Novel info
Interstellar Almighty Evolution (Galactic Almighty Evolution)
Alternative names:星际之全能进化 / Galactic Almighty Evolution
Genre: Sci-fi

Interstellar Almighty Evolution (Galactic Almighty Evolution)

This novel is also known as Galactic Almighty Evolution

The ambitious mobile infantry Qin Hao accidentally killed the experienced Zerg prince and accidentally gained the power of the Zerg, thus starting his path of rise.

Chief: Qin Hao, why are you fighting?

Qin Hao: I fight for survival!

Enemy: Nonsense, are we all killed?

Qin Hao: I want to make more money!

Local tyrants: Nodded, you, the arms dealer, have only money left?

Qin Hao: Then for honor?

PRESIDENT: You’ve taken all the federal medals, otherwise you can sit on my chair?

Qin Hao: Is it okay for me to fight for love?

Everyone: How many sisters do you fucking want to harm! ?


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