Longevity Gourd

Chapter 271 bad visitor

The carriage stopped.

When Xiao Ping got off the carriage, he saw a large closed gate.

The city wall is tall and magnificent, spreading far to both sides, as if to surround the entire mountain in the center.

"Uncle Thirteen, please forgive me, the gates of Zhao's family city have always been open in the past, but the situation has not been peaceful recently, so entry and exit are strictly prohibited.

I have reported the matter of Uncle Thirteen to the family, and I believe someone will come to greet him soon. "

After Zhao Yuanyuan finished speaking, he took out the sound transmission that he had prepared, injected mana, and threw it into the sky.

While waiting, Xiao Ping recalled the news about the Zhao family carefully.

Although the Zhao family has a very long family history, it has been a small family practicing Qi for hundreds of years since its establishment.

In Chiliang Kingdom, there are hundreds or thousands of families or families like this, which are very inconspicuous.

But more than two hundred years ago, this small family bought a Foundation Establishment Pill on the black market, and soon a Foundation Establishment monk was born, and since then it has become one of the dozens of Foundation Establishment families.

Yufengmen was not too surprised by this, and stopped paying attention after only a few years.

Because every few years or ten years, there will be traces of Foundation Establishment Pills, and many Foundation Establishment families, and even individual Jindan-level families, are the first Foundation Establishment cultivators born from this.

I noticed this family again, fifty years ago.

In the Chiliang Kingdom, monks often disappeared for no reason, but it became serious at that time.

Naturally, they wouldn't care about loose cultivators, and they even wished that the more these devastated loose cultivators died, the better.

But if these people include elders and ancestors of many forces, it will be very different.

Especially these forces or individuals are close to or support the five factions!

To be more serious, this may shake the five major factions in Chiliang, and there are only a few ruling foundations left!

After all, for thousands of years, the five major factions have tried their best to suppress other forces. Although the effect is obvious, and they have firmly controlled all the resources of Chiliang Kingdom, they have also exchanged many forces for alienation.

After a year of tracking, buying, placing and other investigations, we can finally confirm:

A group of cultivators who have been in secret contact with the Zhao family for a long time is directly related to the disappearance of many cultivators! They even found corpses several times that they couldn't deal with in the future!

But what Yufengmen did not expect was that they received news from the front foot and suddenly lost contact with the back foot of a few insiders!

The head decisively ordered a raid on the Zhao family, but nothing was found.

Obviously, the Zhao family moved extremely fast and did not leave any beginning and end.

Since there is no evidence, it can't be uprooted, or even done in the open.

After all, the Immortal Cultivation World of Chiliang Kingdom has been dissatisfied with the five major factions for a long time. In addition, the immortal cultivation world has become more and more unbalanced. Once they break through the bottom line, I am afraid that they will immediately attract public outrage, and then lead to catastrophic consequences...

Since then, Yufengmen has been staring at the Zhao family, but unfortunately there has been no clue.

Although the Zhao family was much more cautious in their contact with the magic cultivators, they gradually became more public in other aspects.

For example, expanding Zhaojiacheng, recruiting loose cultivators, and competing with the five major factions for boys with spiritual roots...

As the situation in Chiliang Kingdom became more and more chaotic, more and more people from scattered cultivators and major families went missing, and it became even more common.

It was not until more than ten years ago that the disciples of the five major factions and even the foundation-building cultivators were targeted.

"First Evolution"

According to the investigation by Yufengmen, the Zhao family seems to be a core stronghold in Chiliang Kingdom, an unknown force that intends to subvert the five major factions!

Xiao Ping's task is to infiltrate the Zhao family, go deep into the core, find out the origin of the magic cultivator, the distribution of power in the Zhao family and even Chiliang, and even other important information...

"For such important news, at least the core clan elders have the right to know about it..."

While Xiao Ping was thinking about it, the city gate was slowly opened from the inside with a "squeak" sound.

Zhao Yuanyuan just wanted to meet him, but suddenly a group of people wearing masks and uniforms came out from inside, and all of them were practicing Qi on the seventh floor!

After a series of neat footsteps, the two of them were surrounded!

"You! This... Uncle Thirteen..."

Zhao Yuanyuan generally looked at the monks, and looked at Xiao Ping apologetically.

Not long after, an old man in his fifties with a ninth level of Qi practice came out. Whether it was majesty or clothing, he was obviously incomparable to others.

When Zhao Yuanyuan saw this old man, his expression changed instantly, and he hurriedly saluted:

"Junior Zhao's fifth-class disciple Zhao Yuanyuan, meet the clan boss!"

"Don't be too polite, you go to the side first."

Zhao Yuanyuan looked at Xiao Ping and looked a little embarrassed.

The old man who was respected as a "clan elder" snorted coldly before he could open his mouth:

"Before the identity is verified, he is not your Thirteenth Uncle."

Xiao Ping sighed secretly, knowing that this level was inevitable, he shook his head at Zhao Yuanyuan:

"Brother Zhao, don't worry, it's just to verify it, presumably the nobles won't be too embarrassed~www.~ I also want to know the result."

Zhao Yuanyuan's complexion changed, but he finally stepped aside.

The fact that the clan elder in charge of the execution hall came to detain the people in person, rather than treating them politely, was enough to show that this was not a trivial matter, at least it was not as simple as the ordinary "recognizing the ancestors and returning to the ancestors".

Xiao Ping didn't worry much, he calmly followed what the other party said and got into a dark carriage.

Before coming, he had already practiced the secret technique given by Uncle Ji, and he was able to increase the fusion degree by at least 20% in Zhao's bloodline verification secret technique. Later, after many years of practice in the jade gourd and the achievement of supernatural powers, it was enough to improve by 50%.

Not only that, Yufengmen also killed a lot of Zhao clansmen, smelted their blood essence and stored them in their bodies for blood verification.

In this way, it is foolproof in the first level.

The carriage had no light at all and was almost sealed, so he couldn't see the outside world, so he couldn't hear the sound and couldn't tell the direction the carriage was moving.

Xiao Ping tried to check it with his divine sense, but was isolated by the carriage, and he didn't know what material it was made of.

Perhaps with the powerful consciousness of the Foundation Establishment period, one can barely pass through, but then the identity will be exposed.

Even a foundation-building cultivator, in the siege of a large number of qi-cultivating cultivators, especially in the opponent's home field, I'm afraid they won't be able to get any better.

About half an hour later, the carriage stopped and the door was slammed open.

"This fellow Daoist, the punishment hall is here, please come down."

The moment Xiao Ping stepped off the carriage, he felt that he was enveloped by a powerful formation, and it seemed that the slightest movement would immediately kill him!

"Please follow me carefully and don't take a wrong step."

Under the leadership of a man with a black mask, Xiao Ping walked to a place in the Tang Dynasty.

There are many old people waiting here, and among them is the old man from the Xingtang clan.

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