It’s Not Too Late to Meet Again After Rebirth

Chapter 41 Suggest

The county is only a small county, and it will take several years for the farmhouse to flourish. However, Qingtong Village has geographical advantages and environmental advantages, and is led by the village head Lin Changqing. There are several families in the village who have made a small fortune in the farmhouse and lived a good life. Not bad.

Yuzhuang is also a kind of farmhouse. L County is not uncommon. Usually, a large fish pond is contracted. After the fish is raised, let the guests fish for fun. Fifty to one hundred pieces of fishing rod, no matter how many fish are caught, Guests take away. Lin Mo's suggestion is that he hopes Lin Dong can learn to cook fish without learning any tricks, as long as he can learn to cook basic grilled fish and cold pot fish.

Guests feel that they have caught fish from the pond and made it into a gourmet meal immediately, which is very different from sitting in the store and waiting to eat. This kind of gimmick is not uncommon in later generations, but it is still fresh enough for a while. Even if the economic conditions are not sufficient in the current environment, Lin Dong can learn from the Arts and Crafts Association for two or three years. After accumulating sufficient funds and customers, he can open it again.

After listening to Lin Mo's statement, both Lin Jian and the old lady were bright, and they felt that the prospects were promising. As elders of Lin Dong, they did n’t want Lin Dong to fall down like this. He had n’t reached the age of nineteen, and he would grow up very well in the future. Taking advantage of his skills in elementary school was serious. Lin Dong is actually not stupid, and his brains live very well, but he is so used to being lazy by Lin Jian ’s couple. He is so bold that he does n’t dare to go to the gangsters and talk about tyrants and rogues He all praised him. Therefore, as long as someone leads him on the right path, he may not be broken.

The old lady made a final decision: "Yes, that's how it's done. I'll find some time to talk to the elder couple. It's still a way for our grandson and grandma to solve a big problem for your grandmother. In the future your brother will get rich I will ask him to repay you. "

The older generation pays attention to family and everything, and the eldest son and the youngest son fall down. This palm is full of flesh, and the sadness is still the old lady. Lin Mo was distressed by her grandmother and did not want her to live uneasy in her old age, so when Lincheng was noisy at noon, he could not hold back the anger and did not speak, and now he showed them a clear way. It's not that he can control it.

"Grandma, do n’t tell your uncle that they ’re the one who gave me the idea. If he makes money, he does n’t necessarily think of us as good. If he does n’t make money, he should make trouble with us again. It doesn't matter if you repay. "

As the old lady thought, Lin Mo said that Yuzhuang listened well, but no one had opened it? In case she loses money, her elder son's virtue can really do everything.

"I will find a way to tell them that I will not mention your father and son at that time. What will happen in the future, and my old wife will take care of you. Your eldest brother would not dare to mess with me."

Afterwards, I wonder how the old lady told the Lincheng family that Lin Dong actually went to learn cooking. After learning, the village has packed a large fish pond with hundreds of acres and a few small fish ponds. They have been feeding for more than a year. They happened to get the good price that year and made tens of thousands of dollars. He felt that the conditions for opening a fish farm were still immature, and he asked Lin Cheng to continue feeding fish at home. He and his mother went to the city to rent a 100-square-meter store and sold cold-pot fish buffet. Because it was the first crab eater, the first self-service restaurant in L County, everyone felt that the taste of rarity was fine, and they made a lot of money in a few years. The family of three had something to do, and they were so busy all day long that they hadn't bothered Lin Jian's family for a long time. These are all words.

After dinner in the evening, Han Xiaoren once again used Lai to let Lin Mo take a bath for him. Lin Mo told his dad that he would prepare to use things tomorrow, and he couldn't make it. Dad had to send Lin Shu. Han Xiaoren opened the door with joy, and at the stand outside the door, he looked disgusted at Chubby Dun, and his face suddenly became black with the bottom of the pot. Good chubby puddle will not deliberately rectify him like Lin Mo, usually Lin Mo is too busy, he will also help his dad take a shower to wipe his back, the overall process is very smooth, but Han Xiaoren conspiracy failed, and can not be caught by the chubby puddle to see a polish The bath is limping till lying in bed.

"Lin Xiaomo, my innocence has ruined your fat brother. You must be responsible to me!" Han Xun said with his teeth clenched as Lin Mo returned to the room to sleep.

Lin Mo hooked the corner of his mouth in a good mood, turned off the light, and lay on the bed in a kimono. He gave him two words: "deserve it."

Han Xun poked Lin Mo's waist and armpit on his waist with dissatisfaction. Unexpectedly, he grabbed his dead hole at once. Lin Mo couldn't help but was discovered by him. In exchange for Han Xiaoren's intensified 'attack', Lin Mo Itchy, uncomfortable and still laughing, tears came out.

Han Xun sneered and said: "Lin Xiaomo, do not accept! Do you now know that I am awesome, begging for mercy, well, I am wrong to say dear Han brother, brothers in large numbers consider letting you go."

Lin Mo kicked him with his feet and escaped with his agility. He was anxious and constantly struggling but failed to escape Han Xiaoren's "claw", and he laughed out of breath: "Hahaha ... Han Xiaoren ... you let go, let me go" ... hahaha ... "

"Okay, I dare to nickname me, see how I clean up you!"

"Ha ha ha ... let go ... let go ..."

"Then dare you call me Han Xiaoren in the future!"

"... Don't dare!" No wonder, Han Xiaoren sees how I will clean up you later!

"Look, these little eyes are quite unconvinced. It seems that today I won't let you suffer a little bit. You don't know that I am terrible."

Lin Mo's tears came out with a smile, and the old-fashioned faces that were not in line with the age were swept away. The delicate face was very childish, the tears in the cold Li Feng's eyes, the body twisted and twisted, like it was only amused by the owner The cat is completely blown away and helpless, the pitiful and cute, more and more people can not help but continue to tease.

I do n’t know why. Looking at this scene, Han Xun feels that he has been disturbing his heart for a few years and has always made him feel unhappy. Everything has disappeared. How long has he not been as happy as he is now, without a trace of haze?

I really hope that the teenager underneath can continue to laugh like this, arrogant and wanton.

Lin Mo struggled, and suddenly glanced at Han Xun's enthusiasm, and his heart was inexplicably burned. In front of me, this young boy's face was so green, and after fifteen or sixteen years, the mature and beautiful face always had a sullen face, and gradually overlapped. Almost all of his face, nose, and mouth were very similar and carefully distinguished. You can always find the difference. Only those eyes, but the soles of affection, are exactly the same.

Han Xun's feelings for him broke through the barriers and bondages of death, but could he finally be able to withstand the passing of time? Maybe 10 years or 20 years, will he become the next Chen Junxi?

"Mo Mo, Axun is late, don't play anymore, go to bed early, and get up early tomorrow." The old lady came upstairs and heard the two laugh out loud, and reminded him.

Lin Mo and Han Xun froze at the same time. How could it feel like they were being 'catch the bed'? Illusion.

Lin Mo pushed Han Xun away from him, measured his breath and said, "We know, grandma, you go to bed earlier."

"Okay." The old lady responded and walked into her room. Lin Mo took a long breath when she heard the door closing.

"Small Han!" Lin Mo stared at him sideways in the dark, his voice dumb and full of teeth.

Han Xun raised his paw without fear and threatened: "Dare to call me chaos and give me a nickname, believe it or not, I will scratch you again."

Lin Mo smiled softly all over his body just now, knowing that he was not Han Xun's opponent, but he still punched him hard at the wounded place, and then Han Xiaoren wailed mournfully, closing his eyes with satisfaction and gradually sinking into a dream.

Han Xun howled terribly, but he didn't really hurt much. His physical recovery ability was very strong, and the wound had healed. In fact, the important thing is that Lin Mo didn't fight hard. Han Xun waited for Lin Mo to fall asleep, just like last night, circling people in his arms, stealing a few kisses, and then tilted his mouth to sleep with satisfaction.

At 4:30 in the morning, Lin Mo and Han Xun woke up at the alarm. In the past, Han Xun was still getting up, and was awakened by the 'lazy pig up' alarm at this time, but he was completely angry. When Lin Mo got up, he also sat up and began to wear clothes.

Lin Mo fumbled to turn on the light, and closed his eyes to adapt to the light, and said, "It's only 4:30, what do you get up so early, sleep when you sleep."

"Lin Xiaomo, do you think I said that I want to work for the cost of living? Is it just to play?" Han Xun walked in front of the closet in underwear and took on his t-shirt and shorts.

"What will you do, don't add trouble to me and thank God." Last night, Han Xun made his clothes wrinkled into pickles. He also took a t-shirt from the closet and changed his clothes. Han Xun suddenly I wish I could stick my eyes.

He couldn't resist it, his heart thumped, but his face said seriously: "Lin Xiaomo, don't look down on people, even if I don't make buns, nor pick vegetables ..." It seems that I have never washed the dishes , Sweeping the ground, "But I have more strength than you. If you have any effort, you can leave it to me. Well, I can collect money for you."

Aunt Li doesn't go today. A lot of things still need to be prepared temporarily this morning. Aunt Guanggu must be too busy to make steamed buns by herself. Before finding Master, he must do it himself. One of Liu Li and Yu Dong needs to go to the steamer, one has to pack for the guests, and Aunt Wang ca n’t make it. The old lady is just busy selling tea eggs, and she really lacks a money collector.

It may not be safe to leave the money collection to others, but do n’t worry about it when handing it to Han Xun, just: "Are you doing the money collection work?"

Han Xun put away his smile and his face sank, and the smile in his eyes suddenly disappeared: "I want to see, who dares me to evade votes."

"... I don't know, I thought you were going to collect premiums." Lin Murray's clothes grabbed his messy hair and said, "Barely trusting you once, you won't eat it for dinner."

Han Xun snorted. In the past two years, he has been in the family business and has handled millions of dollars in transactions. Can he be stumped by the cash register of a small breakfast shop?

"If it's done, it must be rewarded."

Lin Mo glanced at him: "Eat me, drink me, wear me, use me, I still want rewards, dream you."

"..." Han Xun deeply had the illusion that the social elite was reduced to cheap labor, hum, he must let Lin Xiaomo take a look at it!

It's a pity that he didn't die before he died. Han Xun's family has a high-level mountain bike, and he has collected several high-end sports cars. He has played two wheels and four wheels very well, but he hasn't played these three wheels. Stepping on the pedals, the car yard has been circling around, almost hit the small flower bed.

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