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Invincible Scanning System
Author: King Meow Demon
Genre: Action

Invincible Scanning System

The strongest reincarnation chooses to return, and the whole body is shocked, the knowledge and blood are wiped out by the main god, and become a waste person?
It doesn’t matter, he carried a crazy scanning system.
Scan the code against the air and extract 10000 cubic auras.
Scan the code against flowers, rivers, flames, etc. to extract the full-root spirit root.
Scan the code against this celestial arrogance, and obtain various god bodies such as the Great Eucharist and the Chaos God Body.
what? There are also QR codes on the sun, moon, and stars? Wait, I’m going to scan the code.
Huh? This QR code is so big, it represents the world, let me sweep it.

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