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Logical Aesthetics
Author: 廿小萌
Alternative names:逻辑美学

Logical Aesthetics

Zhong Yi was invited to be a visiting professor, Zhang Xingzhi was king for the first day, and some people were late.

He nodded at the bottom of the position that was late and insisted on sitting in the first row and said: “You, don’t leave after class.”

The whole class was silent, and everyone turned their attention to the authentic professional teacher they were occupied. One is inevitable.

Until later, the new teacher arranged classwork: send a photo they thought was the best to him.

The children were about to start searching, so they listened to the professional teacher and asked,

“What about me?” The class calmed down again.

Zhong Yi raised an eyebrow: “You send it, I’ll watch it.” All eyes looked down, and they raised the phone and pressed the shutter to the person on the podium.

The whole class ? ?


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