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~ New book "Doctor Sleepless" has been uploaded

Dear book friends, adults:

  Report one thing-80 days apart, I came back.

   During this time, I wanted to take a good rest. There were a lot of schedules. After all, I didn’t go out for two years.

   But everyone knows the situation, all my arrangements have become thin.

   didn't go anywhere, came on duty at home. Numerous rheology tables... clinical work is now cumbersome to a certain extent.

   After all, the hospital is one of the gathering places and one of the gateways for epidemic prevention and control. Be cautious.

   A few days later than scheduled, but always came back.

   The new book "Doctor Sleepless" tells the story of a doctor. The first chapter is the young man wearing sunglasses; the second chapter is the ghost press. Um, is it still in taste.

   The story is as easy and fun as possible, and I hope everyone can like and support it. There are some pits in the book as far as possible not to step on, such as indecision, quantum mechanics; do not understand disease, rheumatism immunity. I will write about things that are immune to rheumatism. Numerous laboratory tests are too boring and difficult to write.

   Well, the new book is uploaded, we walked together.



   True bear first ink

  2020, 6, 19

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