It’s Not Too Late to Meet Again After Rebirth

Chapter 45 Han Xun broke out

Han Xun takes a shower in the bathroom, his two eyelids are jumping, and his heart is irritated and inexplicable, feeling like what is going to happen. He took a quick shower, put on his clothes and walked out of the bathroom. He heard a voice in the yard and walked over.

"... Brother, I heard Han Badger use this to talk to people." Lin Shu spared no effort to directly locate someone who was not used to it as a badass. The chubby face was serious, and the look was quite like being caught on TV. Bad man's police uncle.

Lin Mo held the phone and clenched his fists silently. After an instant of anger, there was only undisguised tiredness on his face. "Where did you find this phone?"

Lin Shujian saw that his brother's reaction was different from his own. He felt a little drum in his heart and hesitated: "I found it under your bed."

Lin Mo knocked him a chestnut, Lin Shu covered his forehead in pain, looked at his brother puzzled and aggrieved.

"You went to my room without permission, and you said you should be beaten?"

Lin Shu pouted and did not speak, and the black and white eyes were filled with grievances.

Lin Mo bent over and gently twisted his small cheeks with both hands to pull out. The chubby bun's face suddenly deformed. "Give me wrong? Believe it or not, I told my father to see how he cleans you up."

Lin Shu dissatisfiedly dismissed his brother's hand and said grievously, "I am looking for evidence."

"What evidence to look for?"

"Brother, Han brother is a bad guy! I heard him talk to the bad guys!" Xiao Chuandun didn't even jump up and patted his chest.

Lin Mo looked at him and asked, "Do you understand what he said?"

Xiaofadun was stared at by his brother a little guilty, and said, "No, I don't understand, he speaks English."

"I don't understand what you are tossing about it? Okay, it's not too early. Hurry up and go to bed for me. I will hand over ten pens to me tomorrow." Lin Mo looked up and saw Han Xun standing in the corridor. The last trace of laughter brought by the younger brother's childishness is gone.

Lin Shu ’s chubby face was completely transformed into a bitter gourd face. He wanted to bargain, and looked up to see his brother ’s stormy face. He narrowed his neck unconsciously, and uttered a low oh, like a defeated **** Turned his head downcast. Turning around and seeing it, Han Xun was approaching. His dissatisfaction suddenly jumped up, whispered a bad guy, made a face at him, and ran upstairs with his mouth pouted.

Han Xun looked at Lin Mo's handsome face that couldn't discern anger, and he was so guilty in his heart that he started to talk angrily: "Mo Mo ..."

Lin Mo gave him a deep look and lowered his voice calmly: "Be quiet, let's go out and say, don't disturb everyone."

Han Xun followed him without a word, looking at the mobile phone he was holding tightly in his hand, and he was very upset. But think about it, why should he be guilty? Lin Xiaomo knew everything but refused to go to him. He should be guilty if he was guilty!

Despite this thought, Han Xun's enthusiasm became more and more inadequate. He followed Lin Mo and walked all the way down to a barren stone mountain parcel before stopping.

Ahu's mobility is strong. After Han Zijie helped him out, he has been calling Han Xun's phone, but the phone has been turned off. As a last resort, he rushed from Jincheng to County L overnight, spent a lot of energy, and finally found out the exact address where Han Xun is now. He drove violently to the Lin family.

Han Xun told him that he found the person he always wanted to find. Although Ahu didn't believe it, he thought of the importance and tension of his young master. When he knocked at the door of Lin's house, he was extremely polite.

The old lady was preparing eggs for tomorrow at home. When she heard someone knocking on the door, she shouted Lin Mo several times. No one answered, so she had to open the door herself. The wattage of the light bulbs in the yard is not high, and the lights are dim. The old lady opened the door and saw a big man wearing a black suit and a burly figure more than a bear standing outside the door. The light was too dark, and the old lady was amazed. He's 'He Qi' is regarded as 'Chang Qi'. He directly treats A Hu as a villain in the door, and his legs are so frightened that he subconsciously retreats and wants to close the door.

Ahu was busy supporting the door with his hand, and slammed his palm against the door, making a slamming sound, which was particularly harsh on a quiet night.

Lin Shu had just climbed onto the bed and had n’t fallen asleep. He still wanted to expose Han Xun ’s true face. Hearing the movement downstairs, Guru jumped out of bed and ran to the balcony to look around. He only heard the old lady trembling and asked: “ You, who are you? Most of the night, you, what do you want to do? "

A Hu, like Han Xun, hardly understands the old lady ’s dialect, but can roughly guess her question. He bowed respectfully and said, “Old lady, I ’m not a bad person or malicious, I just came to pick up my house Young Master's. "

The old lady still did not dare to relax at all, hiding her hand behind her back and quietly squeezing the big broom behind the door: "You hurried away, we have no master here."

Lin Shu heard clearly upstairs, his eyes rolled, and he ran downstairs.

Seeing that the old lady was going to close the door again, Ahu said, "Han Xun, my young man's surname is Han, there is a single name. There is something urgent in the family, and I need to pick him up immediately."

Ahu's height and appearance are too aggressive, and the old lady can't easily believe his words, "Our family has no surname Han, and it is deeper in the middle of the night. What will we say tomorrow."

A Hu couldn't understand what the old lady said. He only knew that Han Xun lived in this house now. He must take him away tonight. He didn't let go, the old lady couldn't close the door or refused to retreat and let him enter the yard, the two of them froze at the door of the yard for a time.

Lin Mo and Han Xun also stalemate, the moonlight disappeared behind the thick black clouds, finally, Lin Mo handed the phone to Han Xun: "Can you explain to me, what's going on?"

Han Xun took the phone silently and said nothing.

Lin Mo chuckled: "Do you still have amnesia now? Han Xun, we have known each other for so many years, do you find it fun to play like this?"

Han Xun really does not know what expression to make on his face, what guilt? The anger? Should I apologize? Should I be angry?

Too intense emotional fluctuations made him feel his head start to hurt.

"Why doesn't it mean?" Han Xun sneered: "Lin Mo, in addition to fooling you into amnesia, do you think I owe you? From the age of twelve, I have dreamed of you every night, and for six years, I have been surprised Dream torture, I love you in my dream as crazy. I gave up my studies in country m, came to you in country z, and finally met you in Jincheng, recognized you, I want to stay by your side , Want to understand you, want to accompany you, am I wrong? If I do n’t lie to you without amnesia, will you allow me to enter your life? You wo n’t!

I shouldn't use amnesia as an excuse to deceive you, I apologize to you, it's my despicability and my fault.

However, you know me clearly, you know better than me what happened in your dream, why don't you come to me? Have you promised me that you will stay with me for life, is your promise so cheap? Or, in your eyes, all my sincerity can't be equal to a Chen Junxi? "

Lin Mo looked at Han Xun dumbfounded: "You, you said you saw me in a dream? Dreaming about what happened to us?"


It turned out that Han Xun really didn't have those memories of his previous life.

Lin Mo's countless emotions were tumbling, and he could not tell whether he was more sour or disappointed.

No wonder Han Xiaoren's so clumsy acting can fool him. I believe that he has a blood clot in his brain. The eighteen-year-old Han Xun is indeed not the one he has known for more than ten years.

I don't know why, Lin Mo's heart bursts into a silent sadness.

"Han Xun, dreams and reality are different. Do you know your feelings for the people in your dreams, do you like or are you persistent? Before seeing me, I guess you may beautify me a lot subconsciously, but In fact, you should be clear that I am different from the Lin Mo you imagined.

You are only 18 years old, and I am only 15 years old. If there is no accident, our life is still very long. In such a long time, how many of our feelings can withstand passing away? It's not that your sincerity can't be compared to Chen Junxi, but I'm afraid that your sincerity can't stand the same as Chen Junxi.

You see, in my last life, he and he walked in front of the world so fearlessly and with a high profile. I have experienced so many things with him, and finally we have no temptation to resist the word "fresh". It's like a dish, no matter how delicious it is, if you like it again, you will always get tired of eating it every day, and your feelings will be the same. "

Han Xun put his mobile phone in his pocket, shook his finger, and said straightly: "But for me, it is more like a staple food, a bowl of rice, even if I am tired of all the delicacies, for me, I can fill it The only thing that is always necessary for a full stomach is rice. You are the addiction I can't quit.

Lin Xiaomo, it's your business to accept or not to pursue. It's my right to pursue or not to pursue. I like you and allow you to be willful, but you can't stop my rights no matter how you will.

There is another thing you said wrongly. You said that I couldn't distinguish between love and attachment. So, you said, how can you be attached if you don't have love? "

Lin Mo dumb.

Han Xun continued: "In the dream, I know that Chen Junxi was derailed more than once, and he broke your heart. His family refused to accept you, hurt you more than once, and pretended to be innocent. Chen Junxi knew the truth, But it's often confused. You want to develop the prosperous Tang Dynasty, but Chen Junxi doesn't like you to 'show your head' ... There are too many contradictions between you. But if you are willing to be with me, I can give you a legal effect Marriage can guarantee that you will not be derailed for a lifetime, my family can give us blessings; I can help you with things you like to do, can accompany you, you can fulfill the responsibilities you need to do, I can also help you share. You said, yes I am such a good candidate, do you still need to consider others?

What's more, are you sure you can still be with women? Are you sure that they can bring you real pleasure?

Therefore, Lin Xiaomo, except me, you have no better choice. Now that you have fulfilled your promise to me, I will write off everything you did not come to me. "

"..." There seems to be something wrong, it is clearly that he is blaming the teacher, why did the roles change unconsciously?

Han Xiaoren is so cunning, he almost nodded silly.

"I think what we are talking about is what you lied to me and my family." Lin Moyin said predictably.

Han Xun secretly shouted, Lin Xiaomo is too bad to fool!

"Lin Xiaomo, don't ignore me, I have already apologized to you! How can you be so careful, the things with big needles can't hold on." Finally, Han Xun pretended to be a pitiful Looks like, sincerely apologizes: "Sorry, I was wrong, forgive me?"

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