Little Madman’s Guide to Acting Good

Chapter 114 Extra cohabitation (2)

    The two slammed the door shut, Yan Kailin and Liu Kai stood at the door, eye to eye, with a dull look on their faces.

    When he came back to his senses, Yan Kailin looked up at the house number on the top of the bedroom, "304, you're right!"

    Liu Kai couldn't help but whispered: "Damn, you closed the door too loudly."

    Yan Kailin: "Running too fast to lose strength, can you blame me!?"

    After the two finished speaking, they were silent for a moment.

    One sentence at a time.

    Yan Kailin: "I ran too fast, I didn't see anyone clearly."

    Liu Kai: "Grass, I can't see clearly, why are you pulling me to run?!"

    Yan Kailin: "Why don't you run?"

    Liu Kai: "Run a fart... Don't say it, that woman's legs are really white."

    Yan Kailin's mind went blank, "Huh?"

    He patted his head: "I knew that the men's high school was standing behind our back."

    Liu Kai: "Is Xiao Zhao so tall?"

    "Are you there?" Yan Kailin couldn't help looking at the doorknob, "Do you want to look again?"

    The two of them are working on their belly and plan to open the door again to see what happens, but they haven't waited for them to open the door.

    The bedroom door in front of him opened, and Chen Qizhao opened the door with a cold face.

    Seeing that it was Chen Qizhao, the two were relieved.

    Yan Kailin and Liu Kai looked past Chen Qizhao, but did not see the person inside.

    "Hey Xiaozhao, who is that girl, you didn't tell your brother when you were in love."

    "Isn't she pretty, Kaizi said your girlfriend's legs are special..."

    Before the word 'special' was finished, Yan Kailin's eyes swept over Chen Qizhao inadvertently, and then stopped at the bottom of the loose sports shorts revealing the white and straight legs.

    Chen Qizhao asked: "What's special?"

    Yan Kailin: "Extraordinarily white..."

    Liu Kai: “…”

    Before Chen Qizhao could speak, there was a sound of walking in the bedroom, Yan Kailin watched Shen Yuhuai appear in his field of vision, and a gentle and distant voice came from inside, "Yan Kailin they? "

    Yan Kailin: “…”

    Liu Kai: “…”


    The bedroom was a little messy. After Yan Kailin and Liu Kai entered the bedroom, their eyes kept on Chen Qizhao and Shen Yuhuai. An Fang, with his mouth full of words, wanted to ask, but because of Shen Yuhuai's presence, he couldn't say a word.

    Shen Yuhuai: "Do you want to bring these?"

    Chen Qizhao: "No more, enough books."

    The two stood near the door of the bedroom, each whispering a word.

    Liu Kai: "Grass! You told me that Shen Yuhuai was in love before, but you didn't tell me it was with Xiao Zhao!"

    "Do you think I knew it? I knew it a second earlier than you." Yan Kailin was aggrieved. The object is Chen Qizhao! His eyes stayed on Shen Yuhuai and Chen Qizhao, and finally swept to their lips inexplicably. He covered his face in pain and turned around, not even daring to look at the table.

    Yan Kailin: "I dare not look at that table!"

    Liu Kai: "Yan Kailin, why are you so cowardly, haven't you seen two men fall in love! Didn't you still talk about Qin Yunxuan before!"

    Yan Kailin: "Damn, can my brother compare to Qin Yunxuan!? Qin Yunxuan dared to chase my brother..."

    Chen Qizhao looked at them, "What happened to the two men falling in love?"

    Shen Yuhuai: "Qin Yunxuan?"

    Liu Kai: “…”

    When I was excited, my voice was not covered.

    "No, just a friend, a normal friend." Yan Kailin noticed Shen Yuhuai's gaze, and immediately closed his mouth cowardly, and watched Shen Yuhuai and Chen Qizhao continue to keep their eyes open. Then the suitcase full of clothes and books was closed, and he asked dumbfoundedly, "Brother, are you going to move out?"

    "Didn't I tell you a few days ago?" Chen Qizhao carried his computer bag, "I usually live in a dormitory and have a lot of classes."

    Chen Qizhao said a few days ago that he might not stay in the dormitory often, Yan Kailin thought he was going home to live, but when he was packing his luggage, it didn't seem like he was going home, but he seemed to be going with Shen Yuhuai. Is it going so fast! ? How long has Shen Yuhuai been in love with his brother? Didn't he gossip about Shen Yuhuai's love last time in July? this live?

    Yan Kailin was standing in the same place, fighting between heaven and man. Seeing Shen Yuhuai dragging his suitcase away, he immediately pulled the man and asked, "When did it happen!?"

    Chen Qizhao raised his eyebrows slightly, "Didn't you know?"

    Yan Kailin was dumbfounded: "I don't know!"

    "It's been a while, and I didn't have time to tell you." Chen Qizhao originally wanted to tell Yan Kailin, but this silly boy was about to have a stress reaction to Yan Kaiqi and Shen Yuhuai.

    He didn't say anything either, thinking that everything would go with the flow, and wait until there is a chance to talk about it, who would have guessed that these two people broke in directly today.

    Yan Kailin doesn't understand, I don't know when Chen Qizhao got involved with Shen Yuhuai, or when Shen Yuhuai got into his brother, it's not that the two men are not good together, it's just that Shen Yuhuai was with his brother, he didn't know what to say, but it was a little awkward.

    He was tangled here, and Liu Kai was tangled next to him.

    This Shen Yuhuai is not the same as them! How could these two get along! ?

    "Is this Shen Yuhuai chasing you?"

    "No, how did you guys talk about it, let the brothers check it out."

    Chen Qizhao licked his lower lip slightly, feeling as if his lower lip had been bitten by Shen Yuhuai, it hurt a little, the phone in his pocket vibrated, Shen Yuhuai said he was waiting for him downstairs.

    Listening to the two people next to them, he asked casually, "Do you want to eat?"

    Yan Kailin: "Huh?"

    Chen Qizhao looked at Yan Kailin's unresponsive face, "Dinner."

    The two immediately stopped and answered together: "...Eat."


    Shen Yuhuai was looking at the menu: "What to eat?"

    Chen Qizhao didn't look at it, "Just have meat, don't eat spicy food."

    Shen Yuhuai drew a few lines, "Is there any more?"

    Chen Qizhao: "Beer... or Coke."

    Yan Kailin and Liu Kai, who were sitting opposite, were holding the menu, and their hands were slow to draw.

    "Is it finished?" Chen Qizhao looked at them.

    Yan Kailin made a few strokes quickly, noticing Shen Yuhuai's eyes looking at them, shaking his hands to cross out the hooked up cans of beer brushes, followed his brother's footsteps and ordered Coke, "'s over."

    Shen Yuhuai took the menu and glanced at it, "Do you drink so much Coke?"

    Yan Kailin forgot to cross out the 'x3' written next to it: "No... can't you? I just like to drink with anger."

    Chen Qizhao's gaze stopped for a while beside the crossed-out beer, his tongue licked the tip of his teeth, and quickly looked away.

    Shen Yuhuai handed the menu to the waiter after confirming, "No, I'm afraid you will hold on."

    Yan Kailin who ordered three bottles of Coke and Liu Kai: "…"

    Did they want a Coke? They wanted to drink beer.

    During the meal, Yan Kailin's eyes passed from one to the other, but none of them dared to speak, and they all listened to Shen Yuhuai talking to Chen Qizhao. Shen Yuhuai has an inexplicable temperament of an elderly person, he is polite, and he speaks modestly and alienatedly, so he is not easy to get along with.

    Liu Kai himself is a bit terrified of the Shen family, Yan Kailin is his eldest brother standing behind terrified Yu Huai.


      With a weird look on his face, he didn't know who he was chatting with.

    Shen Yuhuai lowered his eyes slightly, what appeared in his mind was the post-it note he saw in Chen Qizhao's bedroom during the day, and when Chen Qizhao opened the door to look for Yan Kailin, he picked up the post-it note and tore it on his back. The pieces were thrown into the trash can.

    He knows that his boyfriend is not as simple as he seems, and he also knows that he has secrets and has investigated many things without telling others.

    The sound of the horn drew Shen Yuhuai's attention back, and the vehicle behind honked its horn.

    Chen Qizhao was originally responding to questions from Yan Kailin and others in the group. When he heard the horn, Yu Guang glanced at Yu Huai, "Brother?"

    Shen Yuhuai looked as usual, started the car and left.

    Chen Qizhao came to the urban apartment many times, and he was familiar with this place. Step over and swipe the fingerprint lock to open the door.

    The Shen Yuhuai key he took when he came before, and when he came later, Shen Yuhuai had already entered his fingerprint.

    Shen Yuhuai took the suitcase to the bedroom, "put the clothes in the master bedroom, there is not enough space, there is still some space in the second bedroom."

    "It shouldn't be much." Chen Qizhao went to pack his luggage, "You go to work first, didn't you say that Liu Sui needs some information?"

    Shen Yuhuai nodded, walked to the long table in the room and opened a notebook.

      It's different when you talk.

    Many magazines in later generations reported on Shen Yuhuai. Occasionally, when there was a major breakthrough in the project, scientific researchers like Shen Yuhuai would also make a small search for it. As a businessman, Chen Qizhao is sensitive to public opinion, and he has seen Shen Yuhuai shining in his own field on the Internet. At that time, Shen Yuhuai was older than he is now, and his maturity and indifference seemed to be a gap between him and ordinary people.

    When Shen Yuhuai raised his eyes, he saw Chen Qizhao sitting on the bed brushing his hair. He temporarily finished the work at hand, walked towards the person, and went to the bathroom to get a hair dryer.

    "Sit down." Shen Yu Huai said.

    Chen Qizhao asked: "Are you done with work?"

    The whirring hair dryer rang, and Chen Qizhao's question was blocked from the wind.

    The warm air combined with Shen Yuhuai's strength, Chen Qizhao didn't think he was a very sensitive person before, but every time he touched Shen Yuhuai's hand, he couldn't help being attracted to those subtle touches .

    "A little down."

    "Is this?"

    "It's a little itchy."


    Chen Qizhao's face was a little red, I don't know if it was hit by the warm wind or by Shen Yu Huai, "Don't hold back."

    "What are you doing?" Shen Yuhuai asked with a smile.

    Chen Qizhao: " touch more."

    "En." Shen Yuhuai lowered his eyes and pinched the back of Chen Qizhao's fair and beautiful neck, "Where do you want me to touch?"

    The wet short hair was blown out in a while, but the farce of the night was not over yet. At some point, the effect of provoking and igniting is violent. Chen Qizhao hooked Shen Yuhuai's neck and kissed, and his rapid breathing was scattered between the two. When the loose pajamas were lifted, Chen Qizhao felt that the night was extraordinarily long.

    Longer than ever before.

    Shen Yuhuai's movements in the past were very gentle, but for the first time, like tonight, it was meticulous and slow.

    And he likes to kiss him very much. He has already taken a bath, but when the kiss is over, Chen Qizhao feels that he is full of Shen Yuhuai. I was still thinking when I went to the gym, did he go to the gym less recently?

    In the middle of the night, Shen Yuhuai took Chen Qizhao to take a shower again. When he came out, he was already asleep, lying on the bed without any precautions.

    Shen Yuhuai covered him with a quilt, brought the notebook over, and continued on the bed with the unfinished work. It was just the sound of steady breathing coming from the side that made Shen Yuhuai look at him many times. Chen Qizhao likes to sleep on his side. When he is curled up, he is like an insecure little animal. , become harmless to humans and animals.

    Are humans and animals harmless...?

    It may be because of the post-it note, Shen Yuhuai's mind today is all about the research institute last year. He pretended to be stupid, like an innocent little fox. Some vivid faces are vivid and vivid, and the details of the two people's relationship are exposed little by little.

    In words and actions, there is a kind of heaviness that Shen Yu cannot penetrate.

    Chen Qizhao knows him well, knows him, and protects him.

    But this is a secret that Chen Qizhao is reluctant to open, and Shen Yuhuai does not want to take the initiative to reveal it.

    Shen Yuhuai's hand moved slightly up from Chen Qizhao's shoulder, gently soothed his fine hair, lifted his somewhat concealed forehead hair, and traced his face a little bit, from From the brow bone to the tip of the nose, it seems to engrave a person in the memory of the movement of the fingertips.

    Until his fingertips stopped on Chen Qizhao's lips, the hot air from the tip of his nose sprayed on his fingertips.

    The sleeping boy turned over and turned his back to him completely.


    Liar liar.

    The lights in the room were off, and the man lay down behind him, noticing that there was no sound behind him.

    Chen Qizhao, who was pretending to be asleep, opened his eyes slightly, he licked the tip of his lower lip a little, and Shen Yuhuai's touch seemed to still be there.

    Inexplicably, he didn't want to say something about being woken up by someone in his sleep. He endured it as long as Shen Yuhuai touched him. He wondered why Shen Yuhuai had such good physical strength. He didn't seem to have seen him go to the gym in normal times. He looked gentle, but his waist and physical strength were beyond his imagination.

    I don't understand, it's a bit outrageous.

    Chen Qizhao was thinking wildly, and was about to reach out and scratch his nose, but a hand stretched out behind him and pulled him into his arms.

    He stopped and felt the body attached to his back, followed by the sound of steady breathing close at hand.

    Chen Qizhao: "…"

    Shen Yuhuai fell asleep.

    …and he couldn't sleep.

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