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I’m an Olympic Superstar
Author: 干煸鱿鱼须
Alternative names:我是奥运大明星
Genre: Comedy, Harem, Sports

I’m an Olympic Superstar

Xiao Ran transmigrated to a parallel world and obtained the “All-Round Olympic Star” System.

The first sport that he had activated was actually the e-sports League of Legends!

Fortunately, e-sports was now integrated into the Olympics.

Pentakill, Legendary, Torturing the Pros.

Xiao Ran is a jungler… What? Why is he playing mid-lane in this match??!!

Ban the jungler and mid-lane champions that Xiao Ran can use to carry… God damn it, why is he playing top now!!??

“Start the bets, start the bets. Let us guess what position is God Xiao going to play next!!!”

“Why!! Why is an e-sports professional player sprinting 100 meters in 9.8 seconds!?”

“What!! His swimming is actually faster than Phelps!!”

Xiao Ran. The man who possesses the “All-Round Olympic Star” System…

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