Novel info
It’s Not Too Late to Meet Again After Rebirth
Author: 荷风渟
Alternative names:重生之相逢未晚

It’s Not Too Late to Meet Again After Rebirth

Concise Version: small shou is reborn, becomes rich, kicks out slag gong, and looks for a loyal dog… Gourmet food literature (probably)

Crazy Version: Momo, your loyal dog is calling you home for dinner!!!

Cheerful Version: Dear, do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe in a dream lover? Do you believe in past lives? Do you believe that vicious tongue-in-cheek men can change into loyal dogs? Do you believe…

Small Gong: That’s enough, I’m going to take Momo home for dinner.

Someone: What do you know besides eating?

Small Gong: I know river crabs, river crabs, but do you dare to write that?

Someone: … (Plays with fingers, guilty heart)

Small Gong: So, don’t make a fuss. Momo, let’s go home and eat. Let’s stew some meat.

Momo: … Grave eggs, who wants to stew meat!

Dramatic Version: Lin Mo never dreamed that he would return to the hardest part of his life after death. He took a decisive break from school, used his skills to bear the burden of his family, and did his best to lead his family towards the happy life he always dreamed of.

Ever since he was 12, Han Xun has been troubled by vague dreams because of an ancient jade ring. Then, one day, he finds himself falling ridiculously in love with this unseen man from his dreams. Should he listen to his family’s opinion and let people hypnotize him to forget this strange dream?


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