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Legend of Hua Buqi (I Will Never Let You Go)



Alternative names:

小女花不弃 / I Will Never Let You Go



Legend of Hua Buqi (I Will Never Let You Go)

This novel is also known as I Will Never Let You Go

A couple trying to con their way through a wedding fall off a cliff while plotting their escape, both of them transmigrated.

In this life, she turned into a little beggar.

While he has turned into a handsome-looking, wealthy ruler of the roast from the well known family.

Their fates cross thirteen years later with both of them oblivious to each other’s true identity.

Even though they met, yet they don’t recognize each other. She tried to hide her secret as she got along with him.

Seeming to have met or known before, he struggled between regrets and falling in love.

What sort of storm would set off once Hua Buqi’s identity was uncovered?

Her elder foster brother in the past and present, the young master of Feiyun Castle, and the mysterious masked hero Lian Yike…

Between this lifetime and the last, who is the person meant to stay by her side?

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