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Level Up Family
Author: ShadowsFinger
Genre: Isekai

Level Up Family

Marius Edgewick is a seemingly ordinary office worker. He is a father of two married to a gorgeous and mysterious wife. Yet, their family though small and poor, are far from the ordinary, each born with a unique ability to see stats and level up, blessed with even a special skill that is unable to be utilized in the current world.After losing his only job, Marius thought he had lost all hope of achieving his single wish: to protect and provide his family with a suitable lifestyle. However, this all changed when both he and his entire family encountered a strange phenomenon, hurling them into the depths of a unique fantasy world.«Father look, I found a strange fire breathing rodent.»«Kill it and give it to your mother, we will be eating it for dinner.»«Yes, father!»With the rodent of fire, and fresh air of the pure wilds wafting through the wind, thus, began the adventure of the world’s most powerful family.

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