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Lazy God Possession
Author: See You
Alternative names:懒神附体
Genre: Urban Life

Lazy God Possession

Since being possessed by the lazy god, there is a wonderful energy in the body, and Nanming has become lazy …

Doing everything consumes energy, not lazy and heartache!

In two steps, the wasted energy can be turned into a laser sword.

Sweeping the floor, wasted energy can turn voice assistants into artificial intelligence.

With buckets of water, wasted energy can turn a quadcopter into an invincible flying robot.

In addition to food, energy also needs a variety of positive energy to supplement.

A sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, happiness …

In order to gather more energy, Nan Ming began his dream life of delicious and lazy sex, willing to help others.

The most extravagant thing in the world is to walk the long street with you.

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