg

The full-level apocalyptic boss crossed into a male worm, and after 999 days of hard life on the barren star, a daughter-in-law fell from the sky.

He Yi, who had successfully taken off the list, watched the newly-baked admiral’s daughter-in-law slowly shed a happy nosebleed, like rose petals dotted on the delicate white porcelain skin, wild and charming.

“My name is He Yi, please advise me for the rest of my life.”

So he embarked on the road of no return.

The male early education version of the robot said bitterly: [Master, the lowly and savage females can’t be spoiled! ]

He Yi, who was addicted to beauty, spread out his hands: “My female worm, I call the shots!”

【Pre-marital Medical Examination Center】

He Yi leaned over the admiral’s ear with a slightly hoarse voice and bewitched: “Azhao, are you comfortable?”

The admiral was so embarrassed that he turned his head to cover his eyes, and said in a hoarse voice, “It’s very comfortable.”

Facing one after another conspiracy to delay his love affair, He Yi, who has been salted for too long, finally started his career, and he awakened to become the only 3S-level king worm for thousands of years.

The king insect was furious, and the corpse was over a million. Rivers of blood.
Later, He Yi ascended to the throne with the attitude of contemplating the world under the attention of the people.

“Azhao, you will accompany me to reward these billions of stars.”

Zhao Ben thought he would die alone until he met a beautiful male insect that day.
He smelled a sweet, rich male pheromone fragrance.

The fragrance had a fatal allure, causing his heart to stop.

In a flash, he made up his mind to get him.

Get his favor, get his favor.

Let his gentle care linger only for himself.

It looks cold, but it’s a sand sculpture and a small sun attack & it looks cute, but it’s scheming and jealous

The main attack, Shuangjie 1v1, has raw eggs.

Happy little cookies~

——【Daily change, occasional change】

Content tags: strong fantasy space travel through time and space sweet text
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