Mai Kitsune Waifu

~ Fox fairy wife thinks about the future

In front of the tower.

The figure in front of Liu Yi gradually disappeared. He saw the door of Tongtian Tower slowly closing, and his heart was slightly regrettable. "The **** gods, the Lord finally blew himself!"

Lin Biao complained next to him. "I didn't expect the badge to be blown up. You lost the chance to become a god."

Liu Yiha laughed and reached out and grabbed Lin Biao’s little waist. "What are you afraid of, as long as you are around you, let me be a **** for a lifetime, I will not change." "Dead!"

Lin Biaojiao snorted and whitened Liu Yi. "He has always been that color!"

Murong Butterfly made a face to Liu Yi, and Liu Yi smiled. "Mr. Murong, don't be proud, go back tonight to see how I can clean you up!" "No, no!"

Murong Butterfly blushes back. "If you are not married, you will not let me eat me!" "What are you waiting for, help me catch her!"

Liu Yi shouted. "No, don't!"

The women suddenly burst into a piece of laughter, like flowers in full bloom. "Which one you caught, which one will go round with you tonight!" "Good! Look at my skills!"

Liu Yi said, taking a deep breath, and then suddenly flew out thousands of arms in the body, like the thousand hands Guanyin, grabbed the women. "Ah! You are lame!" "Without you!" "Yu Yi brother! I, I am not yet an adult!"

This is the voice of Ma Yuanyuan!

Liu Yicai doesn't care so much, he is very happy to play. What smells people, Sima Jiao, anyway, as long as the sister paper is present, he has never let go.

On the side of Chen Cai and Pangu, they couldn’t help but smile. "Perhaps, this ending is not bad."

Chen Cai said, replacing the costumes of Shura. "Or as an ordinary person, the courage of the great witch is too heavy." "I also like to be a son, Uncle Chen Cai."

Pangu squeezed his eyes against Chen Cai, and Chen, who was angry, was straight. "Rely, go to death, it’s strange to his mother!" "I will not give up, I want to cultivate stronger, and then take him back to be my groom!"

The Emperor of Heaven took a group of gods and turned and left. "It’s a stubborn woman."

Pangu shrugged his shoulders. "However, I am a bit strange."

Chen Cai suddenly said that Pangu looked at him. "What's weird?" "The moment the Great God taught me to blew, the wind seemed to pick up his mask. I faintly saw and saw... "What do you see?" "Seeing his mouth, he seems to be laughing." "" Neurosis, you must be wrong." "Probably..." "Too lazy to care about you, hey, when you help me find a wife?" "Yes, you obviously have a group of beautiful women! Boss, I also want to find a wife! You can't be honest!"

Two people ran to Liu Yi.

The sun pulled a long shadow behind them.

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