League of Legends: My Age

Chapter 494 end

Wolves and sk staged the immortal bo5 to advance to the finals, but after the main game in the finals, after finishing the first single 008, they retired due to a back injury and came off the bench. In the face of the powerful sst, Zhang Duanshui became a fatal breakthrough In the finals, the Lang team lost 1: 3 and SST won the S6 World Championship.

After the semi-final, Li Mu and Xiao Bai went directly to the hospital. Yoyo's surgery went smoothly. When Yoyo opened his eyes, he saw Li Mu at first glance.

In the new season of S7, Li Mu was training and recovering along with Yoyo, while spilling dog food.

Fat brother retired, his waist injury is not suitable for professional career, the retired fat brother rejected other clubs' high-paying invitations, and became the assistant coach of the lang team, mainly responsible for ordering and youth training.

In S7, the Wolves still did not win the championship. This is a year of Zhang Shuanshui's growth. So & amp; ko has made a comeback and only won his third championship.

Not lost in honor, nor in the trough, the Wolves still have a passion for lol. Of course, it would be better if the old wolves and Yoyo can sprinkle some dog food.

Oh, by the way, the identity of the second generation of Xiao Baifu has been exposed. He can inherit 100 billion yuan of property, but he has to be a champion.

S8, s9, Wolves won two world championships!

LPL Come on!

Final thoughts:

League of Legends: My era, a total of 1.2 million words, is mainly divided into campus, live broadcast, and career. (If we did not win the s8, the novel will win yy championships in the finals, but we have it, we have this confidence.) Here we want to thank The support from Tencent and the fist friends from the outline to the version is actually more lol. The s9 finals is coming soon. As an old player, I really hope that we will win the championship again with LPL. If it is a magic type, You may not dare to say it, but in the world of lol, reality is really more exaggerated than fiction!

The battle for hegemony, who has risen and fallen, is too much to watch this year.

Support our team of lpl!

Dear brothers, thank you for your support over the past year!

Ps: The new book will probably be released in March next year. This time, the new book will be particularly unrestrained.

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