It’s About Versailles, See If I’m Angry [through the Book]

Chapter 89 , Extra 2

    At six in the morning, Yuan Xin woke up.

    Recalling the conversation with the system last night, determined that the plot was completely over, and the system would fulfill its promise as promised, to resurrect Yuan Xin's parents from the previous life, and she couldn't hold back her excitement.

    Waking up early for breakfast, she packed up and prepared to go out.

    Everything she does is for this day to come, Yuan Xin has asked the secretary to free up this day for her.

    Rejecting the suggestion that the parents in this world wanted her to take a driver, she wore a simple dress and drove a low-key car alone to go out.

    Although her height has become much shorter, her appearance has not changed much. Yuan Xin believes that as long as her parents in her previous life saw her, they would definitely recognize her!

    "996,? Are you sure you can deliver them today, right?" Before starting the car, she couldn't help but ask again.

    The system next to him flickered suspiciously, but Yuan Xin was so excited that he didn't notice it.

    "Well, if nothing else,? The two of them will definitely reach this world today..."

    Yuan Xin stared at it sideways, raised his eyebrows, "You are so reliable? I believe that accidents will not happen, or I don't know if there will be more unexpectedly."

    The threat of the words is obvious.

    System: "Yes, yes, no surprises!"

    The sudden dog-legged tone made Yuan Xin a little suspicious. But she didn't think much, and drove away from Yuan's house.

    According to the system prompt, Yuan Xin turned left and right around, and after a series of complicated routes, he finally came to a relatively remote urban area in city A.

    After getting out of the car, under the guidance of the system, she came to a welfare home.

    The condition of the welfare home is relatively simple. The white wall covering painted outside has fallen off in many places, revealing mottled traces. The iron door is even more rusted, and it looks ancient.

    "Are you parents are here?" Yuan Xin felt that something was wrong.

    The system answered affirmatively, "That's right."

    Yuan Xin looked inside through the iron gate, "Then are they the volunteers here? Or other staff?"

    "Um...this needs to be confirmed by the host in person..." The system was vague.

    Since it is so determined, Yuan Xin doesn't mind taking a walk.

    She patted on the iron gate and called into the yard, "Is there anyone?"

    After a while, there was movement inside, and in another half a minute, a plainly dressed woman came over.

    Yuan Xin negotiated with the other party and constructed a reason for 'there is a fund that wants to help this welfare home, so I sent her to do a simple investigation', and was happily invited by the other party go in.

    This woman is the director of the welfare home. Under Yuan Xin's test, she explained the situation of the welfare home in detail.

    It just made Yuan Xin feel strange that the other party said that no volunteers or staff came over today, only two aunts who paid to cook and take care of the children in the welfare home.

    Having doubts, Yuan Xin was led by the dean, went around this humble welfare home, and met the old lady, denying the possibility that the other party was her mother in her previous life .

    "Then, apart from the utility room, there is only one last place left." The dean's smile revealed a kindness.

    She took Yuan Xin to the last big room, where there were many small beds.

     "Older kids live in separate dorms, they all go to school, this is for kids under five who have just finished eating and are taking their lunch break."

    For some reason, Yuan Xin thought, "Can I go in and see these children?"

    "Yes." The dean smiled and nodded.

    The two pushed open the door of the room. There were not many children inside, only seven or eight.

    Yuan Xin walked in along the aisle set aside in the middle, she seemed to have a feeling, she looked at the two children who finally slept on the farthest bed.

    Maybe she found her doubts, the dean said softly: "These two children were sent to the orphanage just yesterday, and I don't know what happened. They are very afraid of strangers and often alone together."

    "Just delivered yesterday?" Yuan Xin's eyes moved slightly.

    Speaking, she took a closer look.

    The two children who were hugged together are expected to be only about two years old, because it is difficult to see their appearance clearly.

    It just seemed to sense that someone was approaching, and the boy sleeping on the outside suddenly woke up, turned his head, and happened to meet Yuan Xin's line of sight.

    After seeing the boy's face clearly, Yuan Xin's whole figure was as if struck by lightning, stunned in place. The other party actually looked exactly like the photo of her father in her previous life when she was a child!

    "You..." Yuan Xin's fingers trembled, wanting to touch the child's face.

    The other party seemed to be frightened, and hurriedly hugged the girl in his arms and shrank inside.

    Because of the relatively large movements, Yuan Xin was able to see the girl's face clearly. Like the boy, the girl actually looked the same as her previous mother's childhood.

    After realizing it, Yuan Xin's head was a mess.

    "I..." She wanted to cry without tears. At this moment, how could she still not understand what happened? This cheating system really sent her parents to this world, but it reduced the age of the two of them by dozens of years!

    She originally thought that after her parents came to this world, they would recognize them and arrange them around in the name of godparents.

    But it seems that godfather and godmother are delusional, godson and goddaughter are almost the same! And her dad doesn't seem to know her yet!

    "This..." What a wonderful thing this is!

    Seeing her shocked appearance, the dean said, "What's the matter, Miss Yuan, do you know these two children?"

    More than knowing…

    Yuan Xin's lips moved, and she managed to pack up her mood and asked the dean to leave the room.

    The little boy behind him chased Yuan Xin's back and left, looking a little confused.

    "Dean, it's like this, I do look a little familiar to these two children, so I want to know more about the situation, they are... twins?"

    "It's not true," the dean smiled, "the two of them just happened to be sent together, maybe it's fate, they don't resist each other, but they are afraid of other people , I also think it's a little strange."

    Yuan Xin breathed a sigh of relief, "It's fine..."

    Otherwise, her parents have changed from a pair to a brother or sister, and it would be strange for her not to collapse. No, now this situation has made her very broken!

    I got some information from the dean. After knowing that the two children were both dead, Yuan Xin pretended to understand and left the orphanage in a hurry.

    She didn't go far, she walked to a corner and began to communicate with the system that pretended to be dead.

    "I asked you to send my parents here, so you will send me two children?! They are, right?!"

    The system counseled: "Host, don't be angry, don't be angry, it's easy to get angry, I can explain this..."

    Yuan Xin gritted his teeth and looked at it fixedly.

    "It took a long time for your parents to die in the previous life. When we found them...the two of them had already drank Mengpo soup, you can't blame us for this..."

    "Oh, I understand, so you already knew that you just kept lying to me, right?"

    Facing Yuan Xin who looked extremely irritable, the light of the system panel flashed again, "But, there is no way to make the host your parents become adults. You are not already in this world. Do you have parents? You just adopted them. Your parents raised you in your past life, and you raised them in this life, how fair it is..." Ah.

    If eyes can kill people, the system may have been stared into ruins by Yuan Xin by now, "Then I'm really...Thank you! Thank you! You!"

    The system weakly said: "You're welcome..."

    Yuan Xin struggled to stop the urge to roll his eyes.

    After staying in this corner until she calmed down, Yuan Xin sighed and was about to go to the orphanage again.

    As soon as she took a step, a light flashed in her mind, she pursed her lips, and called her friend.

    “Hello, Chengcheng~ I wish you a happy wedding again~ That, I thought about it, now our lives are polluted by money and become the smell of copper, and we urgently need some pure things to save ourselves, do you wish Don't you want to adopt a child with me? I've already chosen the person, right here..." The author has something to say:   Cheng Chengzi, who just got married and had a cub:? ? ?

    Xinxin (spit blood secretly): It was 'love at first sight' at such a young age, of course I have to plan a future for them, and I can't let them appear in a household registration book! After all, it was me in my last life... my parents...

    Thank you for your support! This article is all over. As for the small details that can only be adopted by people over 30 years old, you don't need to pay too much attention to it. In short, Xinxin will not really let her parents in her previous life call her mother's ORZ (so this is all a chaotic relationship...)

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    In the previous life, Xin Li, who was a first-class actress, was unfortunately hit by a trick and lost her life to a little idol of a third-rate boy group. .

    It wasn't until later that she found out that this person was a sick girl who not only used her as a substitute for her beloved, but also kidnapped her after she broke up with him and locked her in the basement .


    On a variety show, Bing Jiao's boy group was asked by the host about the type of object she liked.

    Bing Jiao answered without hesitation: Xin Li.

     Their scandal began to spread on the Internet, and reporters from all walks of life came to ask her about her relationship status.

    Xin Li: Don't cue, be single, don't want to fall in love.

    Fans (calmly): Get out of here! My home is beautiful!


    Later, the two entered the same crew.

    Fans (envy, jealousy, hate): I have seen shameless people, but I have never seen such shameless people.

      Favorite ice cream.

    The fans are about to cry: Li Bao, stay away from that big pig's hoof! He is uneasy and kind!

    "Peach Demon NPC Picked Up a Human"



    As Tiandao's father's favorite little peach demon, Ruan Tian has lived freely for 18 years in the peach blossom garden.

    Until one day after his eighteenth birthday, Ruan Tian picked up a human on his little hill!

    She thought it was a gift from Tiandao's father, so she happily accepted him as her little brother.

    Later, she was led by "little brother" to sneak out of Peach Blossom Spring and came to a strange and vast world. The little peach demon, who had little knowledge other than cultivation, was stunned and followed "little brother" The waves turn the sky…


    As we all know, Qiu Ming is the number one **** in the "Tian Di Tao Yuan".

    Until he disappeared for half a month inexplicably, when he came back, he suddenly had a little peach demon beside him.

    The little peach demon is beautiful, and her attributes are all a string of long question marks.

    The Great God Qiu Ming may have been bewitched by her appearance and love her so much The female fans who couldn't help grit their teeth in hatred.

    One day, Qiu Ming went offline, and the little peach demon was finally placed.

    A group of Qiu Ming female fans who couldn't stand her for a long time came to brush her, thinking that even if they couldn't seriously hurt her, they could make her peel off.

    As a result, the female fan No. 1 suddenly fell into the trap, the female fan No. 2 was chased and stepped on by a violent spirit beast, the female fan No. 3's spiritual root suddenly collapsed, and the female fan No. 4 was caught by the spirit that descended from the sky The beast feces hit, and the female fan No. 5 stepped on the high-level spiritual vegetation and hung it up to hit...

    Tian Ruan: Wow! These people are so unlucky!

    Audience: Are you sure you didn't use DEBUFF on them? ? ?


    After half a month of retreat, a game developer·designer·tiandao father suddenly found that his precious daughter Tian Tian was gone!

    He hurriedly asked his subordinates to look for it, only to find that the precious daughter was kidnapped by a stinky boy who had inexplicably entered...

    His precious daughter was taken by that stinky boy to see the outside world of flowers and flowers, and never wants to go back to Peach Blossom Land!

    "Tiandao Dad" cried and fainted in the toilet!

    Later, his subordinates told "Dad Tiandao" that his precious daughter was bullied...

    "Heavenly Dad": Can this be tolerated? ? ?

    "When the fake daughter becomes a real daughter [wearing a book]?"


    What is the experience of going from an abandoned fake daughter to a real abandoned daughter?

    Zhen Yi: Thank you for your invitation, although there is no relative relationship between the two lives, but using what I learned in the past life to hit everyone in the face of this life, it feels very cool.

    After her death, Zhen Yi realized that she was just a fake daughter in a book to set off the heroine.

    No matter how smart and good she is, she has to lose her intelligence because of the plot and the halo of the heroine, entangled with the important characters in the book, and ended up in a miserable end.

    Unexpectedly, she traveled to another book and became a real daughter.

    In the end, this real daughter is still the female partner who sets off the fake daughter. She is stupid, ignorant, tacky and cowardly, and cares about her. , and in the end, he didn't get good results.

    After passing through, Zhen Yi, who returned to her original state, smiled.


    Until the day they actually met the adopted daughter, it was on the hot search for the title of the college entrance examination gold list.

    In an interview, she was wearing a simple white dress, elegant and generous, which amazed everyone's eyes.

    I saw her again at the concert of a new piano artist.

    The two played four-handedly and shocked the audience.

    The third time I saw her, she became a business upstart.

    Two years later, Zhenjia Enterprise was acquired…

    Everyone: The rumors are really unbelievable! The ancients never lied to me.


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