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Infinite Evolution
Author: Not Cold
Alternative names:无限进化
Genre: Sci-fi

Infinite Evolution

Hundreds of years ago, the biological virus code-named “T” opened the door to destruction for human civilization and sounded the horn of doom.

The door to doom is opened, countless powerful and sly creatures are beginning to ravage the earth, and human survival is at stake!

Since then, the earth has formally bid farewell to the fifth era, the “Era of Human Civilization,” and entered the sixth era, the “Era of Chaos”.

And this is a story that happened in the chaotic era …

How terrible will the power of ants, the blade of the mantis, the wings of a locust, the armor of a beetle, the zerg?

Alien, Mother Emperor, Iron Blood Warrior, Weird, when these fantasy beasts come to the world, what kind of bloody storm will set off?

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