Long Live Summons

Chapter 1399 :[Master, wait for me! 】(season finale)

"You are my mother?" Yue Yang students stayed for a long time, only slowly screamed, said that accept can not.

"Uh-huh." The little mother smiled and nodded.

"I see you like a sister!" Yue Yang thinks that this mother looks much bigger than Yue Bing, let alone him, even the Ye Kong and Hai Fatzi who peeked here, they think so, just don't Dare to agree in person. This is the most mysterious and powerful mother of the Tongtian Tower, and it is also the sacred supreme of the future Tongtian Tower, so in any case, they have to come up with the most respectful attitude.

"How to say it!" Si Niang is not happy, does Yue Yang's lazy attitude mean that she did not educate her son?

"Okay!" The Yue family, who is not afraid of the day, is afraid of the four mothers.

"Call the mother." Si Niang gave Yue Yang a task.

"Calling my mother to call my mother..." Boa was desperately screaming at the side, with a few of them, and they kept screaming and jumping, and they couldn’t do it.

They made such a trouble, and added difficulty to Yueyang students. I could have sneaked a whisper, so that I couldn’t call a word for a long time. Yue Yang is a little anxious.

The little mother was very tolerant, and did not worry at all, waiting with a smile.

The most intimate Xue Niu came up to make a clearance and smiled: "What is difficult with this, see my correct demonstration. Mom!"

She was so sweet and sweet, and waited for the little mother to open her eyes and smile, nodded her head again, and put the snow girl in her arms, and kissed her with satisfaction: "True!"

"Mom!" Hu Niu is also called intimate. To know that she did not have a biological mother when she was a child, she has always lacked her mother. Now Yueyang has a mother, and of course she has to share it. The little mother also gave her a big hug, and buried the tiger girl who was higher than her on her chest. She was full of joy: "Hey, you are also a good boy. Give your mother a big fat grandson next year!"

"I, I am also a good boy, I am also a good boy. I also call, I also call, mother, mother!" Boa looked red, suddenly squeezed into the arms of the little mother, desperately spoiled.

"Hmm. You are the most embarrassed!" Little mother is happy.

Everyone went up to call her mother, and even Ye Yuan and Hai Fatzi in the distance also yelled at her mother.

Finally, only Yueyang is left.

If it wasn't for Si Niang, it was estimated that Yue Yang had already escaped because the atmosphere was too embarrassing.

Dong Tianwang and the old fox, they hurriedly rescued the field and drove away the busy Ye Kong and Hai Fatzi. He also passed the Tianta Warrior’s farewell speech, and the Shadow of the Gods and the Nine Heads of the Devils were invited to the Tongtian Tower, which was naturally joyful. On the other hand, Emperor Jindi and the Emperor, also smiled at the Scorpio and the Dragon Emperor. Friends who have met because of the battle, unconsciously. Has become a confidant. They are acquainted with each other and no longer add pressure to the juniors. As for the magic dragon boss who is flattering, such as Jun Worry and Tomorrow, at this time, it is even more ecstasy, and from time to time, he laughs.

"That is of course, my boss is his personal recognition, and then, I am not the boss who is the boss? I thought that year, my dragon is the first master of the heavens!" The dragon proudly boasted, although everyone knows him In fact, it was the first murderer in the heavens, but it did not prevent everyone from making his flattering shot comfortable.

"Right, you are the boss, the biggest boss, the boss of the boss." Hai Fatzi and the dragon have the most common language.

"Dead fat, you give me a little death!" The seabird still refuses to approach this cockroach.

"Baby don't be angry, I will give you time." Hai Fatzi quickly fled.

"How can I know this kind of person..." The seabird is very speechless to himself.

The Queen of Snake demon, Vivien Leigh, has been strong since the beginning of the battle. At this moment, I can’t help myself, sitting softly on the grass.

A small white jade hand, handed over and extended to her.


It is a smiling little face.

Vivien Leigh saw it, and then he let go of the blade in his hand, holding the little hand that did not remember how many years ago he had extended but repeatedly refused: "You haven't changed at all for so many years."

The smiling host of the smile also nodded and agreed: "The snake demon queen, you have not changed."

Fei Wenli suddenly felt it: "Destiny is really a wonderful thing, who can think of it, the life process will become like this."

"Destiny is very mysterious." The owner of the small face gently pulled the snake demon queen: "And, this is nothing bad, at least it is more lively than before."

"I like the quiet night dream princess will also like the excitement?" A snake demon queen said not to believe.

"People will change." She smiled and looked at Yueyang quickly: "The lonely princess may like to be quiet, but the more lonely kneeling feels that the excitement is also good. I don't know when to start, there is a particularly reckless and The guy who likes to disturb other people's dormancy, the endless days of the whole day, sometimes it makes people feel uncomfortable, so I think that the excitement is also a good choice, what about you?"

"I am like you." The snake demon queen remembered the scene of being awakened for a long time and was awakened by a kid. He couldn't help but laugh.

The entire balance world, only Yueyang family.

No more outsiders.

Yueyang classmates repeatedly raised their courage, and finally decided to go out, open their mouths, and wanted to yell at a mother, but the sound came to the lips, but it was as detailed as a mosquito: "Mom..."

Finally, it was called out. Yueyang’s heart was on the rock, and the onlookers of Inan and Binger cheered for a while, and they were more happy than playing a big victory. Although the voice of this call is very small, but Si Niang is still very satisfied, the face shows a happy smile, the little mother who has been smiling and waiting for the red circle, almost did not drop the tears. She came up and opened her arms wide, holding Yue Yang and Si Niang together in her arms.

Inan, Binger and Boer were all moved by the bad, all surrounded by the three, surrounded by three people, the group was hugged in the middle.

The frost was squeezed underneath, and the panda female girl was holding one leg of Yueyang.

Make each other a funny face.

Although they don't know anything else, they know. As long as you stay with your brother, there will be no troubles...

"Call again." Little mother made a request. Yue Yang took this little mother buried in her arms and spoiled, and there was no way. This is the mother, it is the sister! The call is no longer called, but for the little mother holding his face, a very intimate kiss of the mother, did not refuse. The little mother was so happy that she shouted with open arms: "Everyone calls my mother, I like to listen!"

"..." Yueyang students almost did not fall to the ground.

but. It’s really good to have a mother.

Although it is a mom who sells Meng.

Compared with Si Niang, the little mother is like a big loli who didn't grow up. Yue Yang has some doubts. Is it wrong? Si Niang should be her sister? Suspicion is suspected, reality is reality, Si Niang’s respect for the little mother can’t be said. Since the expression is serious, Yue Yang must tell her mother.

"I didn't hear it clearly. Let's call it again!" The little mother squatted in Yueyang like a small potter, and even took out the golden flower sugar in her hand. Yueyang looked sweaty. I am not a three-year-old child. good or not.

"Mom!" Boa and Frost, these sly cats are really called.

"Hey." The little mother gave them sugar, but they looked at Yueyang.

"..." Yue Yang hurry to see if there is a gray machine in the horizon. I am too lazy to compete with her in this kind of growth and when everyone is a child's cute mother. Si Niang looked at the cover and enjoyed it, but Xue Niu also, Hu Niu held back her smile, and the ellipse touched the falling flower beauty next to her: "Draw this scene down and hang it in the corridor where we go in and out every day."

"I don't dare." Fallen beauty also wants to draw. But she is afraid of being beaten by Yue Yang.

"No timid!" Hu Niu hated iron and did not become steel.

"You are all making troubles, and there are guests from far away." The voice of the supreme voice suddenly sounded. Scared everyone to jump.

Looking up at the eye, I found that an old Taoist who had a green robe did not know when it appeared, and was slowly coming. He looks like an ordinary person, there is no such thing as a strong person, but Si Niang, the night, the majesty, the supreme, Fei Wenli and the little mother and others quickly and respectfully see the ceremony.

Yue Yang was shocked.

The old Taoist came over and stretched his hand: "I still have the sword of my seat."

Not waiting for the reaction of Yueyang students, his hand softly flashed a colorful Huaguang, pumping in the void, a flying sword broke out, and transformed into a sword leaf between the fingers of the old Taoist. Then hang over the blue silk belt.

Ah, Sword Spirit Royal Sister was taken away like this?

In Yue Yang’s heart, there is an impulse to commit suicide. I don’t live. I don’t have a sword spirit sister, but still live!

At the moment of the mental breakdown, he found that he was standing on the side of the sword, and he was always the first to see the sword, and she was led by the sword, the loli, and the little sister of the phoenix, and bowed respectfully to the old Taoist. The attitude is like seeing his father. Yue Yang looked at him again, and Sword Ling Yujie was very dissatisfied with his stupid appearance and shouted at him.

Sword gas big loli also sneaked over, small mouth one by one, did not speak, but look at the mouth, Yue Yang is sure that she is talking about ‘stupid’.

This time, Yueyang students finally reacted.

He flew forward.

Hold the old priest's thigh and shout: "Master, you are here, you want to die!"

This kind of shameless performance, even Hu Niu, they can not see the eye, please, rice can be eaten indiscriminately, Master should not be confused.

"Who is your master!" The old Taoist priest took a big fight with Yue Yang. When he saw this shameless boy, he couldn't help but take the fire. When he waited for Yue Yang to get up, he would leave with his back.

A cloud of white clouds rises and rises.

In a blink of an eye.

The body of the old Taoist priest has risen to the celestial pole, breaking open the void, and going away.

Yueyang saw the old Taoist squadron flying away, and was greatly disappointed. Then I looked at Sword Spirit Royal Sister and Jianqi Big Loli. They were still there, and they took a picture of their chest. As long as they are still there, Feijian will not be used anymore. Anyway, they can't use it or use it. The little days of the royal sister Loli are still too good... It is fortunate that the little mother has a brainstorming down. : "Stupid son, you are so stupid!"

This knocking makes Yue Yang's classmates blessed to the soul.

He jumped up and shouted: "Master, wait for me!" He turned back and shouted at the girls: "What are you waiting for? Follow me!"


End this testimony:

After several years, the summoning has finally finished.

Xia Fei is very grateful to everyone, especially the book friends who have been persisting until the end, and many people’s names cannot be said here, but their hearts will last forever. In the past few years, Xiafei has been extremely painful, and all kinds of tossing in life have almost suffocated. Xiafei once had the idea of ​​not writing a book no longer codewords. But calm down and think carefully, advancing in adversity, it is the most important thing to do in times of hardship. The strong is in the heart.

I am grateful to those bookmates who often give comfort when Xiafei is suffering, lonely and confused.

For a while, Xia Fei thought that the whole world had abandoned himself.

I have been confused and struggled.

When the sufferings passed, life returned to calm, feeling the whole world is clear, and once again found the right direction of Xiafei in the lost life, decided to regain confidence, continue on the road, hope that the future, and you, all the way.

The new book "Long live the counterattack" will be uploaded on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival and will be reunited with everyone.


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