In Another Life

Chapter 429 3rd way

Section 429

The **** stick was dumbfounded for a moment, and when he saw these tens of thousands of lightning flashes, he thought that he had just stabbed Jin Ding, and it had become like this before he started cutting.

Li Tian didn't have much time to think, he wanted to compete with Thunder for time. The aperture area is so small that few people can't withstand so many lightning waves. After a few rounds, it is strange that the soul that is not chopped off is annihilated.

The green shirt and the green willow also showed the ultimate state of battle, waving golden wings and sending out golden blades to greet the first wave of lightning attacks. Now the green shirt and green willow, the attack power is also amazingly powerful, the first wave of lightning was mostly blocked by the green shirt and green willow, and the remaining part was also taken over by the large body of the green shirt and green willow. The aperture around Jin Ding began to appear unstable shaking. Above Jinding, a column of energy also scattered.

Li Tian felt the dense fog around him and was rolling towards this side. Once the aperture disappears, it is estimated that even teleportation cannot be used. Several people except Li Tian may be trapped in the sea of ​​birth and death.

"Everyone let go of their spiritual consciousness, don't resist." Li Tian said, unfolding his powerful spiritual consciousness and wrapping the green shirt and willow stick. Before the second wave of more intense lightning strikes, the figure of Li Tian and others disappeared beside Jin Ding.

Out of life, several old monsters are still waiting anxiously. Today is the thirtieth day. If Li Tian and others are not coming out, they are really a little bit ignorant of what to do. The emperor knew that the sea of ​​life and death was only in the Jinding aperture, and there was no danger. If Li Tian and others have not yet entered the aperture, it is difficult for the emperor to imagine what their body would look like. Without the ontology, let Li Tian's spiritual consciousness no matter how powerful it is, but also insist on two hours.

The heavenly old blame hurriedly back and forth, asking from time to time what kind of danger is inside the emperor. The emperor briefly talked about the situation of the Sandaoguan, and also told several old monsters that above the Jinding, an energy column would be formed, which could send the cultivators who entered the sea of ​​birth and death directly to the sea of ​​birth and death. But he did not expect that the magic stick of wealth fans would use the fairy sword to destroy Jinding, resulting in the scattering of energy columns. Li Tian used another method to barely leave the sea of ​​life and death.

A golden light appeared in front of several old monsters, and Li Tian and others appeared in awkwardness in front of several old monsters. Several old monsters were stunned at once, it didn't matter if Li Tian and Shenren arrived, but the green shirt and green willow that shone with golden light surprised several old monsters. Under the attention of the green shirt and green willow, several old monsters who were top emperors felt a trace of chill.

Several old monsters glanced at each other. Although they did n’t know what had changed in the green shirt and green willow, they knew in their hearts that the current green shirt and green willow were not something that they could compete with.

"Li Tian, ​​congratulations, you finally fulfilled your wish." The emperor looked at Li Tian and others with emotion. He knew very well how much courage and perseverance was needed to cross the sea of ​​life and death. The emperor thought that after entering the second pass, Li Tian and others would be returned. It is even harder to imagine that even a guy like a **** stick can actually come back safely.

Li Tian glanced at a few old monsters calmly. From the beginning they met in the "Chaos of Great Chaos". Now, after so many bumps, it has been unconsciously passed for more than 130 years. Fortunately, the time in the Four Realms is much faster than the time in the Human Realm, otherwise it will return to Chaodu. It is estimated that there is no known acquaintance. He and the God Stick may just be legendary characters.

"Several seniors, Li Tian came to the Four Realms, and Duomo took care of them. Now that my tasks have been successfully completed, it is time to say goodbye to you. To be honest, after so many years of ups and downs, it ’s true I'm a bit reluctant to everyone. But there are no banquets in the world, but if there is a chance, I will come back to visit a few seniors. "

Although Li Tian said calm, but he was very excited. When I was a liar in my previous life, I had no affection or friends, and I never knew what it means to be touched. Unexpectedly, an accidental rebirth, Li Tianneng realized what is true love and what is dedication. Sometimes, Li Tian really kind of thanked God, that Li Tian really learned how to be a man.

When Shen Tian heard Li Tian's words, he looked tearfully at some old monsters. These old monsters were all friends who had been in trouble together. Although nominally the **** sticks called them masters, in the heart, the **** sticks always regarded several old monsters as relatives.

"Several masters, as soon as Li Tian said, I got a little sour in my heart. If you have time, you can go to Chaodu to see us. Then I will ask my wife Osmanthus to make some good dishes for you. I want to live If there, my **** stick guarantees a big house for one person. Nothing else, your apprentice is a lot of money. It ’s not that I am talking big, in the territory of my tide, whoever dares to bully you will mention the size of my god, no It's strange to scare him. "

The heavenless old man touched the bald head of the **** stick very lovingly, "Stubborn boy, don't forget the master by then."

Ghost Emperor and others did not speak, they did not know what to say now. Although everyone didn't know how many years of cultivation, Li Tian and Shen Cun recovered their lost emotions.

Li Tian looked at the green shirts and green willows. For these two Warcrafts that had a contract with him, Li Tian never regarded them as Warcraft, but just as his own brother and sister.

"Green shirt, green willow, in the sea of ​​life and death, you can already cancel the contract by yourself. No one can restrain you in the future. However, don't forget that there are these seniors, if they have any difficulties , Please promise me, I must help them. "Li Tian looked at the green shirt and green willow, and really could not bear these two Warcraft friends.

The golden light flashed, and the green shirt and green willow turned into a man and a woman. The majesty of the male, the heroic appearance of the female. Three strange patterns appeared on the forehead of the green shirt and willow.

"Li Tian, ​​I and Qingshan have already decided to follow you to the human world. Before, we were just a pair of low-witted Warcraft, I do n’t know when they will become a tonic in others’ cultivation. You created us both Freshman, so no matter where you go, I and Tsing Yi follow. "Lü Liu's voice was not strong, but it was firm. Qing shirt gave everyone a cool look and nodded solemnly.

"Tsing Yi, or you are enough buddies, you two can rest assured that when you come to me, I will eat and eat all inclusive." Shen Bang looked at Tsing Yi Lu with excitement, wondering if Tsing Yi Lu would become a big bird If you fly with someone, is it a bit short to charge fifty-two gold at a time?

Li Tian patted the shoulder of the green shirt, "You two have already decided?"

Li Tian's words are also full of expectations. Qingshan and Luliu just smiled slightly and nodded.

The ghost emperor looked at the demon emperor, the emperor and the black demon emperor. The three old monsters nodded to the ghost emperor.

The ghost emperor said to Li Tian: "Li Tian, ​​since you have decided to go back to the human world, we will not keep it anymore. However, there are two ways to go back to the human world. One is to take the reincarnation road from the ghost world. , In that case, you will lose all your mana. The second method is that we four old guys, break open the space again, and then send you back. Several of us old guys also think about it, we are also considered to be acquainted Field, once again broke open the space and sent you back. "

The **** stick glanced at Li Tian and asked strangely to the ghost emperor: "I said ghost emperor, I remember you didn't say that to break through the space, it can only be the four top spiritual consciousness energy bodies without the body? Do n’t you now have two-tenths of the body? How can you break the space? "

"Haha, the stupid boy has a good memory." The demon emperor laughed loudly, and then said: "We old guys have thought about it for a long time. It is useless to keep this body. Wait until you are sent away. Find a place to re-cultivate. Isn't it just three thousand years, for practitioners, it will pass in a blink of an eye. "

Li Tian looked at a few old guys, and there was an inexpressible feeling in his heart. Li Tian understands that this is easy to say, but for practitioners, having two-tenths of the body is enough to protect themselves in the Four Realms. Without this point, they can't even deal with the junior demon emperor.

"Several seniors, Li Tian is very grateful for your love. However, to return to the human world, in addition to the two methods mentioned by Senior Emperor Ghost Emperor, there is a shortcut to take." Li Tian looked at some old strangers softly. Said.

"There are shortcuts to go?" Everyone was a little strange when they heard it.

The **** stick felt that Li Tian was fainted by the moved mind? The two of them came to the Four Realms together. Although Li Tian will become a big tree, on the question of how to return to the human realm, the **** stick also knows that Ghost Emperor's words must be authoritative.

Several old monsters feel a little confused. They are all respected in the Four Realms. Even if they do n’t know, how could Li Tian know? This is not a problem of cultivation. Maybe Li Tian has any chance to achieve a certain unknown realm ~ ~ But on the issue of returning to the human world, a few old strangers want to think about it, also Did not find the third method.

And the ghost emperor did not tell them to take the reincarnation, there are also great reasons. The human world is not as concentrated as the four realms. In the reincarnation, there are a total of 84,000 human worlds, large and small. If you are not careful, Li Tian and others are likely to enter another human world. Therefore, a few old monsters had no choice but to break the body to help Li Tian.

Looking at everyone's strangeness, Li Tian thought for a while and said: "Several seniors, the way to return to the human world, in fact, there is still a very simple and easy way."

When Shen Tian saw Li Tian stopped, he couldn't wait to anxiously go up and give Li Tian a provocative leg, "Your kid's ink, if you have farts, let go."

Seeing that everyone was anxious, Li Tian said with a smile.

"The easiest way to return to the human world is to take the Tianhe in the four realms!"

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