Invincible Scanning System

Chapter 1215:

Chapter 1215

Xuanwu Continent, northwestern edge.

The aura here was originally thin and deserted everywhere, but there are many schools of thought.

According to the rumors, this is a foreign land, and there is a legend called Mithra in the sects. Of course, this is only a legend. It is derived from some ancient murals and is a lost history.

In the current Xuanwu Continent, one would only think that Mithra was an ancient powerhouse, and would not believe in any gods at all.

However, I don't know when it started, the aura of this place began to gradually thicken, and many martial artists began to accelerate their cultivation speed, which made the nearby sects become more and more powerful.

However, when these warriors plan to go out to practice, they will find a sense of estrangement from the outside world and incompatible with them.

This strange feeling made the strong who went out unwilling to stay in the outside world for a long time, and returned here unconsciously.

The longer the time, the more aura in Mithra's region will be, and the nearby warriors will be inseparable from here.

When the aura of the Mithra region far surpasses the surrounding region, and even reaches the level of Zhongzhou, the Mithra region seems to be separated from the outside world. Even the warriors here will be terribly suppressed when they leave here, and their strength is simply difficult to exert. .

At this moment, there is a vague existence in their minds, and this existence lingers in their minds.

Such changes in the Mithra region also attracted the attention of warriors in the Xuanwu Continent.

More and more warriors came, but they were attacked by the strong in Mithra, causing heavy damage.

Soon? Everyone discovered that something was wrong here, and the rules here were changed? It was completely different from the rules of Xuanwu Continent.

In the Mithra region, there seem to be mountains, rivers, sun, moon, birds, insects, and fish, but they are all composed of the same rules? This kind of rule is the rule of reincarnation.

After discovering this, the powerhouses in Zhongzhou were immediately alarmed.

"The Lord of Reincarnation, has quietly invaded the Xuanwu Continent? It has transformed an area, and is slowly eroding the entire Xuanwu Continent."

At this moment? All the powerhouses of the super faction have obtained this information.

This is an event that concerns the life and death of the entire Xuanwu Continent. If the Xuanwu Continent is swallowed, everyone will understand? They can't survive? They will also be swallowed? Become another person.

At this moment? All the super factions in Zhongzhou have assembled.

Most of the super powers such as Wanxianmen, Tianlanyuan, Tianyi Sect, Tianshui Pavilion, Wuding Fengbomen, etc. gathered, and set off at the same time to the Mithra region.

But? They didn't even rush to the Mithra area? They felt the change of rules between heaven and earth.

This kind of change happened somewhere between? Not at the Martial Saint level? You can't even feel it.

However, strong men above Wusheng can sense that the world is changing, not changing imperceptibly. Not only is the world changed? This assimilation of rules, even gradually extending into their bodies? Start to invade Their bodies.

Once this change is completed, the rules they have practiced for many years will disappear, they will be forcibly changed into another rule, and their ideology will be implanted with a loyal will of the reincarnation god.

This change is very thorough, and without his own thoughts, the rules are forcibly changed, and there is no way to improve his strength in the future.

This is fatal to warriors.

Therefore, when the warriors sensed this situation, they immediately accelerated and rushed to the Mithra area.

Close to the Mithra area, they directly spurred various attacks, and there was a terrifying battle with the strong in the Mithra area.

This war is even more tragic than the original Southern Conquest, because although the reincarnations are not afraid of death, they are persecuted by the Lord of Reincarnation. If they are not a last resort, they will also retreat and fear death. .

But the people in Mithra area have been transformed into fanatics, one by one is really not afraid of death, as long as they are willing to fight to the death for the glory of the Lord God of Reincarnation, even when they heard that the warriors of Xuanwu Continent talked about reincarnation. If the Lord God is not good, he will suddenly be violent, and even blew himself up to defend the glory of the Samsara Lord God.

Under such fighting, the warriors of the Xuanwu Continent are also bloody.

This is a protracted war.


Qi Xiaosheng returned from the Douluo World with a full load, and he immediately sensed the changes in the entire world.

Beside him, followed by Tianhao in white clothes.

"The Mithra region is the Mithra region back then.

A descendant of Mithra's messenger escaped, leaving behind such a huge hidden danger. "

Qi Xiaosheng could not help but sighed.

"In the future of 50,000 years, I can't think that it will be like this. Although the martial arts is prosperous, but in essence, it is lagging behind." Tianhao Hao said lightly.

The difference between humans and animals is that in addition to their own strength, they are also good at using tools.

The Xuanwu Continent 50,000 years ago, even though it was only a medium-strength plane, relied on the power of technology and tools to raise its combat effectiveness to the level of a high-strength plane.

But now, the people of Xuanwu Continent simply can't do this.

"Xuanwu Continent has its own strengths in developing like this, and it has developed the human body to its limit." Qi Xiaosheng was not different from Tianhao Hao's evaluation. After seeing Tianhao Hao's objection, he immediately said: "It's better now. You unblock it. As long as the main **** of reincarnation is repelled, the two can be combined. At that time, everyone's physical body is the limit, and with the extremely strong armor, the combat power will reach an extremely terrifying state.

At that time, the martial artists of Xuanwu Continent will become stronger. "

"That's true." Tianhao Hao nodded, agreeing, and expecting: "I don't know how the world will become after fusion, and will it go further."

"Go further?"

Qi Xiaosheng's eyes flashed, but then, the space changed for a while, attracting his attention.

In his perception, the sense of the whole world suddenly changed, and a strong force was coming and breaking in.

Beep beep beep.

Between heaven and earth, there seemed to be a voice echoing.

Light projected in, and reincarnation channels descended one after another, and came to all parts of Zhongzhou.

Qi Xiaosheng glanced at it, and he could see that every place was a super big group.

"The reincarnation has come."

Qi Xiaosheng said solemnly.

At the beginning, it was the descendants of the messenger of Mithra who invaded the Xuanwu Continent with the Lord of Reincarnation, causing the Xuanwu Empire 50,000 years ago to directly seal and protect itself, and also exposed the existence of the Chaos God Orb.

This is also the reason why the Lord God of Reincarnation never forgets the Xuanwu Continent.

Not only that, he went to the Chaos God Orb, and he also understood why the main **** of reincarnation hadn't invaded the Xuanwu Continent for a long time, but only the people who took the reincarnation came.

That’s because Tianhao Hao’s power to mobilize the Chaos God Orb not only sealed himself, but also imposed a special seal on the Xuanwu Continent, which could exclude the rule of the reincarnation god. The reason why the samsara were sent in.

However, for so many years, the protective seal of the Chaos God Orb has gradually expired, and the reincarnation Lord God began to accelerate the pace of invasion, and finally a few years ago, with the help of the mark left in the Mithra Realm, invaded the Mithra region.

During the war, the reincarnation also joined.

They did not attack from the frontal battlefield, because they also could not be assimilated by the breath of the main **** of reincarnation.

Therefore, they directly attacked the major super sects, attacked the foundation of the sects, and distracted the warriors who attacked the Mithra region.

"The protective seal that I arranged back then was completely broken, and this world no longer has the ability to withstand the coming of the Lord God of Samsara."

Tianhao said in a deep voice.

"The avatar of the main **** of reincarnation has completely come, and the Xuanwu Continent has no protection, then let us protect it ourselves."

Qi Xiaosheng swept his divine thoughts, passed directly through Mengshan, and radiated to the distant Emperor Dragon City. He heard the exchanges of warriors in the Emperor Dragon City and learned about the **** battle in the Mithra region.

"Reincarnation, let my flame spreader fight it."

Qi Xiaosheng's voice fell, and with a wave of his hand, it also turned into reincarnation passages, corresponding to the reincarnation passages of the main **** of reincarnation.


Wanxianmen was attacked by the reincarnations, and these reincarnations were very powerful, and they were the latest reincarnations cultivated by the main **** of reincarnation.

Mastering the world of reincarnation, being able to quickly create new reincarnations, and quickly regain combat power, this is where reincarnation is the most against the sky.

On the contrary, having just experienced a tragic fight, Wanxianmen was far from regaining its vitality, and half of its combat power went to the Mithra region, unable to fight the reincarnation at all.

Seeing that the Ten Thousand Immortal Gate guarding the mountain was broken open, a powerful Samsara is about to enter the Ten Thousand Immortal Gate.

But at this moment, another cycle of reincarnation was opened, and the powerhouses of Zhuxian World such as Zhang Xiaofan, Baguio, Zhang Xiaoding, Lu Xueqi rushed out of it.

A terrifying aura was released from their bodies, and the power of immortality flowed, and each of them actually reached the level of the peak Martial God.

Clank clank.

The sound of the sword rang, and Lu Xueqi's long sword swayed lightly, and the sword light swept out, and the sword energy rushed into the sky. There was only this sword.


The sword light swept away, and the reincarnation who rushed into the Wanxian Gate was directly cut down, like a dumpling.

Zhang Xiaofan and Zhang Xiaoding also tried their best, with terrifying methods, no worse than Lu Xueqi.

At the same time, they are still wearing mechas, and the outer dantian and the Yuanshen furnace are operating at the same time, raising their strength to the level of a mid-level god.

The fire spreaders who came out of Zhuxian World were very powerful and directly blocked the reincarnation who invaded Wanxian Gate.

Tianlan Courtyard.

The reincarnations are also fully attacking the mountain guarding formation of Tianlan Academy. Seeing that the formation is about to be broken, the reincarnation passage in the distance is opened again, one by one wearing white clothes and having swirling eyes, the fire bearers of the Datongmu clan. Walked out, blocking the reincarnation.

Tianshui Pavilion.

The reincarnation channel opened by Qi Xiaosheng opened up, and a powerful monster of the weird appearance rushed out. As a monster, they had a strong aura and directly besieged the reincarnation.

This group of strong monsters are the monsters in the abyss, Qi Xiaosheng taught them the magic of the world of cultivating monsters.

The Abyss Demon Race has the largest number, and most of the surrounding super schools have their presence.

In addition to them, Xiaoxue, Adam, and Zhao Yuanping also went to various places and participated in the war.

"My fire spreaders have all set off, and we should also go to reincarnation for a while."

Qi Xiaosheng put on the mecha while talking.

This time, the mecha is different from the "Zhaoyue II". It is the "Zhaoyue III" mecha after Qi Xiaosheng's transformation, which has the powerful performance of the "Zhaoyue II", and also adds the anti-assimilation ability.

After putting on this'Zhaoyue 3', Qi Xiaosheng's breath rose again, reaching a terrifying level.

Moreover, his aura this time was stronger than when he fought against the **** of heaven, because when he went to the chaos **** plant to rescue Tianhao Hao, he also saw many Valkyrie level powerhouses 50,000 years ago and extracted their aura.

At that time, the number of Valkyrie in the Xuanwu Continent was definitely not as many as it is now, but it was not too small.

In addition, there are many martial arts level powerhouses.

Wu Zun's breath could not extract much energy for him, but he couldn't hold up the large amount. Extracting their breath, Qi Xiaosheng's strength directly increased to the tenth level of the Valkyrie.

The tenth level of the Valkyrie, coupled with the'Zhaoyue Three', is Qi Xiaosheng's current peak combat strength.

His current breath has reached the level of the peak of the middle god.

The same Valkyrie peak, the same super two-stage god-level mecha, Qi Xiaosheng is the peak of the middle god, but Zhang Xiaofan and others can only reach the level of the middle god. The reason for this is that Qi Xiaosheng’s Dantian Qihai and Yuanshen And so on, far surpass the powerhouse of the same rank.

In fact, even if he doesn't wear mecha now, his combat power is completely comparable to that of the next god.

"Yes, go now."

Tianhao Hao also put on the Crimson Mechanic God, and was about to start teleporting.

"Let me take you there." Qi Xiaosheng quickly stopped Tianhao Hao.

Tianhaohao’s teleportation was a technology 50,000 years ago. Although the outside world was only one day, it was a positive number of years in the void, Qi Xiaosheng couldn't wait.

Qi Xiaosheng's words fell and he directly caught the Canghong God of Mechanic. In an instant, the space changed and he came directly to the Mithra region.

"Your ability is really a divine tool." Tianhao Hao said as he rushed straight up.

"The Lord of Reincarnation, in the battle 50,000 years ago, we did not have a victory or defeat, and we continue now."

Tianhao Hao, like a slaying god, directly broke into the Mithra region. He also possessed the power of a middle god. Once he entered the battlefield, he would kill all sides.

Qi Xiaosheng didn't go out immediately, but stayed behind. At the same time, he opened the God of Chaos Strain again, releasing the many deans and students of the Xuanwu Empire Knights and Xuanwu Academy that had been sealed for fifty thousand years.

These people are ready to fight long ago, and everyone is wearing mecha.

In addition, Lin Yue also came, and he was also wearing mecha.

A powerful person is wearing a super two-stage god-level mecha, which is equivalent to a lower **** rushing out.

Such a powerful combat power has completed the sweeping of the battlefield in an instant.

Seeing that the fanatics in the Mithra region were clarified, and the rules of assimilation were removed, but at this moment, the entire Mithra region suddenly squirmed, and after that, the entire Mithra region melted. Turned into the appearance of a giant.

This giant has six arms and looks full of majesty.

Chi Chi Chi Chi.

The Mithra area burned completely, and his six arms waved like a fly, directly knocking back the Crimson Mecha and other super-two-stage mechas.

"The defeated generals dare to resist?" The main deity of Samsara came.

As soon as he arrived, the aura on his body was spinning rapidly, and he began to quickly assimilate the world around him. At this moment, the entire Xuanwu Continent seemed to be burning and being rapidly assimilated.

Tianhao Hao did not give up, and once again led the people of the Xuanwu Empire, rushing forward, not afraid of death.

During this period, a mecha was smashed to pieces by the main **** of reincarnation.

During this process, Qi Xiaosheng endured, did not immediately make a move, he was waiting for the moment when the reincarnation Lord God completely descended.

As time passed, a frame of mecha burst open, and a strong man fell.

The Great Emperor Xuanwu fell and was slapped with both hands by the Lord of Reincarnation and turned into meatloaf.

The general of the Xuanwu Empire died in battle. He had previously purchased Qi Xiaosheng's Super 2 mech technology, and he also died at the moment.


A strong man died in battle, Qi Xiaosheng endured it.

After a long time, the Mithra Realm was completely burned and turned into ashes. At the same time, the rules of the basalt world were fully revealed, like a great king, this great net was burning, and a golden chain was running through the great net.

With the penetration of the golden chains, the large web of rules that formed the Xuanwu Continent was completely burned.

"Ding, scan the code successfully, the main **** of reincarnation, the high gods, the treasurer of the rules of reincarnation, and the master of the reincarnation world, are the masters of many reincarnations, and control the vast world and countless parallel universes.

Extract data, obtain massive amounts of energy, and extract the power of 1 billion cycles. "

Qi Xiaosheng extracted the data instantly, and the aura on his body began to soar.

At this moment, the body of the Lord God of Samsara finally came completely.

"Ding, the host is promoted to a lower god."

"Ding, the host is promoted to a middle god."

Qi Xiaosheng was directly promoted to the level of a middle god, and in conjunction with the ‘Zhaoyue 3’ battle armor, his breath reached the level of a terrifying high god.

"The Lord God of Reincarnation, your death date has come."

Qi Xiaosheng shouted violently, and stepped directly out, the sword was spinning, and twelve divine swords swept out at the same time.

Clank clank.

The divine sword swung open, the sword aura reverberated for a million li, directly into the body of the main **** of reincarnation.


The main **** of Samsara was sprayed with blood, and he was injured for the first time since he invaded the Xuanwu Continent.

"Haha, finally wait until you enter the Xuanwu Continent."

While Qi Xiaosheng laughed wildly, his sword aura swayed and twelve divine swords slashed wantonly.

The Samsara Lord God is very powerful, especially when he is in his own kingdom of God, it is even more powerful to the extent that he cannot be killed.

However, the main **** of reincarnation entered the world of Gaowu at this moment, and was suppressed by the world of Gaowu. Ten percent of his strength was suppressed by about 50%.

On the contrary, Qi Xiaosheng was able to exert his peak combat power, and in the battle against the main **** of reincarnation, Qi Xiaosheng could feel the rules of the Xuanwu Continent blessing him, fighting with him, and fighting against the main **** of reincarnation.

This once again blessed Qi Xiaosheng's combat power, which made Qi Xiaosheng's combat power directly reach the pinnacle of a high god.

Boom boom boom.

The battle continued, and the fight between Qi Xiaosheng and the Lord of Reincarnation entered a white-hot state.

The Lord God of Samsara felt bad, he was suppressed, unable to be blessed in many ways, Qi Xiaosheng, who was elevated to the top, wanted to evacuate.

However, a chaotic bead shrouded it, directly trapping the reincarnation lord **** in the Xuanwu world.


The power of the Chaos God Orb was suppressed again, once again depriving the Samsara Lord God of half of the combat power.

In an instant, the combat power of the Samsara Lord God was only about 20% left.

Puff puff.

In an instant, the battle turned into Qi Xiaosheng unilaterally slamming the reincarnation lord.

The **** battle began.

The Lord of Samsara also has a variety of resurrection methods, such as blood rebirth, phoenix nirvana, return of the dead, and so on. Therefore, even if he unilaterally hangs, Qi Xiaosheng has fought for several months before the Lord of Samsara is completely resurrected. Beheaded.

At the moment when the main **** of reincarnation was killed, the rules of the Xuanwu Continent took the initiative to hold on to the rules of the main **** of reincarnation, taking advantage of the trend, and unexpectedly dragged the kingdom of the main **** of reincarnation, and directly swallowed it.

In an instant, the rules of Xuanwu Continent loosened again, and the world evolved again.

"The ultra-wu world, after the evolution is complete, the Xuanwu continent should be the ultra-wu world." Tianhao Haoxi said.

"If this continues, the Xuanwu Continent will be born with gods in the future."

"It takes a long time to advance, and that will be a long time later."


The two chatted for a while, and Tianhao Hao stayed here with the martial artists of the Xuanwu Empire, preparing to slowly integrate into the modern Xuanwu Continent.

Qi Xiaosheng took Lin Yue, returned to the Han Dynasty, and began a leisurely life.

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