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Lin Shilang Gu (GL)
Author: Xuanjian
Alternative names:林视狼顾(GL)
Genre: Yuri

Lin Shilang Gu (GL)

Contract marriage, first marriage and then love, fake drama is real.
Copywriting 1: Lin Yuewei, who was forced to go home to inherit the family property when he was not in the entertainment industry, worked hard for three years with his bare hands, and finally became popular. It is rumored in the circle that she has a deep background, but there is no evidence. One day, a well-known paparazzi posted a photo of Lin Yuewei kissing in the parking lot with Gu Yanqiu, a newcomer in the business world, and the melons in the hands of the melon eaters exploded.
The next day, Lin Yuewei generously posted his marriage certificate with Gu Yanqiu on Weibo, with the caption: Happy 3rd Anniversary!
People who eat melons: =mouth=
Copy 2: Many people know that Gu Yanqiu married the Lin family in order to compete for the family property, but the new wife has not made public appearances with her since she got married.
Gu Yanqiu once filled in his personal information, and wrote the words “Lin Yuewei” in straight script strokes in the spouse column, which was seen by the assistant.
The assistant said with a smile, “Mr. Gu, your wife has the same name and surname as the big star Lin Yuewei.”
Gu Yanqiu raised his hand and raised the wedding ring on his ring finger. The broken diamonds were sparkling, and a gentle smile appeared on his unsmiling face: “It’s not the same name, she’s my wife.”
CP: The cold and abstinent sister X Sao Bao and Tsundere Queen.
Sister Shuangyu, Tianwen, HE.
Setting: Same-sex marriage.

Content tags: wealthy family love contract entertainment circle marriage
Search keywords: Protagonist: Lin Yuewei, Gu Yanqiu ┃ Supporting roles: Gu Huai, Gu Feiquan, Cheng Guiyuan, Qu Xuesong, Jiang Congbi, Lin Zhi, Shao Yasi, Ji Han ┃ Others: marriage contract


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