Immemorial Dragon Elephant Art

v15 Chapter 640 The pioneering era can be called the "sacred pattern of heaven" (part 2)

The woman said, "What's all the fuss about? If it weren't for this, the Heavenly Dao Saint Rune of the Pioneer Era would not have caused so many top powerhouses to fight for blood!".

Thinking about it carefully, this is indeed the case. Back then, these powerhouses killed the heavenly path sacred pattern of the era of pioneers, and it is no surprise that the value of this heavenly path sacred pattern is high.

But obviously, blessing the quasi-creator level magic weapon should be only a function of the heavenly pattern! !

After all, many existences equivalent to the creator-level powerhouses have gone to compete for the Heavenly Dao Sacred Rune of the pioneering era. If it is only the role of blessing the magic weapon, it should not make those top powerhouses so crazy.

Lin Feng guessed all right!

The attraction of this creator-level treasure to others is indeed not just because of blessing the magic weapon.

At this time, the woman continued, "The Heavenly Dao Saint Mark in the pioneering era also has an extremely important role, that is, it contains the extremely ancient Dao. In our time, we called that Dao "the path of pioneering." "Just like the origin of the name of the pioneers, the origin of the name of the pioneering era, the word pioneering, in that era, represents the supremacy!".

Lin Feng couldn't help but move slightly. It turned out that the real reason for attracting these top powers was here.

No matter what era!

Tao is the most attractive!

Because Tao is a ladder for progress.

It is also the foundation for progress.

It is too important for any monk.

So cultivators should continue to practice various exercises, supernatural powers, etc., for what?

I just want to comprehend more Tao through these exercises, magical powers, and so on.

Even create more Tao!

This is the value and meaning of Tao.

However, every realm has its bottleneck.

Some people will be stuck in certain bottlenecks when they transcend the realm, and they will never be able to break through, and some people will be stuck in the realm of quasi-creator. This is actually the same truth.

For a long time, monks who break through the realm of the Creator are extremely rare, but this does not mean that there is no, especially in the pioneering era. At that time, although there is no probability of the Creator, some unknown and terrifying existences actually have similar strength. It is also extremely difficult for these beings to continue to improve their cultivation base. They need to find some ways to promote their cultivation.

The Heavenly Dao Saint Mark of the pioneering era can play a huge role.

Lin Feng said, "So, those powerhouses in the pioneering era who wanted to obtain the Heavenly Dao Saint Mark wanted to use the Tao contained in the Heavenly Dao Saint Mark to improve their cultivation?".

"Yes! That's the case, you know, it will be extremely difficult for some top powerhouses to improve their own cultivation base. Relying on their own cultivation, no one knows how long and how long they will be able to improve their cultivation base at this time. It is often necessary to use some special methods to improve one's own strength, and obviously, the enlightenment of the heavenly pattern is one of these methods!"

"In fact, the means that can help the top powers are extremely rare. Whenever such an opportunity occurs, it will inevitably cause a **** storm. At that time, there were even rumors that the Dao contained in the Heavenly Dao Saint Rune of the pioneer era might even be possible. Help the monks to hit the pioneer realm, but I am not particularly clear about whether this statement is true, because I have not been able to comprehend such unpredictable things for the time being!". The woman said.

In fact, the same way, let different people understand, they get very different things!

Some people may get something that is extremely dangerous, and some people may get very ordinary things that will not help themselves much.

There are many reasons for this difference, such as understanding, chance, etc., which may cause such a big gap in the process of enlightenment.

But anyway! !

The Heavenly Dao Saint Mark of the pioneering era is indeed too precious, and it can be of great help to Lin Feng and the people around Lin Feng.

After Lin Feng has obtained this kind of heavenly pattern, he can use the heavenly pattern to explore the mystery of the pioneer realm. After understanding this kind of heavenly pattern, it is also beneficial to the improvement of his own strength and can also greatly increase his own Precipitation is simply a matter of killing three birds with one stone! !

Lin Feng said, "That's good! Give me the Heavenly Dao Saint Mark of the Pioneer Era and the five top supernatural powers of the Pioneer Era!".

The woman didn't play any tricks, she directly took out two jade tubes, and the two jade tubes quickly flew towards Lin Feng, and Lin Feng caught the two jade tubes.

Lin Feng's spiritual thoughts carefully sensed the contents of the two jade cylinders. The first jade cylinder was imprinted with some mysterious avenue patterns. These mysterious avenue patterns should be the heavenly sacred patterns of the pioneering era.

These heavenly sacred patterns are indeed unpredictable, giving Lin Feng a feeling that it is difficult to control. They are indeed the blood-breaking heavenly sacred patterns of the pioneering era, and they are indeed against the sky.

But it is not an easy task to comprehend this kind of heavenly saint pattern, or in other words, it is not something that can be completed overnight, it takes time to settle! !

Get these things first, let's talk about other things!

As for the five supernatural powers of the pioneer era, they are also quite interesting supernatural powers.

The first kind of magical power is the desperate palm of this woman before!

How powerful is Breaking Palm?

Needless to say.

Before, seeing the terrifying Palm of Destiny, Lin Feng was very enthusiastic about this magical power. Now that he finally got this magical power, it was a gratifying thing for Lin Feng.

The second kind of magical power is a magical power called "Disillusionment Jue".

This is a soul-type attack magical power, silent and silent, disillusioning the souls of others. Although it is a bit exaggerated, it is the top soul magical power of the pioneer era, and its power is naturally terrifying, even more than the soul-type magical powers Lin Feng is now practicing The power is much stronger.

The third kind of magical power is called "Tianyantong".

This is an auxiliary supernatural power. After you have cultivated the Sky Eye Channel, you can open the Sky Eye, and the Sky Eye can penetrate all real and illusions, and see through people's unpredictability.

This is not an exaggeration. If you really practice Tianyantong to the extreme, the thoughts in others' hearts can really be seen through at a glance. Whoever wants to harm you, who wants to help you, at a glance, you can’t do it if others want yin, of course Now, if someone confuses you with a technique such as the technique of change, it is not enough in front of Tianyantong.

The fourth kind of magical power is called "Thousand Realms Action".

This is a speed-like supernatural power, stepping out in one step, as if spanning a thousand worlds.

It's definitely a supernatural power of the sky-defying speed.

Lin Feng has cultivated the four previous types of supernatural powers, but these four supernatural powers are more advanced than the countless supernatural powers cultivated by Lin Feng. Among these supernatural powers that Lin Feng has mastered, there are not no supernatural powers that can be compared with these few supernatural powers. , But not too much.

And what really interested Lin Feng was the fifth magical power!


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