Novel info
Life After Marrying My Love Rival
Author: Qing Duan
Alternative names:和情敌结婚的日子
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Yaoi

Life After Marrying My Love Rival

Ye Nanqi and Shen Du upgraded from being enemies to love rivals, fighting against each other for the affections of a pure-hearted girl. Except, on the day of the pure-hearted girl’s wedding, they ended up rolling together on the bed, and unexpectedly got married to each other.

After the marriage, the two thought of countless ways to make the other party be the one who asks for divorce, but when Ye Nanqi took on the role of the “bad husband” by bringing up divorce first, his love rival changed his mind.

Shen Du: “Not divorcing.”

Ye Nanqi: “…”

Shen Du: “Not even in death will we part.”

The pure-hearted girl, “???”

The love rivals turning into lovers scene–although it does not have sweet and sticky typical entertaining scenes, lacks gold finger cheats, and the back story is slightly dark and exaggerated–in fact, this story is a tasty big cookie = w =


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