Innocent Male God, is It Enough!

Chapter 754 Loving you is the career of my life (conclusion

  Gu Yanyu paused for a moment, then took off his shoes and went to bed, carefully hugging Summer in his arms.

   He stroked Xia Xia's head lightly without speaking.

   But despite the lack of words, the power he passed on to Summer, Summer felt.

   She rubbed her face against Gu Yanyu's chest and said, "Fortunately, you are by my side!"

   Without Gu Yanyu, Xia Xia felt that she might collapse.

   In fact, if Gu Yanyu was late, the summer would collapse.

   It doesn't matter if Murong Shuyun is strangled to death, but it's too bad to pay the price in summer.

  The laws of the interstellar space are very strict, and the newly introduced laws will be punished the same as the criminals who break the laws.

   Of course, except for robbers, these are just sentences.

   But the murderer will be sentenced to death.

   Once, there was no death penalty in interstellar law.

   Later, the death penalty was introduced, and this death penalty was not simply shot.

  The way a murderer kills is how he will be punished.

   Murder and dismember? Then he was killed and then dismembered.

   Torture people to death? then tortured to death.

   Like Murong Shuyun, she will suffer the same pain as Lie Yang.

   This kind of punishment can be regarded as allowing Murong Shuyun to get the retribution she deserves——


   Murong Shuyun was arrested, and her own words became evidence in court, and it was difficult not to admit guilt.

   Later, he realized that he could not escape the crime of murder, so he had to admit to the murder but not admit that he had tortured Lieyang for a long time.

  Because she knew what the trial of the law would be like, she didn't want to suffer the torture that Lieyang suffered.

   However, there is a video personally described as proof, Murong Shuyun can't deny it if she wants to.

   In the end, she was sentenced to 'sentence by the method described in the video' and ensured that she would not die after a year.

   I am quite satisfied with this trial in summer.

   Now that the murderer of her mother has been brought to justice, her wish can be considered fulfilled...

   Wen Yu and the rest of the Wen family couldn't believe it when they knew about Murong Shuyun. Wen Yu never dreamed that it was Murong Shuyun who killed Lieyang.

   He didn't even think that Lie Yang did not abandon him, she was imprisoned by Murong Shuyun just because she went back to the inner star to find him!

   Wen Yu felt that Murong Shuyun deserved it, so he did not do anything to remedy it.

   What he still wants to do now is to have a good relationship with Xia Xia, but Xia Xia has never returned to Wen's house after returning to the main planet from Pine Star, so he directly asked the servants of Gu's family to come and pack his luggage.

   Wen Yu wanted to see Xia Xia, but he couldn't even enter Gu's house.

   At this time, Wen Yu wanted to understand.

   Although Xia Xia had his blood flowing in his body, he did not intend to recognize him as a father.

   The reason why she agreed to move to Wen's house was to find evidence of Murong Shuyun.

   Now that Murong Shuyun has been arrested and sentenced, there is no need to see him in the summer.

   Originally, Wen Yu thought that if his wife was gone, he would be gone. It's a big deal, and the son-in-law of an aristocratic family can't be without!

  It's better now, my wife is gone, and neither is my son-in-law.

  Because the Murong Shuyun murder case was released as big news, Wen Jia's face was tarnished, his partner terminated the contract with Wen Jia because of fear, and the business plummeted.

   In the past, Wenjia’s jewelry was very popular, but now those people don’t go to their home to buy jewelry.

  It's as if Wenjia's employees are dangerous and scary...

   Over there, the Wen family is on the verge of bankruptcy.

   Here, the wedding of Gu Yanyu and Summer is finally going to be held!

   His body is getting better day by day, and he can walk slowly while standing by himself.

   The murderer who killed his daughter was caught, and the knot in Li Ruhuo's heart was solved.

  The knot in my heart is gone, and my body is naturally more comfortable.

   In addition to attending the wedding of his granddaughter, Lie Ruhuo is not too energetic every day——

   Finally, it was the day when Gu Yanyu and Xia Xia held their wedding.

  Wearing a wedding dress designed by Gu Yanyu in summer, holding a fiery wrist, he walked onto the red carpet.

  They didn't invite too many people to their wedding, they were all relatives and friends who had a good relationship with the Gu family.

   For example, the Xi family.

   Xi Ziqiu and Ling Wuzhi came with their daughters, while Xi Sichen was there as a companion, and Gu Yanjun was the bridesmaid.

  The auditorium is huge and the red carpet is very long.

   In summer, she wears a white wedding dress with delicate makeup and a happy smile on her face.

   She took the arm of her grandfather Lie Ruhuo and walked towards Gu Yanyu step by step.

   Seeing Gu Yanyu in a white suit, Xia Xia felt a little nervous.

   In addition to being nervous, it is actually more emotion.

   Considering the time in the real world, she and Gu Yanyu didn't know each other for a long time, less than half a year.

   But in the world of fiction, they have spent many lifetimes together.

  Weddings have been held many times, so many that they don’t care about these details later.

   But today is their first, only, and last wedding in the real world.

The meaning of    seems to be different from that in the novel world before.

   The man standing on the red carpet will be the one who will spend her life with her, her husband!

   The man standing on the red carpet will be the father of her child...

  One step, two steps, three steps... The distance between the two people is getting closer and closer.

  The summer is tense, so is Gu Yanyu.

   What he didn't say was that, in fact, every time he had a wedding with Summer before, he would feel nervous.

   That feeling is like a peerless treasure is about to be handed over to him, happiness and great responsibility...

Lie Ruhuo took Xia Xia to Gu Yanyu, and very solemnly handed Xia Xia's hand to Gu Yanyu's hand: "A Yu, I handed over my granddaughter to you, can you promise to treat her for the rest of your life? "

  Gu Yanyu nodded vigorously: "I promise that as long as I'm still here, I'll be consistently good to her!"

   Lie Ru's eyes were red with fire, and he nodded reassuringly.

   He stepped aside and sat down, and the witnesses and Gu Yanyu got married in the summer.

   After the testimony was finished and the rings were exchanged, Gu Yanyu lifted the summer veil and leaned over to kiss her with a smile.

  Thank you, thank you for being lucky enough to meet you!

  Thank you, thank you lucky to fall in love with you!

  Thank you, thank you for being lucky enough to marry you!

   A lifetime is so long and so short, all the rest of my life is willing to spend with you!

   Happy moments, happy moments, sad moments, angry moments, I hope you are here!

I love you……


  【End of the full text! 】

  Thanks to my lovers for following along, the third book is over before I know it!

   A lot of reluctance, a lot of emotion.

   Without you, I could not have written from the first to the third.

  It has been two years since I wrote the text, and I have written three books.

  Looking back and thinking about it, it's incredible.

   Are these three books really written by me?

  Thank you again, it is you who motivate me!

   After this book, Mei will open a new book after a short break from the meeting, but it will definitely open a new book!

   Here is a unified reply to the lovers, I really love you very much!

  New books will change genres, and there must be lovers who don’t like to read new genres of books.

   But it doesn't matter, we once loved it!

   Goodbye by fate...

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