Novel info
Interstellar Total Universe Fantasy
Author: LMK Writing
Alternative names:星际全面宇宙幻想

Interstellar Total Universe Fantasy

The brain hole is strangely large, with thousands of fantasy creatures, fantasy plants, fantasy items, etc. Refresh the imagination limit at any time, and at the beginning, I never expected the results.

Brand new universe logic; brand new concept of planet civilization; brand new social system; brand new family ethics; brand new human moral cognition. The destruction and ascension of the planet are the will of the universe. The will of the universe determines the fate of the planet …

The grand cosmic background is a seven-point description of the grand universe through seven people who were born with completely different experiences.

Good luck is always good, and it is also good for those around you; those who bring death to those around you are always super-sensors who can really benefit from it; robbers are the credo of life, and keep Turn everyone around into a robber; hostile to everything and hating everyone, never let people know and like to take the younger brother; born with a secret, taking slaves along the way; can dream about their future, and constantly change their future ; Was born abandoned by the interest in the growth of advanced civilization, and when the interest was retrieved again, human nature has changed!

Seven kinds of life, seven kinds of wisdom, seven ways, seven …


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