I’m in Hollywood

Chapter 1198 Those flowers (big ending)

Entering mid-December, the pace of the new millennium is approaching. Musical novels.

Although the fear of the millennium bug has even caused the Nasdaq technology stock market to fluctuate again, this time, with the news of the birth of the fourth child of Williams, and the persistence of the box office of Gravity Most of the attention of the media and the public has been drawn to the young super tycoon, Eric Williams.

From December 10th to December 16th, the fourth week of the release, "Gravity" once again harvested 190 million US dollars at the global box office, the total global box office of the film quickly reached 850 million.

The invincible box office figures have led most media to predict that Gravity is likely to break through the global $1 billion box office pass before December 20, which will also become the fourth global box office led by Eric Williams. 1 billion videos.

At the same time, with the full strength of the film, "gravity" will undoubtedly impact the $2.2 billion box office record created by the Titanic.

When the entire film industry was eager to take advantage of the industrial opportunities brought about by 3d and imax, Eric stayed in the Martha's Vineyard Manor during the time of the year.

Since the news of the birth of the little guy was made public, during this time, the Massa Vineyard Manor was also very lively.

Cindy’s parents and two sisters came over in the next few days. Although Eric didn’t like Cindy and his children being over-excited, many group executives, business partners and friends and family were still in the name of visiting. Absolutely.

After the birth of the child is a happy event, Eric can't refuse to insist too much, only smiles.

It was so full of fun for a week that the estate of Massa Vineyard was quieter, and Cindy’s parents stayed in less than a week. In addition to the name of marriage, the couple found that the man who had a daughter had no place to blame, but the two sisters of Cindy continued to stay in the name of Cindy.

As Christmas approaches, the days calm down.

Although there is a delay in statistics on a global scale, on December 22, "Gravity" announced that the global box office officially broke through $1 billion.

A celebration feast is naturally essential.

In the Los Angeles area, I asked Eric if I wanted to arrange the banquet in New York. Most of the crew’s main creators lived in Los Angeles. Eric couldn’t let everyone mobilize for the sake of convenience. So he told me to arrange the banquet in the usual routine. On the big ship of the Firefly Studios, he will take time to rush back.

This year's Christmas is on Saturday, of course, starting from December 20th, the whole of North America has actually entered the holiday season.

After returning to Long Island a few days ago, on Christmas Eve, Joanna and Virginia brought the little guys to Martha's Vineyard again. The girl didn't know where to fly, and there were more daughters in the manor. The meaning of the country.

After the lively Christmas Eve, the second day of Christmas, the first snow of this winter finally fell. The snow was swelled all day long, and the estate of Massa Vineyard was soon shrouded in silver, New Year. The atmosphere is therefore even more intense.

Heavy snow became smaller on the 27th.

After breakfast, Virginia took a few women to go shopping in the small town on the island to prepare ingredients for the New Year. Eric sat on the bench under the porch and quietly looked into the snow not far away. Shantou took Emma and Kevin to make a snowman. Hawaii, as usual, sat next to his father, holding a thick book, and his young face was deeply focused.

Joanna walked over with a tray, placed the tray on the small table next to it, poured a cup of hot cocoa on Eric, and sat down on the other side, gently touching her daughter's head and looking at the man's expression. Road: "You have always liked snow."

"Just like this feeling," Eric took a sip of the cup and looked at the line. He looked at the boundless sky in the distance and smiled at the corner of his mouth. "I am really afraid of cold."

Sitting in the middle of the two, Hawaii was slightly sideways under the mother's stroking. When he heard his father's words, the beautiful nephew smashed and silently broke the silence. He suddenly read the words in the normal words: "Thousands of mountains." The birds are flying, the million trails are gone, the lonely boat is the Weng, and the cold fishing is cold."

Suddenly, "Jiang Xue" made Joanna and Eric a glimpse.

Joanna is completely incomprehensible, but she feels that the poems that are swaying are very rhythmic and full of some wonderful beauty.

Eric was surprised because at some point in his life, he just thought of Liu Zongyuan’s Tang poem. Although the connotation of the verse does not fit the situation, the loneliness of the heavens and the earth is inexplicably so that Eric feels very comfortable.

After a moment of silence, Joanna first came back to God, but she didn’t feel strange about her daughter’s words. The language talent that Hawaii showed has already surprised many people, but the temperature and the air asked: “So, baby, this is A poem, what do you mean?"

The little girl did not answer the mother's words, but turned to the father next to her, with a little bit of inquisition in the clear throat, saying: "Dad may know?"

Joanna looked over in confusion.

Eric greeted her daughter's bright eyes. After so many years of thoughts, I heard that I might feel the horror of the past. At this time, my heart did not produce any waves, my smile was unchanged, and the tone was calm: "This is Chinese poetry. Dad can only say some everyday language, so esoteric things are still to explain to your mother."

Hawaii’s beautiful blue scorpion smashed a few times and had no way to blame the father. Looking around at the mother, Joanna smiled softly, but her expression was awkward. So he put the thick book in his chair on the chair, and some of them fell off the bench in a small depression, slamming on the little boots and running to the villa.

Joanna’s sudden interaction with her father and daughter was completely confusing, but she did not continue to pursue it. She picked up her daughter’s book and rubbed it. “I am more and more worried about what summer and summer will look like in the future. Book, um, I can't understand it at all, how about you?"

Eric glanced at the book in Joanna’s hand, and suddenly she felt a little more clear. She took over the book in the woman’s hand and said, “I don’t understand it. I only know that this is the theory of Bayesian. Bayesian theory, in order to say a few words to our baby daughter, I deliberately studied it."

Joanna smiled and waited for Eric to continue.

Eric slammed the pages of the book and said: "In terms of what you can understand, Bayesian theory is probably to derive some unknown conclusions based on known conditions."

Joanna asked curiously: "What is the use of this?"

"In fact, we have been using this theory all the time in our lives, but everyone doesn't know it," Eric patiently said to Joanna. "The simplest example is if a person has fever, cough, sore throat, and hooliganism. Then, based on these conditions, you can probably decide that this person has a cold."

When Joanna listened to Eric, she suddenly showed a bit of sorrow, but smiled and pointed to the thick book in Eric's hand, saying: "Do you use such a thick book to discuss this kind of thing? ”

"Of course, what I just said is only the shallowest understanding of Bayesian theory. As for the deeper application, it is very complicated. For example, Internet search engines, artificial intelligence, etc., all need to use this knowledge. ""

Eric said this, but she remembered that her daughter had just read the Tang poem, and couldn’t help but add: maybe I can use my dad.

Erik will never admit the fact that some of the baby daughters who may be smart to the extreme have peeped at the scales and claws.

This kind of thing, as long as you don't admit it, no one can come up with any actual evidence.


Big deal.

I will admit to my daughter that I am an alien in the future.

Anyway, my daughter, my father is an alien, and of course my daughter can only be an alien. In order to prevent the family from being caught in the institute, our lovely summer and summer classmates must help hide it.

Joanna naturally couldn't know Eric's mind and turned to it: "When are you going back to Los Angeles tomorrow, when will you come back?"

The celebration of "Gravity" will be held tomorrow night. For ordinary people, it is a cumbersome long-distance trip from the east coast to the west coast. Eric does not have this problem, just staying in the air. Only hours.

"If there is nothing else, the day after tomorrow, I must accompany everyone to the New Year."

That being said, the children playing in the yard are probably tired. Emma took the lead to Eric and ran a small snow group in her hand. Kevin and Drew also followed. The twins are carefully guarded by the children to prevent them from falling.

When Joanna looked at the children, she got up and said: "You accompany the children. I will go to the front and see them, they should be back."

Eric nodded and watched Joanna leave. Emma also ran to Eric and asked for a small snow group in front of him. She said: "Daddy, look, I am doing the little snow." Man."

"so cute."

Eric took it with a smile and praised him. Seeing that Kevin also sent the little snowman in his hand to the front, he also whispered it, and discussed it with the two little guys around his knee. Name the thing.

He followed the gimmick and smiled. He sat down next to Eric and listened to him and the two little guys. After a while, he ignored himself. Some snacks hugged the man’s arms and pointed to the yard. The big snowman, learning Emma's tone: "Dad Dad, look, I am a big snowman."

Eric listened to the gimmick and raised his hand and knocked on her head. After so many years, I was also accustomed to knocking out, and the little girl like a slap in the air, continued to go to Eric.

However, Emma, ​​who heard the words of Shantou, was puzzled. The big eyes looked curiously at the girl: "Aunt Drew, why are you called Dad, Dad?"

Shantou smiled and reached out and squeezed Emma's little face, a natural expression: "Don't call Dad, is it still called Mom?"

Emma licked her head.

Although it feels wrong, it seems to be very reasonable.

Eric glanced at the hoe, in order to prevent this Nizi from continuing to take Emma's world view, he opened the two little guys and told the twins next to them to squat to the side: "I haven't asked you yet." Where did you go crazy a few days ago?"

"Just in New York," there was no one around. The girl held Eric's arm tightly and put her head on the shoulder of the man. "I went to see the big show, this year's really good, dream bra. It’s so beautiful, it’s just those songs, German, French, Chinese, and so on. I don’t understand.”

In order to cater to the atmosphere of the millennium, this year's sixth Vimy show was postponed until December 17, and the TV broadcast time was also scheduled for December 28th, which is tomorrow night.

Moreover, compared with the rapid expansion of the original time and space, after several years of rapid development, Emily is ready to further promote the brand to the global market.

In order to cope with the follow-up promotion plan, plus the opportunity of the millennium, this year's Wei Mi show six themes, using six different languages ​​of music, with a few 'I and your heart to live together in the global village' Meaning.

Although it has rarely been involved in the preparation of the big show, but when I saw this plan, Eric chose to pick up a Chinese song.

It was a Chinese song that I once liked very much. It has been so many years. Originally thought that this big butterfly might fan the song, but at the beginning of this year, the related album appeared again.

However, because of the birth of Peter, Eric did not personally rush to the Victoria show in New York this year, and I don’t know how it works.

The skull was on Eric's shoulder and keenly felt that he suddenly fell into a strange mood again.

Eric, who is in this kind of emotion, always makes people feel a kind of alienation. The girl doesn't like this feeling, and even has some anxiety. So her cheeks squat on the shoulder of the man and whispered: "Ai Rick, I was passing through the Hell's Kitchen a few days ago in Manhattan."

After being pulled back from the sudden thoughts, Eric laughed and followed the tone of Nizi: "What?"

"Then I remembered the song you sang many years ago, only to find out that the Hell Kitchen was a district in Manhattan, and I didn't notice it before."

Eric’s memory of a long time ago was a bit vague, saying: “What song, I don’t remember.”

"How can you not remember, I remember clearly, that night, in your house in Beverly Hills, we said a lot."

Shantou seems to be somewhat dissatisfied, so to speak, but also whispered, but the tune is a bit broken.

Eric listened to the reminder of Shantou, and then gradually recalled and nodded: "I seem to think of it."

The white-faced face of Shantou explored forward and looked at Eric. He said, "Would you sing me again?"

Eric felt that the snow in the sky seemed to have an increasing trend again. He raised his hand and picked up a snowflake that floated into the gallery. He felt the slightness of the palm of his hand and smiled and shook his head: "It feels weird, we don't have it now. Going old, why bother to remember the past."

"I want to hear it," Shantou said, suddenly there was a bit more grievance in his tone, and he sighed with some self-pity: "You have a child now, and you will definitely not care about Druid in the future." ""

"Okay, okay, I think about it."

Eric smiled and began to search for some of the tune in his memory.

I thought that after so many years, I have already forgotten the whole song, but when I think about it carefully, the memory in my mind is very clear, so I sing it quietly.

*The window of Boeing 727 reflects your tearful eyes

*Overlooking the city, everything is invisible

* When the sunset turns the **** kitchen into heaven

*You turned your face

*I picked up a mess of hair in your ear

* Say everything will be safe and sound

*As long as we are together, forever, forever.

*As long as we are together, forever, forever.



In the depths of distant memories, the first time I heard this song, it was a TV series called "California Lyrics", the last episode of the sixth season.

Timminchin, "solong".

However, if you don't look at the whole TV series, it's hard to realize the feeling of attachment that makes people cry. Just like a lot of stories, if a person only looks at the beginning and the end, it often doesn't make any sense.

The humming of the porch fell, and after a long time, I didn’t know how long it was, and the gimmick whispered: "Eric."


"We will be together forever."


The next day, the weather in New York finally cleared. Eric did not fly to Los Angeles until 4:30 in the afternoon. Because of the jet lag, I arrived at Firefly Studios, and the western time was just past six o'clock in the evening.

Although the celebration party of "Gravity" began at seven o'clock, many guests have begun to come.

In the office in the studio, Kasenberg discussed some things. When the light-duty party was approaching, the two took the boardroom on the big ship.

In the new week, although the "The Lord of the Rings" began to be released, some of the screen resources of "Gravity" were diverted, but the film is still smashing the world's total income of 165 million US dollars, pushing the global box office to 1.1 billion A high of $83 million.

At the same time, the first week of the "The Lord of the Rings" first box office reached $ 98 million, considering that the film is nearly twice the length of the film compared to other films, severely limited the theater's filming time, the first week of $ 98 million The box office results almost exceeded everyone's expectations, but also indicates that the Firefly Group has once again produced a super hot series.

Of course, the "Lord of the Rings" series has been transferred from MGM in the series of twists and turns of the Firefly Group, and inevitably caused some media discussion, MGM shares have even fallen in recent times, but this is the slightest Can not affect the strength of the entire firefly system.

"So, you are really bold enough, Eric."

In the banquet hall, after some entertainment, Eric went to the heroine of the party tonight, and Judy’s first words made him feel a bit inexplicable.

"So," learning Judy's tone, Eric's mouth smiled and said: "What have I done to hurt things?"

Judy glanced at Eric gently, but with some other meaning in his eyes, said: "I mean, 'The fourth child of Williams was born.'"

"This is the case," Eric said, nodding at the place. "I feel that your 'daring' evaluation is very interesting, as if you have nothing to do with 'Eric Williams'. I think it should be sad to think of it."

Judy grinned: "You don't feel like you are sad at all."

There were so many people staring at the hall, Eric did not tease Judy too much, and when he made a joke, he put away his expression and raised the champagne in his hand: "Hey, say good things, I want to congratulate you on becoming a billion box office movie. The heroine, um, you, this is juice?"

Judy lifted a glass of orange juice in his hand and said, "It's obvious."

"Come with champagne, it is not suitable for drinking juice tonight."

Judy saw Eric to call the waiter, shook his head, but suddenly he was a little embarrassed, saying: "I, I don't want to drink alcohol tonight."

Eric looked at Judy with a puzzled look. He seemed to understand something. He nodded and said, "Well, you, that, if you are not feeling well, let us go to the small restaurant above for a while."

Judy realized that Eric was wrong. He looked at the man with a sigh of relief. "You seem to understand it very well. However, I am really hungry. I really want to go to your exclusive restaurant." Something."

The two said, leaving the banquet hall together and coming to the company's in-house restaurant on the upper deck.

Erik is also hungry now.

Commanded Amy Adams, who was on duty tonight, to prepare a dinner for the two, what Eric remembered, and let people open the wall-mounted TV in the small restaurant and transfer to the abc channel.

Victoria’s Secret Millennium Show is being played on the screen, but it is a gap in performance.

Eric is thinking about whether he will miss the song he personally selected, the screen switching, and the show will appear again.

In quiet light, a young, understated young man with a guitar sitting on a small stage at the beginning of the t-stage, gently plucking the strings.

The distant but familiar prelude rang.

With the gorgeous flower-themed fashion of angels, the youth began to sing softly.


*The laughter reminds me of my flowers.

* Quietly open for me in every corner of my life

*I thought I would stay by her side forever.

*Today we have left in the sea


Eric looked at the TV screen. The thoughts of these years suddenly came like tides. Those who were still around, those who had already gone, those who stayed in memory, were gradually forgotten, many people, many things, such as the same scene. The movie film quickly flashed through the brain paintings, rushing out of endless emotions, but quickly turned into plain.

Perhaps, all the sorrows, and finally, will be turned into the most beautiful ordinary.

The phone suddenly rang.

Eric took it and looked at it from Caroline, so he smiled at Judy and got up and walked to the balcony outside the restaurant.

The phone is connected, and with the current sound unique to the transoceanic phone, Caroline's voice is small.

"Eric, I am hearing a song, Wei Mi show, very nice."

"Really, I am listening too."

Eric whispered, and he also probed the phone into the restaurant, and the two listened to the faint singing.


*They have been blown away by the wind and scattered around the horizon

* Some stories haven’t finished yet, forget it.

* Those moods are difficult to distinguish between true and false in the years

*Now there is no grass here.

*Good to have your spring and winter and summer


After listening to it for a while, Eric put the phone in his ear again.

Carolyn’s voice came again, with a bit of obsession: “Suddenly missed you.”

"Well," Eric nodded. "I miss you too."

On the other side of the phone, I paused for a moment. Caroline finally said again: "Actually, Eric, I, I have escaped. I have a fight with my father. He said that I don't want me to return to the United States to work for you."

Eric was a little distressed and asked with concern: "Where are you now, where is Rachel? Hey, call Ricker, I will talk to her."

Caroline's tone is a little dissatisfied: "Eric, I am not a child."

"Of course, still, sorry, Carly," Eric continued. "Or, will I talk to your dad?"

"No," Caroline said, hesitating, and said: "Eric, I just miss you, I, I know this is very capricious, but I want to see you now."

Eric listened to the weak words of the girls who were thousands of miles away. The heart suddenly gave birth to endless pity, and he did not hesitate: "Okay, I will pass, wait for eight hours, okay?"

“Well,” a warm response sounded on the phone, then added: “Eric, I like you.”

"I like you too."

"That, then I am waiting for you."

"see you later."

"Well, wait... see you later."

Eric took the line and went back to the restaurant. He just wanted to explain to Judy. Judy noticed Erik’s expression and just waved his hand: “I can eat it alone, just like I can eat it tonight. Two copies."

Eric nodded gratefully to Judy, bowed his head and kissed the woman's lips, and hurriedly walked outside the restaurant.

Judy looked at the man's leaving figure, slightly stunned, and then turned his attention to the TV screen again.

The humming on the t stage is nearing completion.


*la la la...

*miss her

*la la la...

* Is she still open?

*la la la...


*They have been blown away by the wind and scattered around the horizon


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