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Male God Is Always Targeted
Author: 倾落尘
Alternative names:快穿撩心:男神总是被攻略
Genre: Shounen Ai, Yaoi

Male God Is Always Targeted

Luo Ling, an expert in the art of disguise, was bound to a System and was eager to begin his task.

As a result, before even successfully completing a mission, he got married!

At a 36 degree angle, Luo Ling sorrowfully looked up into space: “Tong’er, tell me, do I still have a chance to free myself?”

System: “… Your man is behind you.”

Luo Ling: “!!!”

The person who arrived, gathered Luo Ling in his arms, hugging him from behind as he said in a bewitchingly dangerous tone: “Based on your thoughts, it seems that I have not given you enough love. So let’s proceed in exploring ways to continue a new life.”

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